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yeah, maybe it was the pups
i know mahogany isn't bright, it was the maple one
i only had the mark v's treble set to like 4.
The ASM Zoltan does not come in a maple body.

It comes in a maple neck, not a maple body.
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too bright sounding guitar, and i played through a Mesa Boogie Mark V
Most likely the Rockfields (pickups). I have never tried Rockfields, but I have heard they were bright.

The wood is not the culprit- mahogany is not bright.

It could also be the Mark V, but I do not know if it's a bright amp or not. You could have also dialed in the Mark V to make it sound bright, as Mark V's are hard amps to dial in.
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i think solid state amps sound a little bit better on the clean channel at lower volumes, thats about it, crank it up and it gets muddy, and distort it and it sounds horrid
That's why most SS amps are of high wattage. So they do not clip.

I am one of those people who do prefer SS amps, but I still like tube amps also. Then again, I also play thrash and progressive metal, genres that IMO SS amps excel at.

If I was a classic rock/blues player, I would never use a SS amp.
I would not go as far to say that Reaper is better then Pro Tools/Cubase. They are just different and offer different things.

Honestly, when it comes to DAW's such as Pro Tools, Reaper, Sonar, Cubase, ACID, Logic, etc. it really comes down to what the user needs. I know that if I used MIDI a lot, I would want Cubase instead of Reaper. However, if I wanted simplicity and "straight-forwardness", I would want Reaper.
Actually, Pod Farm can only be used with Line 6 devices. It will not work if a Line 6 device is not plugged in.

That is why some people plug their Line 6 device in, and plug in another interface in a different USB/Firewire slot.
I like V's that are not rounded (Jackson, ESP). The other V's are kind of ugly to me.

Though I just do not find Flying V's very comfy to play. That is why I usually prefer off-set V's/
Good job.

I'll admit it was a little boring at parts (mostly due to the drums). Maybe change that up a little and it will sound better.
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Sell it. Reshaping, or in other words, "conversion" necks are a hassle. You'd have to carve it smaller somehow, using some sort of tool and not **** it up.

There was a 59 LP for sale at a shop by my house with a 60's neck conversion. So it has been done, it's just not really worth it. It was done by a professional luthier... Probably cost a good chunk of change.
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Isn't the T2 something like 400W? That will be more than fine for sure.
Not the new ones.

The combo and head are rated at 100 watts.
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how thin are the necks on a kelly? are we talking like ibanez wizard II?
Not Ibanez thin IMO, but pretty thin.
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Easily; I've played shows with my RG100ES in larger rooms and it had no problems at all.
Thanks man.

I have never gigged with a SS amp before, so I am just wondering. I'm really wanted a Randall T2 for some reason, and I did not know if the amp had enough headroom.
For your needs, Pod Farm could work too.
Do you guys think 80-100 watts solid-state is enough headroom to play a small-medium sized gig without the power amp clipping?
The River Dragon Has Come- Nevermore

Thought this solo is really nice sounding IMO:

So much emotion.
Just put in a stacked mini humbucker (I think that is what they are called). Basically, a humbucker in a single-coil size.
The Jackson Dinky is a totally different guitar then the Soloist IMO.

The Dinky's neck is way thicker.
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Don't compare guitars of the same class... We cannot give you a good answer since we have have different personal preference of what's good and bad. Only you can determine the best guitar for you. Go to a store and try them out next to each other is the best option.

These threads are really useless IMO.
I wonder how the Tweaker would sound with a OD boosting the amp?
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It really was not my fault.

My cable kept cutting out, and I had no replacement at the time.

Even then, I made a new clip.
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Much better I'd say it's still a little to present though
Ok I'll see if I can try cutting a little around 8k. I will post a clip some time later.

Thanks for the input!
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Hey man, Not bad tone. but really really way to much presence. get rid of some 8k or there abouts. and you need to tighten up your playing
Please check my updated clip.
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Ah, the 8505 is a nice amp can get pretty close to a 5150 with that. Although you don't mention using any cab impulses in your chain? You might wanna grab some of them....
Sorry, I forgot about that.

I'm using Catharis's impulses.

To be honest though, I was just to excited to not get comments saying "it is too distant! or it sounds "muffled" :P
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Dimebag - Sounds much better now, got a lot of clarity too. What are you using to record? The mix needs a lot of work but you said not to comment on it so I won't. But get those guitars in a nice full mix and it should sound good.
Yeah, the mix sounds like garbage, but of course it's a backing track.

I'm going straight DI right into my computer through a Line 6 Studio GX interface. On that clip I used a free VST amp sim (Nick Crow's 8505).

Other effects include an EQ, a saturator, a limiter, and a noise gate.

I also quad-tracked.
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Dimebag - the guitars sound pretty decent. My personal preference would be a bit less presence to help smooth them out a bit, at the moment they're a touch harsh. Oh, and the playing needs to be much tighter.
It is not my playing, it is my cord that dis-connects on me sometimes, hence the volume drop.

I'll try again. Thanks for the input.


Again, the guitars were only me.
The guitar is only what I recorded. Don't critic me on the drums and bass please, as it is a backing track I downloaded from a website. I had nothing to do with the drums and bass. I however plan to buy a drum plugin/possible bass guitar or plugin.

Opinions? Over the past month, I have been reading a lot to improve myself.
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No, I'm pretty sure theyre pretty different. They discontinued the Classic, which is probably the best and most versatile guitars in the price range(IMO), and replaced it with the Standard, which has a lot worse specs, and costs $50 more.


5 way pup selector w/ coil taps__________3 way w/ coil taps
SD JB and something else _______Duncan Designed
Fancy Inlays_________________________Dots
25 1/2" Scale length____________________24 3/4"

So all in all, I suggested trying to find a used Classic
The C-1 Classic was replaced by the C-1 Custom, not the C-1 Standard.
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What more do you need?! :P I live by Nick Crow's stuff as of right now.
I was just wondering.
Does Nick Crow really make any new plugins?

I can not find any new ones. All he has is the 8505 and the 7170.
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OK, if you're talking to me I know my comment might look a little bad, but I meant I have the EXACT MODEL he is talking about and it sucks. I have nothing against the higher price ones, but my experiences with mine and the other Jacksons in the $400 and below price range have been pretty bad. The cheap ones, especially the JS30RR, are not worth it is what I was trying to say. My friend has a $600USD Dinky and it's good, but mine, the model he asked about, sucks.
I beg to differ.

I own 2 other Kelly's and my JS series one is my favorite by far. I just changed out the pickups.
I have recently tried a MA and I have to agree with you. Nothing special IMO, and the tone just was not "defined".

Perhaps I needed to crank it though.
Scooping highs IMO sounds like crap. It sounds underwater if you scoop your highs. It may sound good when playing by yourself, but once you are in a mix your tone will suffer.

Your lows are too high as well if you are in a mix IMO. Let the bass fill the low end.

If it's too fizzy, try lowering your gain.
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i love my schecter c1, has a better neck then my jackson and sounds great so id definitely rule out the thick neck myth.. just go with schecter already xD
This makes no sense at all.

So because your Schecter has a "better neck" then your Jackson, it does not have a thick neck?
This summer, I'm aiming for more recording gear.

-Steven Slate Drums
-Sennheiser HD280 Headphones
-Scarbee Native Instruments Pre Bass

I'm also going to hopefully buy more RAM for my computer.
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wait... i thot he used gibsons and prses now... anywhoo i wish he still wielded that sexy kelly of his
He was endorsed by Ibanez since 2001 I believe, but then his contract expired last year. He is now signed with PRS guitars.

HNGD! Really nice finish.
Try out some Jackson's if you want a closer neck to Ibanez.

Don't be fooled by your friends JS1. Jackson necks differ, and Dinky's necks are thicker. Try a Soloist/Kelly/Rhoads and the neck will be super thin (not Ibanez thin, but thin enough).

However, I find these threads really pointless. You know of the four guitars you want. What's the point of asking us now? They are all good spec wise, so now it's up to you to decide on the feel of the guitar (the most important factor when buying a guitar). Everyone here, including you, has a different preference, so you are going to get mixed opinions.
Shred is one of the best VST free plugins I've used.
Just go listen to any progressive metal band.
I've played one, and the voicing IMO is just scooped in itself.

Maybe an EQ pedal could fix this?
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It's strange how the neck and body match since they're possibly different.

Even if it is a JS, it got repainted, has a flamed maple veneer top and has barenuckles.

The tonewood bairly effects the sound if you are playing high-gain music, and to be honest cedro isn't terrible of a wood. It's not great-but nothing close to bad either.
I think the truss rod cover says "Kelly STD" which is a a Kelly from the 1990's.

Though it doesn't fit the specs. The STD had a trem and white dot inlays.