Sound can be changed, feel cannot.
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"Copy"? What are we in, fifth grade?
I'm going off his past threads.

In the past, I remember him making a thread about his friend copying his every decision about gear.
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That means you're really shopping for you and don't want to look like another "wat guiter?" nub. Too bad you blew that one.
That, or he doesn't want his friend to copy him.
Did you string properly?
Is your guitar set-up?

These were the two problems I had when I ran into your problem.
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The reason to ask for opinions is to learn. So let me explain if someone has had the amp they could inform me as to whether or not it is reliable or some tube change outs they have done or speaker change out to alter sound. That's the reason I'm asking
Fair enough.

And I didn't mean to come off rude, if that's what you think.
Who cares what we think?

It's what you think. You already have the amp, so why bother asking us?

Though, I think everyone here loves the XXX.
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Not true, the 401 had Grover tuners. The 360 has esp tuners.
They are relatively the same.
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It's the exact same guitar, spec wise.

The 360 replaced the 401 this year. The 401 series has been dis-continued.
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Im just not a huge active fan, though I'll wait to see how it sounds, and who knows, i might love it =D
I thought you liked actives...?
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Do you know much about this one?

Love the look, and it has EMG 81's in it.
Fantastic guitar, though I'm not a huge fan of the EMG's.
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Sorry, I should have included more detail.
Well, I'd preffer hard tail, tonewood doesn't really matter. Sha[e wise, I'd really like something original, not something like a LP.

I think ESP is the brand that fits your specs. EMG's, hard-tail, original shaped guitars.

Also take a look at BC Rich. I'm thinking Mockingbird.
What type of tonewood do you like?
Floyd rose, or hard tail?

Your requirements are kind of general. With more information, it would be easier to suggest something.
A floyd rose is hard at first, but after trial and error, you get better at it.

And if you don't like the floyd rose, you can easily block it and turn it into a hardtail.
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Yeah, I've used my guitar through my teacher's amp and had no problem, he pointed out the behringer since I'd only use it for fun purposes anyways, and I want the washburn because the neck on my arbor is begining to warp after just a year of having it and i cleaned it weekly.
Get the Vypyr/Roland Cube over the Behringer. The Behringer is mediocre, (I've tried it about 4 months ago), and it won't be very reliable.
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i mean if it's a bass amp...
it could not be voiced right ?
Wait, it's a bass amp?

Wow, I fail at reading.
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yeah its so my technique when i do it the same exact way and it works on my guitarist's amp right?

TOTALLY my technique -.-
So going by what you say, Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert, Marty Friedman, etc. would not be able to achieve hammer on's/pull-offs on your amp?

And calm down. I didn't mean to piss you off.
I love transparent finishes.

It is not your amp. It's most likely your technique. I played through terrible, Wal-Mart brand amps and my hammer on's/pull off's still sound clear.

However, your amp does need to be replaced. Don't get the Behringer, and look at these amps:
I take my comment back.

Sounds great with the TS-9.
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How expensive is it? I can't find the price anywhere. $800-$1000 (TOPS!) would be good, but the damn thing better not have any problems other than tube maintenance. I'd rather get a real Triple Rec (I'd actually get a Dual Rec Roadster) and not have to worry about reliability.
The Magician is $1029, and the TRIREC is $1179.

I remember though when I first went on the Bugera site (back when the 6262/333xl were new), the prices were all messed up. So I'm waiting untill I actually see for myself.
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EDIT: To the above, looks like a Mesa Mark II/III/IV. Not exactly sure, I'm not that well versed in the Marks.
Judging by the looks, I'd say IV.

Intresting. I'd need to try these.

EDIT: Anybody know the prices?
Mr. Crowley is by far the song that got me started.

Now I play explorers.

Though to be honest, judging from the clip, it just didn't sound "punchy" enough to me. That's just my opinion.
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Sounds pretty mediocre to me. Actually, that's really dry, percussive, and it almost sounds like a drum. Not at all what I want in a metal tone, I dunno about you. Just because something has enough gain to do metal does not make it good for metal, or good tonally at all. My guitar teacher has this amp as his throwaround amp, and it's alright at best. Mediocre cleans, mediocre drive, mediocre distortion, and, you guessed it, mediocre leads.
First of all, the track was put together quite fast. It is after all called a tone test. However, I don't even see how you would consider it a "drum" sound. It's giving you a general idea of the tone. In no way does it give an accurate reprensation of the sound.

And when did I say that just because something has enough gain, it it good for metal?

Most people think the Bandit sucks simply because it's EQ'ed wrong. Everybody assumes it's the most simplest amp to EQ, when in fact it is not.

EDIT: And mediocre cleans? I respect your opinion, but the Bandit is know to have great cleans.
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TS, honestly, you have your priorities misplaced when it comes to tone. You can use all the pedals you want, but with a mediocre amp, your tone will never be more than mediocre. Save up another $250 or so, add your $130, and buy a used Bugera 6260/333XL or Ampeg VH140c.
The Bandit is far from mediocre.

Click on tone test.

TS, if you just want a solo booster, get an EQ Pedal such as the MXR 10 Band.

If not, something like the TL-2 would do you well.
The first problem has something to do with the guitar. Nothing you can do about that. It's just that you found one of things you prefer in a guitar.

The second problem, however, is your technique, not your guitar.

Since you started on a classical guitar, I'm going to assume you were playing on a thick neck. So thus, I'll reccomend guitars that have thicker necks. For metal, Schecter instantly comes to mind. They have thick necks, and play great. Just avoid the active pickups. You'll get more out of your money tonally if you have passives instead of actives, as actives don't reach their full potential through a SS/modeller amp.

If you want a thinner neck. These brands come to mind (in order from largest neck, to thinnest neck)

1. ESP (thickest)
2. Jackson
3. Ibanez (thinnest)

Schecter would obviously rank one, but I already recommended it.

Get the Peavey Vypyr. Don't get the Spider.
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It's not.

Reverse headstock, and the pickup configuration is off. Also look at the inlays.

I still stand by that it's a DK2FS or an older DK2.
Just try them out and see for yourself. If it doesn't work out for you, just switch back.

Some say they are worth it, other's don't.
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Btw what are the differences between the JCM 800 and 900?
I'm pretty sure the 900 has more gain on tap then the 800, making it more suitable for thrash/early death metal.
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Yeah the JCM 800 comes up countless other times I've asked about this. Does it really do death metal well when boosted?
I have not tried a 800, sorry.

I'll take a guess though and say it depends on what type of death metal you are playing. More modern death metal may be out of the 800's range, but I think it's possible that early death metal can be played on a JCM 800.
Man, I swear you have made an "what amp should I buy" thread countless times.

Some sort of Marshall would fit you. I'm thinking JCM 900, maybe JCM 2000 DSL. Of course these would all be boosted to make it sound defined and tight.

Just listing what came in my head when I read your sound you want.

EDIT: Just read that you wanted something new. Skip the 900 then.

Other suggestions include:

Peavey 3120
Peavey JSX
I like to think there's 5 main explorer type guitars. Of course there's more, but these are the more "well-known" ones IMO.

Jackson Kelly
Gibson/Epiphone Explorer
BC Rich Mockingbird
Hamer Standards

Take your pick. I only use explorers, and I've tried all five of these. They all play great IMO.
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I think Lazarus AD are awesome.
Just listened to them.

Man they are great!
Anyone listening to the new wave of thrash?


Warbringer, Evile, Warpath, Mantic Ritual, Havok, etc.
I'm 90% positive that it's a DK2. The DK2FS that Matt suggested seems right.

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Hmm.. I wish I could find out in the next 5 mins, would you say its worth it? How hard is it to block a trem?
I'd say it's worth it. With a pickup change it'd be a fantastic guitar.

And it's not hard to block a trem at all.