Glad to see I'm not the only one thinking France are playing like crap
I have chosen the team I'm going to support from now on.

Come on England

Uruguay ended up being more competent and that early goal set the tone for the rest of the match. Portugal gets too nervous when we are behind in the score
Fuck's sake

Classy finish though
Suarez is such a little cunt
I know Uruguay trampled Russia, but I don't dislike the idea of playing them instead of Russia. Russian players would rather die on the pitch than being sent to gulags they know will be waiting for them should they be knocked out in their own turf
So we get Uruguay, Spain get Russia?
That's how you score a penalty
Just realized Spain is losing. Morocco definitely deserved more than finishing last with 0 or even 1 point, so I'm happy
Ronnie as usual not being goat at taking pens
Who was on about quaresma being old the other day
Good lord, what has become of Argentina
I love you all, but this was strangely satisfying
A dominating England? This does not make sense to me.
Well, that was a fun game. Spain is obviously the better team and a serious contender for the title, but Ronaldo is just fenomenal.
Hey! He's a quality 50 year old man ok?
Now we're talking

To be fair, any team against Spain or Barcelona struggles for possession
Appaling defending

Come on quaresma
Spain is looking pretty solid and we need more Quaresma
While isco was complaining the referee was pointing at his watch as if it didn't signaled a goal, so I guess there is
I was just thinking that, he's terrible.

That was actually a pretty goal and a terrible defence
Could have also hit someone in the attendance though
Well, we're actually off to a good start for once
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 Tbf it'd only be the same people posting in a different thread .

Still, we'd get the fixtures on the OP and that's cool. Sam would put those little country flags and all that, I kinda enjoyed it.

But I guess you're right, looking at the current state of the football thread the world cup one would barely hit the 5th page

If you're not aware of what is happening for those players to be terminating their contracts unilaterally, basically the club is a mess because their president is a deranged lunatic (I swear, I'm not exagerating). He publicly insulted the players during the season and (allegedly) sent a squad of 40 or 50 fans to a training to give the players a beating and threaten them to win the cup final or else. Guess what, they lost to a crap team. 
So now we don't get a separate world cup thread? I'm shocked.
This is really dangerous in the long term. We've seen before what happens when governments have the ability to control what people can and can't see and read. From now on, all it takes is for the higher ups in the federal administration to somehow have some sort of control over the ISPs and complete censorship is suddenly possible again. It's just one step away.

Absolutely appalling how this could happen in the "land of the free". And now I'm actually concerned this can set the precedent and eventually the retards in Brussels decide to follow up and end net neutrality in the EU.
Right, Newcastle is back on premier.

On my end things are pretty rough At least feyenoord won the eredivise yay
Dang. It was kind of sudden, I wasn't away for that long and I don't remember it being so quiet in here. I mean, during the day a full page would take less than an hour to fill.

Who scared everyone away? My bet is on either neo or megano. Or both
Thought I'd come by and say hi, given that it's been months since I last posted anything on the thread. Still managed to post in the second page of the new thread, so I'm assuming the community is by now a shadow of its former self.

So, what have you all been up too?
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Opinions on Calexit?

Apparently California wants to secede now ...
Brexit happened, Trump won, I don't even dare to say this is impossible. And I seriously would look up the conditions to get California as a second nationality.
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Kind of funny that you can spend 8 years trying to get a thing implemented (with lots of obstacles, many because of you, many because of Congress), and then a new president comes along and in a heartbeat all of your works goes away, like it had never happened and you wasted those 8 years.
Obama must be feeling like shit

I've got a huge amount of empathy for Obama, I genuinely feel bad for him. He's a good guy and his intentions were good, I'm sure he spent tons of hours into making a public healthcare system and putting it to practice and all of it will probably be in vain.

I'd cry for days were I in his position.
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Let's face it too, no wall will be built. There's no way congress is funding that.

You seem to forget that your new president will make the Mexicans pay for it.