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Sweat band?? You must either be European or from the 80s

head band*  for sweat in eyes XD
what kinda work out are you doing. weight gain/loss? muscle mass/tone? dont injure yourself 
good shoes. sweat band (if youre running). water bottle. music. 
go up to the first girl u see and go "niiiiice" slowly nodding .. everything after will be easy breezy 
@ least Share some thing you worth-less fg8  *smiley)
 | purchase harpoon
check the nut and saddle
floating trem? 
asian style ..boiled in tea soup 
orange or marshall DUH 
if you like fat sizzle go vox 
not many amps do metal well so a metal pedal is cool 
if you use amp's distortion a lot you can get an EQ
I prefer the specs on the Schecter.
guitars in this price range are a hit or miss so go play em 
get a metal pedal 
dsl40 will be louder than the lunchbox but the reverb on it is pretty bad .. or at least the one i had
the cabinet is also made out of hdf 
MakinLattes Apples probably existed before the fall of man
monwobobbo Yeah just talk to my bud nate.. i had issues hearing myself with a 60w tube amp 
100w solid state wont be loud enough with a loud drummer 
get a head version 
dsl over origin 
get a  YJM100 and a strat
i had a great tattoo artist once...
i pissed him off so he kept my money and threatened me with a beat down if i came back.
you'd think someone who works with needles all day would have thicker skin  PUN FUKCIN INTENDED
ive had both 
803s are flat and warmer
mullards are more glassy and thick
for your jca id do the mullards first  
fender is more versatile
vox has more character 

fender takes pedals better
vox is arguably more reliable 
I Am the alpha and omega  beginning and the end 
dispensationalism is a damnable heresy 
get a girlfriend 
im into asian candies 
get like a orange crush 20 or something and save up a few more bucks for a mid range tube amp 
sounds like you may like Orange amps? theyre not exactly the ideal high gain amps imo though.
blackstar has decent versitility but i wouldnt write home about one.
perhaps try different speakers ? your mesa has blackshadows (v30 clones) right?  theyre have massive presence 
id take a chance on the westone between the two. but seeing as the ibanez is also a fixed bridge its probably okay im just not a fan of poplar and the colorway.
just dont bet you won't be gasing for another guitar soon after.
*moved to electric guitar*
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That was the old thinking.  The new thinking is the only thing that affects tone is the pickups.  You could put an EMG 85 on the ground next to some wire, and it will sound like James Hetfield

I want evidence Lol !
As far as I know how and the amount the wood resonates still affect "tone" however little.
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some people are still convinced wood makes a difference

It doesn't?
I always thought crappy wood makes guitars sound "dull" 
shame. if i had wiped my ass with it, it would go up again
arctic monkeys SUX
oops thought this was the pit.
so you're looking for tits, ass, smile, personality, submissiveness, and a large wallet. 
back on track
get a fender or vox 
soL on the metal part 
Wat you need is a new amp.
mine are boring 
ive almost drowned a few times before i learned how to swim
and i like to skate into on coming traffic so ...