I listen to whatever the gym plays, but i'm usually so in the zone that i don't really pay attention to the music..

On another note, i have been cutting for a week now and it's making me crazy.. Hungry all the time and no energy (except for when i'm in the gym, pwo ftw.).

I just want to stuff my face in a big greasy pizza with so much cheese my arteries will clog.

Oh well, only 7 weeks left.
180kg x3 reps deadlift today, which is double my bodyweight.. next goal is 200kg by the end of the year.. yeeeah budday!

I PB'd in DL yesterday aswell, 3x170kg (375lbs).
So close to reach my goal with double my bodyweight with deadlift.
Today I made a personal record with 160kg x 5 reps, only 10kgs left..
Next goal is 200kg.
personal best for deadlift today. 4 reps x 150kg.. felt great
I get 8000kr back.. some of my friends get ~20 000kr back...
Had a great lifting day yesterday! I DL'd 3x5 with 120kg but after that I felt like I had energy like a ****ing super saiyan so I made a PR with 2 reps of 140kg.
I smoke so much weed, you wouldn't believe
and I get more ass than a toilet seat.
Does it taste like chicken?
While on the subject of skipping.. Can anyone recommend a good skipping rope that doesn't get all twisted up that easily?
I have been drinking coffee on a daily basis since I was 13. I started off with lots of milk and sugar but now I'm drinking it black and bitter. Coffee is awesome, and I don't want to live in a world where coffee does not exist. That is all.
I like to have routines, so yes, I pay attention to time
One.. sometimes none
It's usually something like this.. set1: 12, set2: 8, set3: 4-6
I only drink soda a couple of times a year. So I choose "none".
Personal record on squats today, a full set of six reps with 120kg. Looking forward to not being able to walk the next few days :p Feels good, dude.
I dropped my calzone from 7 eleven on the ground within 20 seconds of buying it, no way I'm leaving it there. 5 second rule and blowing on it is enough.
This sunday, like many other sundays, are spent lying on the sofa being hungover.
My girl is in queenstown right now and just called me wishing me happy new year, first i was like "wat?", then i was like "new years kiss! mwah mwah".

That is all
This is my first christmas away from my family.. and i'm drunk like an egg.. a little depressing, b ut that doesnät matter. I've spoken to my 'rents on the fone today and thats enough.

Soon one of the girls i live with will come home and get drunk with me, so that snice.

party hardy and merry christmas
I would just grab the pocket of some "higher-up" inmate. That way I only get raped by him!
I have no trouble assembling furniture from IKEA.
A guitar. I don't even play, I just thought it was a requirement to lurk these forums.
Pollen, cats and some dogs, kids, all kinds of nuts (so don't teabag me when I sleep), most fruits.

Been allergic to these things most of my life.
I smell my fingers after I rub my vagina.
Happy birthday gurlfren. Didn't get you anything but you can suck on my lolipop if you want.
I very rarely see the swedish flag, so yes.
I got you last years birthday thread, for nostaligic value.

Happy Burfday
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Their breasts do not matter, it is their personality that counts


I like them big, I like them small, I like them all!
That will be there for the rest of your life, enjoy it.
He saw Brad Pitts wifes head in it.
Who's the black private dick
that's a sex machine to all the chicks.


That's my secret. I wish it was me!
I was 8 years old and we moved very far from where we lived. Had to start over at a new school and make new friends. It sucked.

All good now though.
This thread is very similar to the "Answer above ugers question"-thread.


Just sayin'
Yes but not with my front teeth though.
Me, when I'm dead. Life x2 plx?
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The Stargate.

(I could almost dare a /thread here)

That would be useless. If you actually invented a stargate, how would you get to other worlds and such? Theres only the one that you invented.
Everyone get real drunk. Then try get two friends to pass out in the same bed. Then, Bloodred substance + poopbrown substance + condom.