Reminds me of when the Jewish guy from UG played guitar for 24 hours straight. That was a pretty neat day.
My perception of kids wearing suits to school from highschool until now. Just from a huge douchebag's perspective.

Highschool: That's weird as hell, avoid at all costs and hope he doesn't bust open that briefcase and pop a cap in my ass. Also, save yourself the trouble and hang a sign that says virgin for life around your neck instead of wearing a suit.

College: Foreign exchange student who's parents would have them flayed if they did not dress like that. OR a pledge.

Should be mandatory viewing when signing up for internet service
Yes. Around 15 or so ranging from .22's and shotguns to a 30-06. Just part of life where I grew up.
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I have felt like I could, or like it would help, but I can't... I don't know... it's a weird feeling.

****ing this. I swear to god I've lost the ability to cry. It's like I'm just a soulless emotionless human being.
I'll have you guys a pic up once we switch to doggy style.
You can always dye grey hair. No one wants to look like Mr. Clean forever.
Being born and raised in and going to college in Alabama, i'm a fan of most country from Cash to Church and Aldean. Just part of the culture down here really.
Finding out the hard way that you won't be able to sleep haha. I'm usually in bed and asleep by 9 or 10. Not even close to being tired...
So DT, pros and cons of taking adderall to study/do homework?
*Possible gayest post in thread*

Dave Barnes and John Mayer
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Nah, that makes sense
I'm saying if you don't text while driving then you're alright

Ah. I'm driving right now, so cut me some slack.
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There are so many things wrong with this I don't know where to start. Your opinion as it stands is 100% based on arrogance. You're physically taking your eyes off of the road when you're texting and driving and shifting your focus to forming a conversation.

I'd like to thank you for reading the entire thread before you posted.
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No. If you lack the common sense to not talk/text and drive then you should be driving.

We're really on a roll for some typos, aren't we?
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No. If you lack the common sense to not talk/text and drive then you should be driving. If you text/talk and drive then you're not only putting yourself at danger but could potentially kill innocent people because of your idiocy.

Haha, there should've been a "not" after that to in my post. As in what you just said.
If you lack the mental capacity to text/talk on the phone and drive you shouldn't be driving in the first place.
Fitted hats all day. Not a flat bill though, I'm college educated.
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Jefferson Davis Community College and will transfer to the University of South Alabama or Auburn University and major in sociology, possibly get a double major in education.

+1 for Auburn. I'm studying Chemical Engineering there now. The loveliest village on the plains.
Just learn to play and sing a few John Mayer songs. That's all you need.
My school wasn't rough at all and we had a police officer at all times in the middle and high schools. I don't see the harm in it.
You should look into becoming a "Fluffer" I'm almost 100% sure you could land a job in that field.
Go to college. It's like moving out but you still have financial support from your parents, which is the absolute bomb.
On ebay you see them go for like $120 sealed, but there are some decently priced copies. I'd be wary of getting a disc that doesn't work with a game that old though.
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Rofl... I really thought you guys would've figured it out by the trollface.jpg post. I just checked this thread right now and saw that it had a good 75+ more replies. Clearly the story in the first post was made up, and was in fact based on the spear/tent/girl's head story from a while back. Keep up the good work.

"Oh hurr durr i trol you"

Feel accomplished?
When is the project due?
I would look further into the targeted delivery/medical system and just make something cell-related.
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It's interesting to see the majority of scots are against independence looking at this poll but foreigners who don't have a clue about it seem to think otherwise.

I noticed that too haha. More is better right? Adding a new country should improve the whole world.
I'm a student at Auburn. **** the University of Alabama. They don't deserve two tries. That is all.
Bro, obviously a drawing of Yngwie took up too much of Youtube's bandwidth because of his immense weight. This is all an elaborate cover up to give them an excuse to take it down.
My two cents. If they're stealing things, whatever, they're replaceable. If they're armed, they will be harmed. I'd rather kill someone else than risk being injured/killed myself. Simple human nature.
*Obligatory typo in title post*

I'm American but prefer soccer.
I'm gonna laugh so hard when some veteran beats the ever loving shit out of him.
Bail and stack hay in the southern summer time, then you can complain.
Possibly Med or Law school. I will most likely end up going straight into industry out of college though. One semester down, 9 to go, then it's time to make money (also, getting a degree where jobs are still on deck ftw).
Walk past. What's the point of a protest if no one takes notice?
In my experience, only people who don't try seem to bomb tests. Also, I'm jealous that you're already having finals. Mine aren't until the first week of December.
I'll warn you that Beale Street late at night can get pretty nasty. In my experience it's usually not 21+ on most days, but I don't live in Memphis, so what do I know.
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UPDATE: Just wanted to let you all know that I just returned from the march and got my green beret! The worst part was the last ~15 km which we more or less limped forward, because of the condition of our feet. The second worst part was when we woke up at 4 AM and it was about zero degrees Celsius and we all were pretty cold, then we had to swim to some island, but once we had been in the water for a while we didn't really feel the cold anymore, just numbness.

Anyways, now I'm gonna open up a Coke and chill hard

Congratulations man.
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and this "learn by ear defense" Please people.

Ear training develops naturally whilst learning said sheet music. playing "by ear" isnt going to save your ass in the presence of a REAL musician (people like me)

I'd love for you to show me something practical that someone who can read sheet music can do that someone who can't read sheet music cannot do besides play from sheet music.
I don't see the point of ever learning to read sheet music. I use tabs for what I can't figure out by ear. It really just makes you better at learning by ear because you realize what you were messing up on.