Basically the KE2 but with a TOM.
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Alrighty, and can Use the ux1 with something like amplitube 3?

And Reaper is free.
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All right thanks guys. I've been playing for almost two years now, I just never really tried any songs with this many palm mutes in it.
Yeah that is most likely your problem then. You just are not used to it.
Yeah, I get what you mean. When I first started playing, I was really into metalcore, which has a lot of "bouncing". What I mean by that, is that your right picking hand keeps going up and down to trigger palm mutes, due to certain notes that aren't palm muted in between the open E's.

I most likely worded that wrong/really badly, so sorry.

Either way, I don't have this problem anymore, because to be honest I just sucked it up and dealt with the pain. Eventually, the pain stopped, because I got used to it. My advice is to keep playing, and deal with the pain, as it will go away eventually.
Good pickups, hardware, construction, wood, etc.

Though to be honest, if a $500 guitar played better in my hands than a $1000 guitar, I would take the $500 one.
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What makes you say that?
In my experiences, the strings just didn't last long enough for me to pay $18 for them.

Sure they lasted a little longer, but was it worth $18? Not in my opinion.

It seems a lot of people seem to get different experiences with Elexir's however, so maybe the strings just were not for me.
I hate Elexir's. Total waste of money IMO.
The X2N has so much kick to it. Real good low end IMO, but not overpowering.
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Billy Gibbons had a hand in designing these amps, so you can be assured they have lots of gain

HNAD, dude! don't see enough of these heads.

Yeah man. ZZ Top, just absolutely br00tal.
This can do metal? I was told this could do classic rock at best...

HNAD! Really jealous. I know Marty Friedman used these back in the day.
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The JS32T Kelly is made of cedro, not alder.
Just thought I'd add that.
I read the spec sheet on, and all the older JS series of guitars (ex. JS30KE) were made out out of alder according to their site.

The new JS series should be no exception, but I can't confirm that.

I wish I had proof of this, but the Jackson site seemed to remove all of the specs of the older JS series guitars, and the body wood section on the newer JS series guitars isn't filled in.

However, other sites such as were advertising the older JS series of guitars as "alder":
Material: Jackson destroys it. Alder>Agathis.
Weight: Tied. Nothing to heavy, nothing too light.
Pickups: Both are pretty bad in terms of pickups. You would most likely be changing them out in either guitar for something better.
Quality: Jackson in terms of these two guitars.
Sound: Both will be bad, but the Jackson will sound great with a pickup change. The Ibanez won't sound as good, even with a pickup change.

In conclusion, it's obvious. Get the Jackson. I own many Kelly's, and they are all neck heavy, so be prepared to compensate a little.
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It's very true that the audience miss mistakes that make you wince. It's usually the "oh shit" look on your face that alerts the error to the audience. If you just control your reaction and pretend nothing's wrong 99% of the audience will not notice what you think is an inexcusable ****up.

By former band teacher always said that to me.
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Derek got the champ. The Herbert was just a troll . He used a dirtbox and the Champ to post clips of his "Herbert" which is why most people said it didn't sound like a Diezel.

I trolled using MC's real NAD.
Ahh I see now.
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*Is confused*
The clips sound really bad, no offence.

I have never tried a Diezel, but I thought it would sound millions time better then that. The sound clip reminded me of a Spider Valve to be honest.

EDIT: Reading the thread, there's something going on obviously. I guess I will wait and see.
Four year thread guys.
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it's all good dude lol wasn't trying to be rude or anything.
Nah man I didn't think you were rude.

Though I do think the TS will buy a halfstack anyways, even if people tell him not too. Advice does only work if one listens to it.
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My post was really pointless. Sorry, I've been working all day on homework, so I'm really tired.

I'll delete it.
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nothing...its just that when i see alot of live bands from my school they all have not really playing big gigs so im just settled on a half stack.
Those "live bands" you see at your school either have/had:

-Terrible stacks
-A budget that was a lot more then 500 dollars

No one is going to care if you have a combo or a half stack. Get a combo. You will get more for your money.

And even then, $500 really won't get anything amazing. Save $300 or even another $500 for something really good, then go used after you are done saving.

EDIT: Please don't get the Raven. 311 was being sarcastic.

And don't get the Night Train either- it doesn't have enough headroom IMO for metal.
Nice guitar.

I just love finishes like those!

And nice job on the NGD it self. You had a review, pictures, and a clip.
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Do the Dinky's have the compound radius necks like the soloists? If so, I'd take the Dinky but $200 is a lot of cash. Tough call
Yes, all Jackson's to my belief have compound radius fingerboards.

However, the Dinky's neck is nothing like a Soloist. A soloist's neck is wide and flat IMO, where as a Jackson Dinky is more comparable to a Fender neck. Thick, and kind of a C-shape.
Jackson necks are all really thin, except for the Dinky in my experiences.

The Dinky's neck is really thick IMO. Maybe not as thick as a Schecter, but it is pretty close.
Cemetary Gates by Pantera.

Pantera is not even my favourite band, but that is by the the most bad ass riff I have ever heard.
Your Souls Is:

-Right off the bat, your tone is god awful. Fix it.
-Your riff at the exact start is really boring and nothing original.
-The first solo was terrible. No offence, but the tone was god awful and it was terribly phrased.
-I feel it would be better if it was faster.
-Second solo was way better but it was off time making it sound not very good in the mix.
-Too repetetive at some parts.
-Last solo was pretty good, but the phrasing needs some work it didn't go with the rhythm very well.

-Cool intro
-The vocals sound very thin.
-I can hear the Pantera/Megadeth influence.
-Again, solos off time and doesn't go with the rhythm. Pay more attention to the rhythm's timing. If it went with the rhythm, the solos would be great.

I didn't comment on the previews.
Maybe if it had a backing track, it would not sound so random.

The technique was good, but the solo it self was poorly phrased.
Neither. They both are terrible, and it is kind of obvious that you are choosing a guitar based on the looks alone.

Judging from what guitar's you are looking into, I'm assuming your budget is $400. In that case, an Ibanez RG321, a Schecter C-1 Plus, or a 2010 JS series Jackson would be a lot better then what you chos.
Don't bother with:

- Behringer UCA202
- Alesis GuitarLink
- Behringer Guitar Link UCG102
- IK Multimedia Stealth Plug

The only one on your list I would go for is the Line 6 Pod GX, but for your purposes there is better. Sure, you can record guitar and bass with it, but not vocals. Yes, you can buy an adapter, but the one thing the GX lacks is phantom power, which is not very optimal for most mics you probably will be using.

Instead, I recommend the M-Audio Fast Track MKII interface. It will be much better for your needs.
As long as the guitar doesn't have satanic/devil references on the guitar it will be fine. The shape will not matter.
An EQ pedal is not a band-aid. It will only fine-tune your sound. You must like your "base" tone before an EQ pedal will be beneficial.

However, a MXR-10 Band for high budgets, and a Danelectro Fish N Chips 7 band are the standards IMO for an EQ.
Rhythm and jump dancing close to you?

There is a reason why versus threads are banned.

Why? Because everybody has a different opinion. There is no right or wrong here.
Terrible paint jobs, and terrible routing.

Looks like something I would have made.
Any Jackson in the MG series.

The only thing you won't have is the non-licensed floyd rose, but Jackson licensed floyd roses are really good.
Any fender strat/telecaster.
Why not?

Yeah, if you are just buying a signature guitar because your favourite artist uses it, then that is a stupid reason.

However, sometimes the guitar (such as the VMNT for me) fits all your specs you want, and feels good. It just so happens to be a signature guitar. This IMO, is a good reason to buy a signature guitar.
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Both are awesome amps. I'd go either route. You won't be disappointed.

^Halfstacks? Even better.
What are you trading?

Not a huge fan of Dinky's though. The neck is really thick.