I think it might be an older model of a DK2.

I know that some guitars in the Pro Line originally had Duncan Designed pickups instead of real Seymour Duncans (like they do now).
The Ibanez by a long shot.

The ESP is made out of low quality basswood, and has a bad trem. Also has terrible pickups.

The BC Rich has bad pickups, and is overpriced due to it being a signature model.
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Stay away from anything squier unless your an absolute beginner and by absolute beginner I mean never touched a guitar before.
Have you not tried a mid-high end Squier?

Get off the bandwagon.
I use Schaller tuners and they are great.
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This makes me so jealous.

After 5 pages of searching my CL/Kijiji, theres like, 1 Peavey 5150 212 combo for like $900. And a couple MGs for like $300.
I feel your pain.

It's terrible in Canada. The best I have on my classifieds is a Crate GX head and a Carvin X100B.
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I understand what the pod itself is doing, I was referring to the included pod farm software in that post. So I assume then that if she wants to go with the cheapest method, all she needs to buy is the converter jack and just download some plugins and reaper, and if she wants something a little nicer, she should get the pod setup?
Yes, if I read that correct.

However, she doesn't have to buy the Pod Setup. Pod Farm isn't the best or anything, it's just was a suggestion. Free plugins like AcmeBarGig or LePou or just as good.

So yes, she can use a converter jack and just download some free plugins and reaper.
If she wants something nicer, she can get the Pod setup- but she could also get an audio interface such as the M-Audio Fast Track Pro.

I hope I didn't just confuse you more.
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What purpose exactly would pod farm be fufilling? Is it just a bunch of plugins? If it is, would it be possible to just use 1/4" to 1/8" into reaper and use plugins straight through that?
Pod Farm is an amp simulation software.

It models amps, amp cabinets, pedals, etc. and does it very well.

Yes. However, the quality will not be as good with an audio interface. I still stick to my rec. of the Line 6 Pod GX.
I still don't understand how exactly "amplifier modelling software" works, do you plug your guitar directly, or do you plug it through another amp and all the software does is change the sound to model an amp of your choice?
You plug your guitar directly into the computer.

Generally, most people use amp simulation/VST's by plugging the guitar into the interface, and the interface into the computer.

You then change the sound through selecting amps, cabinets, etc.
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following what crowd? i've thought my line 6 sucked since i had it.

i will take you up on trying that vetta though. i can't find one anywhere though.
But you owned a Spider. Not a Vetta/Flextone.

You clearly said that LINE SIX=SUCK, implying that all Line 6 amps suck.
Well, she'll need an audio interface.

The Line 6 Pod GX is great and is cheap. It also comes with Pod Farm (which is a great VST program).

Then, download a DAW called Reaper. It's free (unlimited free trial). This is the program where you record in.

Then, download free VST's:

Refer to this thread for more info:
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well my general opinion of line six=SUCK
You also know what sucks?

The fact that people are painted so easily, and that nowadays people refuse to form their own opinions and just follow the crowd.

That's not your opinion. It's someone elses.
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I have a bad experience with line 6. *cough cough* spiders.
So because the Line 6 Spider sucks, the Vetta and Flextone suck?

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There is too many exclamation marks for me to take this seriously.
Then don't post.

The 2X12 won't be much louder then the 1X12. The main advantage of getting the 2X12 really isn't volume. The main advantages of getting a 2X12 is that you get a bigger bass response and better projection.
I can't beleive no one suggested the Line 6 Vetta.
Annihilator-Alison Hell comes to mind.
Out of the options you gave me, I'd take the RX10D or the Dean. I'd change out the pickups too in both the RX10 or the Dean.


PDX is overpriced because of it being a signature guitar.
KVX10 is made out of low quality basswood. (basswood actually is a good wood, but not when it's of low quality)
Would 3 gigs of ram and a dual core 2.0 processor be fine then?
I use D'Ardarrio's. I used Elexir's once, and Ernie Balls.

D'Ardarrio lasted the longest. Elexir and Ernie Ball's both snapped too easily IMO.
The PDX would be a killer guitar with a pickup change, but the RR3 is still better IMO.

EDIT: And the PDX is most likely overpriced due to being a signature model.

It says basswood.

Though get the RR3. The pickups, and the overall quality is better.


Nevermind. It says basswood on this link:

But it says "alder" on the spec sheet:

The whole Jackson site is screwed up.
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my favourite artist can´t sign my favourite Dean Guitar.... He is Dead...

Eh, I don't want to go all the way to Japan for Marty Friedman to sign my guitar.

I wouldn't let him anyway.
I run into this problem all the time.

Most of the guitars I want are located in a different province. Locally, they carry the brands I want (meaning I can order guitars), but I can't actually try before I buy because they don't stock the guitars I want to try. Long and Maquade over here just stocks a bunch of Gibson's, even though they are dealers of Jackson, Ibanez, etc. It's just that Jackson's and Ibanez's don't tend to sell well over here.

Really, the only time I get to try many guitars (and get opinions on them), is when I go to a store 8 hours away. (Mother's Music)

I basically buy blindly if I'm forced to buy locally. I've only bought one guitar locally, the rest were bought in a different province. I basically stick to one brand (where I know the neck is going to be the same on different guitars) so I know what I'm buying. That's really all I can do.
I don't know why a lot of people trash low end Jacksons.

Mine plays well, and sounds great (after tuner and pickup change).
Everyone is going to say VHT, because quite frankly, barely anyone has tried a Baron amp.

This will all come down to what you prefer.
Yes it does.

G#=A Flat.
F#=G Flat.
A#=B Flat.

They are all the same note.
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USED JCM 800 2203KK
USED Marshall JCM 900-SLX
Jet City JCA100
Blackstar HT-60/100
USED Mesa/Boogie Mark IV/V
+1 though I'd change the Blackstar HT to the Series One series.
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Also this amp still has that buzziness "digital" sound that all the line 6 amps have. Heres a video showing the buzziness ov the amp:

Not true at all.

Flextone's and Vetta's are nothing like the Spider at all.
Thanks guys.
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Do you high pass/low pass the guitars?
Im new to this stuff, so I don't even know what that means.

Does that mean like multi-tracking?
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Also, with the Bugera 333 series, you can get more of MESA Rectifier sound, if that suits your tastes...
Thee 333xl and 333 model the Peavey JSX and Peavey XXX, not a Mesa.
I'm not relying on EQ though-

I have the tone sounding good. Now I'm fine-tuning it.

And thank you for the links.
I'm quite new to the world of VST plugins, so I have some questions.

I'm using Pod Farm. I have the "base" sound I want, and I've been told I should now start to add some EQ, compression, etc. to make the sound better. How would I do this? I'm assuming I download some plugins, correct? And if so, what are some good plugins that I should look into?

Also, is their a way to simulate a bass using VST's? I really can't afford a bass right now. I've been told to use "pitch-shifted" guitar, so I'm assuming I use a pitch-shifter plug in as well?

I'm using Reaper, if that helps. I'm having some trouble loading Pod Farm into Reaper as a VST, as the Pod Farm in Reaper claims that "no device" is connected, but when I open the Pod Farm program on my desktop, it works fine. I guess this doesn't matter as much though as Reaper detects Pod Farm anyways and it records fine, but I'm just a little curious on why this is happening.

I'm sorry if these are stupid questions. Thanks for reading.
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John5 has one in his live rig. There's someone else who uses them too but I can't for the life of me remember who it is lol. They really aren't popular amps and imo they are pretty mediocre and overpriced.

What's your budget?
Are you willing to go used?
Is it for home practice, jamming with friends, gigging, or a mixture of the three?
What is it about Marshalls that you prefer over other brands?

And the person you're thinking of is most likely Alex Skolnick of Testament.
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If you can afford it, I'd recomend the X3. Gear Box (which comes for free with the X3) is far superior to Pod Farm. Plus if you plan to get a bunch of add ons for one of the other Pods, the X3 already comes with all of them. So it's more upfront but you don't have to worry about getting any extras to acheive the tones you want to with it.

Pod Farm replaced Gear Box.

There are two versions of PODFarm, PODFarm and PODFarm Platinum. The Platinum version gives you pretty much every tone a POD can offer. The regular (normally $50) is what I assume you get with the UX1, otherwise people would just buy them as opposed to paying $100 more for just PODFarm Platinum.
This is correct, however you can upgrade Pod Farm to Pod Farm Platinum through the Line 6 store by buying model packs.

Pod Farm Platinum is Pod Farm, except with the model packs.

If you get POD Farm just be aware that alot of the good tones come from the packs you have to buy
I'd disagree.

This is all stock Pod Farm.
Pod Farm is the better option here.

The Line 6 Pod 2.0 can pull off recording tones, but it's not meant for that. It's generally meant for live and home practice use, not for recording.

Pod Farm is not an easy program to get the hang of, but once you do, you get amazing tones out of it.
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so why do you want another head, if you feel it isn't convenient?
Take note that he wants a 2x12 stack now, and he most likely had a 4x12.

+1 to JCM900.

It will damage the speaker.

If you run a guitar into a bass amp however, it will be fine.
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I'm sure it's not what you want to hear but in general solid state amps have some difficulty with some pedals, especially overdrive/distortion. I'm actually a fan of Line 6, owned two of their amps and still have one. Neither took well to distortion/ overdrive pedals and it can be tough on the circuitry...that and they just don't sound "right". What I did notice, especially on the HD147 was different pickups do help quite a bit and the difference wasn't as pronounced on the Spyder. If I were you and just based on my experience with Line 6, I'd take care of the pickups and wouldn't worry much about pedals. The one thing I would suggest that makes a big difference is a good EQ pedal, they seem to help most anything. Run it straight in or throw it in the f/x loop and I think you'd be happy with that. Keep in mind what you're playing isn't just a solid state amp, above all it's a modeling amp so they're temperamental.
Notice how the amps you tried to put pedals through were modelling amps, and not analog SS amps such as a Peavey Bandit or a Roland Jazz Chorus.

Of course running pedals through a modelling amp will sound bad. However, running pedals through a SS amp is fine.
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My band's song at is all POD Farm. That program owns if you know how to use it.

I've had it for a week so far and I'm still trying to find a good tone. Most people who think Pod Farm sucks really didn't give it enough time. It takes a while to learn how it works and how you EQ.