Two threads:

Union Jakes "I feel dirty, should I?"

and titsmcgee's "How to create rap"
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Metacarpi approved.

Aguamento approved! It's SUPER EFFECTIVE!
Can't go wrong with The Middle by Jimmy Eat World if you ask me. Its pretty basic, but has a fun solo to play in there and everyone loves the song.
What emotions, in your opinion, are elicited from different keys/chords? For example, I think the Key of D is powerful and uplifting, while a key like B flat is a little moodier/jazzier.
It has happened previously with different brands, which is why I was wondering if it had to do with the thickness of my picks (I use Dunlop Mediums)..

And you're right, I just meant the D string, don't really know how the word "low" got in there
I have a Breedlove D25/SRe acoustic guitar, and I keep breaking strings. I recently changed brands to Martin Lifespan, and I just broke the Low D.. But it's not broken like it snapped on a bend or something, it looks like the outer coating snapped off near the bridge, but the whole string is still intact without any sort of tightness. And idea why this might be happening? I use medium picks as well, if that has anything to do with it.
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Well, his mum's a fox. LOLHAHAHA

Three pitmonkeys had eaten boobz and lost the game IMVU and thought the pit could do a forum game but they can't figure out who the goddamn batman is
Three pitmonkeys had eaten boobz and lost the game IMVU and thought the pit could do a forum game but they can't
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What is with all these trolls/shit threads in the last 2 days..?

/b/ is at war, therefore their site has been going down frequently for the past 2 days, therefore they are leaking onto other websites.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who plays this amazing game.

Basically, Terraria is 2D Minecraft. But you can build many more things, there are far more monsters, and there are several bosses you can summon that drop many more rare things. If you do not play it, buy it on Steam and begin now. If you do play it, discuss. If enough interest is shown I may make a group.

I'm working on beating Skeletron with a friend right now, any advice? :P
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It's "I Cum Blood"

Union Jake would be the least popular and most picked on
I'm trying to run Minecraft multiplayer, and my system constantly over heats when I try multiplayer but runs okayish (with a lot of lag) in single player. I think the problem is lack of RAM, would buying a 15-20 dollar RAM stick fix this problem?

Specs, if needed:
Microsoft Windows XP
Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.20 GHz
3.19 GHz, 512 MB of RAM
He used to be a badass at guitar, he's gotten a little rusty lately and admits that I've surpassed his skills, but thats whatever.

He's also great at driving. I mean really great at driving, he's driven through feet of snow for miles and miles in a station wagon with no problems at all for years.
I'm in theater at school.

So naturally my friends constantly ride me for being a raging homosexual -.-
Consistency is something that comes over time. The amount of times you play something helps too, if you're trying to learn a piece play it over and over again because you'll begin to develop muscle memory over the song and playing the right notes will come naturally to you.
Extremely tiring, play rehearsals were. Not worth it, to get girl. Stay home and sleep, I should.

EDIT: Oh wait, that's what you were looking for. Attempted trolling failed
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There's a 17th month!?



I usually break it up depending on the length, but sometimes I will just start playing the solo and literally play it through over and over again until I have it memorized.

Usually when I have several hours with nothing to do :P
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Someone didn't read the OP TS said he's got that one down but it's the other one that he has trouble with

I'm embarrassed

just replace "Blackbird" with the song you were talking about OP :P
I would start with electric, at least for some time- generally the action (distance from fretboard to the strings) is lower so it is easier to press down the strings as a beginner.

On the other side of things if you were to start with an acoustic, you would learn more fingerpicking styles sooner and an electric would seem a lot easier (also heavier ) when you started playing that.
Blackbird is a rather complicated fingerpicking piece to begin with- it just takes practice to get up to singing and playing at the same time. Its the same as learning how to play any song- practice makes perfect.
I write my solos like I write my papers- with a theme.

You should start by laying down a rhythm guitar lick, as it gives you something to build off of. Then put in a simple riff- the "hook" or the "chorus" of your solo. Play that through a few times and when you really feel the riff chugging along start soloing. Solo for however long you please but try to stay around that same "Theme" established by the riff you began with. After a few minutes go back to the hook and if you have other guitarists jamming with you, have them solo and if you're alone just go to another solo.

I think of solos the same way as songs as well- with the "solo" stuff being verses, the "hook" as a chorus and maybe a key change or something as a type of bridge.
I personally would recommend just starting with chords, until you build a sort of "internal metronome"- when you can strum along to a beat perfectly you should be able to start confidently building riffs/solos over it
Sit and count "1, 2, 3, 4," out loud in a steady, constant beat. Tap your foot along as well. Start by playing a C or a G (something easy) chord, one strum per beat. Keep doing that for 2-3 minutes, and start two strums, continue until your comfortable, and then start strumming patterns as you please. Maybe solo over it to but always constantly be counting out "1, 2, 3, 4" and tapping along with it. do this for 10-15 minutes every day and your rhythm should start to improve, at least for basic 4 beat measures. You can start expanding into different time signatures when you're comfortable with 4/4
The Pit Delivers
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I find that Frank Zappa generally improves my character analysis abilities.
Where do I find the IP for the server? I joined the group.. I'm having trouble finding the actual server :P
How do I get an invite to the server?
I'd like an invite to the server please
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*Red everywhere
*Give rations to all
*Have a factory of workers who are owned by the North Pole

Rudolph and Santa symbolize communism

Gives tons of shit away and hides in a remote location all the time

Santa is obviously French
It becomes a mental disorder when it interferes with your day-to-day life. That's the definition of a mental disorder.

If you HAVE TO PLAY THE VIDEO GAME in order to get through your day, you have a mental disorder.
I'm requesting an image I saw quite some time ago but could never find again..

basically its a comic strip, with three creepy-looking barney esque dinosaurs trying to find a girl in a room and they find her in the last panel.

Somebody deliver please? D:
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Getting better... cmon guys!

Kick those feather mongrels
Bitches Brew. Miles Davis.

Pure epic jazz.
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Llamas with hats


I loved those videos.