Haha I work for them and when I heard about this I measured what we bake the bread in and they always have been 11 inches...pretty bad when in the UK 11 inches costs at least £5 :/ I hate the company I work for.
Know your tones beforehand, knowing what to dial in before you walk on stage really helps, remember through certain mics you'll have colouration. Other than that it's just get on and run a song. We've had quick soundchecks or even no soundcheck and it's never good

Edit: keep a spare cable on stage with you, ive had one pack in onstage so I learnt the hard way
nah, was running it though a soundcard through an impulse lol, didnt notice any damage in the sound quality, I only found this out after unplugging it and letting it cool off, not been touched since. Getting it PAT tested on Tuesday though so hopefully that should yield some results
Well finally got my first tube head last week and after reading through the manual and finding no warnings about playing it without a load decided to try it out by linking the preamp out into my pc for use with impulses (I have a 2x12 at home, but where I'm currently staying I cant really make much noise). It seemed to work fine with no real problems but I have since read that using it without a speaker load can fry the transformer.
Needless to say I wont be using it without a load again but I'm just wondering if damage to the transformer would deteriorate the sound or whether it would just pack in if fried ?

Disliking being a noob
could try an overdrive pedal and set the volume lvl on that beyond unity gain but roll back the amount of drive ?
have two guitars maybe? cos it does look pretty unpro, tbh
I kmow how you feel, im in the same situation as yourself, but through college youll be forced to play everything and anything, so youll soon see the elitists struggle a bit, thats what im finding anyhow so keep playing everything it will help.
Dude keep the mixer, just save for an interface, they aint that much and the desk will help out quite a bit
Hey, bit of a noob question but I'm using a Behringer Xenyx 1002b and was wondering whether i could get the monitor output in stereo? if thats posible?

like i say, probably i complete nood q but ah well
iv got a mate whos a drummer who counts it ONE two ONE two three
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You did the right thing. You said what you thought, it's their own fault they interpret it that way.

hmmmm its hard to find a decent priced synth or keyboard which will give you such good sounds, so high end would be your answer, although i would suggest obtaining a program such as Reason or FL studio and purchase a midi keyboard, itl work out a lot cheaper
M7 an m7 chords sound pretty cool and unordinary, as do +9 chords
yeah they well as sexist, they belive "rape is like forcefeeding a girl cake" apparently :/ pretty sick 2bh
Killswitch Engage
the guitarist evem stops the drummers cymbal for him cos hes still drummin, now thats tight (Y)
Hey, for my interview at college next week i need to play a piece, and rather than play one of the pretty crap grade peices i was wondderin if anyone knows any grade 7 equivalent songs
any suggestions?
yamaha pacifica's are class (Y)
level controls the output and the tone controls how much treble is in the tone, the more the knob is turned up, the mroe high there is in the sound
seriously, any song by anal **** (Y)
fingered my ex in the back of the car when her grandad was drivin back from cornwall..........dno if he noticed like lol
Red Sock Pugie by Foals (Y)
Hallelujah by jeff buckley

especially if ya from UK, that should go down a treat (Y)
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Yes, if you put strings that are too light on then it can just buzz like crazy.

Alright we'll try replacing them (Y) thanks
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IE8 is gonna be awesome...

Keep tellin yourself that :P
hmm well the B string is quite old but the E string was replaced a few days ago and that is giving off the worst buzz

However it could be the strings as he says he's never had a problem with it. the guage would affect it too right?
my friends acoustic guitar hase devloped a buzz on the B and E strings which lasted until he went played on 2nd fret. i suggested he slacken the strings off and slide some card underneath the strings on the bridge and that seemed to fix it, however after an hour or so of playing it returned. readin on other threads theres mixed advice but it sounds like the 2nd fret is uneven, would it be a good idea to try sanding down that fret slightly?

BTW, its a pretty cheap acoustic, thrashed to buggery which probably doesnt help much but hes pretty skint atm so we need cheap ideas
good stuff (Y) and ya tone sounds fine to me
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I like chubby. Like, a chubby stomach, or whatever. not like, a whale, but even up to what some people consider fat is what I would consider hot.

yeah, id have to say the same, not always tho i quite like shyness too....if thats weird lol
hmm it depends really. id have to say albums tho for the main reason of they were written to flow together....if that makes sense

although if theres another queen one released, il die of confusion
NOOOOOOOOO, god damn sellouts!!!!

i heard the rumours but didnt think theyd sink low enough