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would the vmnt be good if i can get it for 550?

whats so bad about basswood? paul gilbert's guitar is basswood
Yeah, then the VMNT would be good.

Basswood is a great wood- when it's high quality basswood. The basswood on the KVX10 is of low quality.
Well, do you like the feel of the guitar? If yes, then don't bother. Maybe get another guitar for a backup or something, but there's no point in replacing something your happy with. If no, then go try other brands of guitars such as Ibanez, Jackson, BC Rich, and ESP/LTD. Pay attention to the feel of the guitar mostly, especially the neck.

Do you like the sound of your amp? Again, if yes don't bother. If not, invest in a Peavey 6505+/Mesa Mark V. Lamb of God uses the Mesa Mark V, Trivium and In Flames both use the 6505+ (5150 II). If you want a cabinet, Mesa and Avatar makes good 2x12 cabinets that have good speakers that are voiced great for the 6505/Mark V.

Finally, I recommend a noise gate. That's a must for any high gain player. Everything else is up to you. Some effects to look at would be a EQ Pedal, Delay, Chorus, Tuner Pedal, Wah, etc.
1. The Schecter C-1 is the better guitar then both the Dean and the KVX10.

Why? The VMNT is overpriced because it has Mustaine's name on it and the KVX10 is made out of low quality basswood/has bad pickups.

According to here, the official Jackson guitar site, the KVX10 is made out of basswood.

2. If you run the Schecter through a Pod Farm/Guitar Rig like program, it will sound good with the right tweaking. I'll warn you though. You seem like a new player. Amp simulation is not for the faint of heart. It takes a long time to dial in a good tone, and I don't recommend it right now for you.

I also find that programs such as Pod Farm/Guitar Rig are better for recording purposes anyways. The tone you get straight from the program isn't so great. You get good tones out of amp simulation programs from effects you use when recording.

If you do get an amp simulation software, don't get Guitar Rig. I recommend Pod Farm. IMO it's far superior to Guitar Rig.

3. Like others have said, getting a new amp is your best option. Running a guitar with actives through a Marshall MG will not sound very good. You have $750. Put that to a new amp.
Congratulations on the C-1.

I agree on your opinion on the EG section. Terrible advice is given tons of times.
I wouldn't. I only would use lemon oil and lemon oil only to be honest.

However, take into account that on your acoustic, I wouldn't even use lemon oil. Your fingerboard is ebony, and lemon oil only works on rosewood to my belief.
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There's still something about it. It just doesn't cut. It feels far away still. Hmm....

Any advice? I think I might change the "room" setting to 0% and see where that takes me.

EDIT: Just tried it. I hear no difference at all. For **** sakes. This is getting really frustrating.

"Tone Test Number Six" is in my profile. There is no difference IMO, but who knows.

Now I'm going to screw around with different mic/positions.


I think I've fixed the problem!

"Tone Test Number Seven" in in my profile. Changed the mic to the Sennheiser 421 Dynamic Microphone.
"Tone Test Number Who Knows"

Yet another clip in my profile. Still trying. I feel I'm making progress after doing this for 2 months.

The playing's sloppy. I didn't really care as much as it's only a test.
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Seems a little distant but when you hit the end of the phrase it feels closer up. Its better but i'd work on getting it as a whole "closer up". What amp model, cab and others things are you using in pod farm

I've got one i did with pod farm.

There no post fx's minus a compressor. I think i need to turn down the gain a little and fill some of the fizz. Any other thoughts?
Thanks for the advice. How would I make it sound more "up-close" like you did?

I personally liked your clip. It's a little boomy though, and I agree on the "fizz" thing. However, the fizz isn't terrible.

I'm using the SLO Model and Marshall JCM 800, both boosted with the screamer. I'm using the noise gate, cavernous reverb, EQ, and compressor as well.

My cabinet's on both are the 4x12 1996 Brit Celestion V-30's, with a 50% room setting, and my mic setting is "On Axis Shure SM57".
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The only thing that worries me about that thing is that it is barely a tube amp and the power amp is solid state.

I'm not sure how it works but I'm worried that it will suffer from the "solid states sound crap at high volumes" syndrome.
The amp is 280 watts. It won't clip simply because of the massive headroom the amp has. It will sound good at either high or low volumes.

And even then, I kind of hate the "solid states sound bad at high volume" kind of thing. While it's true they do, you can easily compensate by changing the EQ on your amp/not driving the amp to clip.
Hey guys, another clip up. This time it's rhythm only, as that's basically what I've been told (and I want to) improve on tone wise.

Clip is called "Tone Test Line 6 Pod Farm Half Step Down". Added more presence.
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How about the ESP LTD EC1000? Or Schecter Hellraiser w/floyd?
Both would be excellent choices.
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Sounds kinda muffled. You could also try double tracking the leads. That makes them sound a lot fuller. Keep working on it though. I see potential.

How would I double-track the leads? That would seriously be a pain in the ass to track.

How would I fix the "muffled" sound? I'm assuming to add more presence?

But lets be honest here- they're both signature models, meaning they are overpriced. You'll get more for your money by buying a guitar that isn't a signature model.

The Synyster is $1000, so I'm assuming that's your budget. If that's the case, there are far better guitars out there then the ones you chose. Schecter makes tons of them. The one that comes to mind is the C-1 Custom.

ESP, Jackson, BC Rich, and Ibanez are also companies you should look at also.
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does anybody here even like thrash metal? I'd love to get an opinion of someone who loves metallica and trivium? ^^, I trust your opinion guys, but for some reason i still think the fullbore metal > barber
I've tried both. The Fullbore just 2 days ago, and the Barber Dirty Bomb about 1 months ago.

The Barber Dirty Bomb is much better. The Fullbore sounds really scooped, and has that top end hiss that really bothers me with a lot of distortion pedals.

What Peavey 15 watt are you going to get? If it's the Vypyr, don't bother with a distortion pedal. Distortion pedals and modelling amps don't go well together.

And no offense man, but Trivium isn't thrash metal.

Click on "Lead Tone Test Pod Farm Half Step Down".

I'm still working on the tone. Opinions?
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Welp, there ya go it does metal too. Like I said it's a good amp. Especially since they can be found really cheap.

Don't like this classic rock?
Not really to be honest.

It sounds fuzzy, and not warm at all. It could just be the person's settings though.
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This is an old thread, but no it's not "only good for metal". It's not even a metal amp. It has a good classic rock crunch and a clean channel that works well with pedals. Plus an FX loop. It's a good amp. You should be able to do metal with the right pedal.

IMO, metal is what the Bandit excels at. I just don't think there's enough warmth for classic rock IMO.
Amazing thread. It seems I learn something everyday on recording.

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So I'm new to the whole Head/Cab thing. I'll probably get the Bugera 6262. The Peavey's are a little more than I want to spend. I'll have to purchases a cab also though, considering that I don't want to get the combo amp. Can someone give me some good Cabs? I'll generally be playing at home, maybe a few gigs. I was reading somewhere that a 2X12 would be good.....Whatever that means.
Avatar and Vader 2x12 cabinets are common suggestions here.

Why don't you want the combo? It would be cheaper.
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I'm not just annoys me when people make general statements about something like you did. I mean have you tried every EMG pick up available? So how would you know you didn't like them? I mean I don't care for active EMG's either, but it won't ruin a guitar by any means.

Also you say you like passives...did you know that EMG makes passive pickups? I have a passive EMG in my RR24 and it destroys, although it has active circuitry, which actually gives it more boost than the active EMG's, but you get all the clarity and control of a passive PU.
I've tried EMG's in the 18 volt mod. I've tried the 81, 60, and 85 in multiple ESP/Jackson/Schecter guitars. I'm just not a huge fan. They don't sound organic to me, and they sound compressed. The low end is great, and they are very clear for the output, but I rather keep the positives of passive pickups over actives.

And yes, I know EMG makes passive pickups, and I'm not a fan of them. I've tried the PDX Phil Demell Jackson guitar with passive EMG's in them just recently through a Peavey JSX, and I found them muddy, but that's just my tastes.

With pickups, I rather have a pickup that's desgined to be active, or a pickup that's designed to be passive. I'm not a huge fan of "passives" with active circuitry/design, such as Dimarzio D-Activators.

I understand where you are coming from. I did make a general statement. I have yet to try the EMG X's, which are supposed to be more organic and less compressed. However, Seymour Duncan Blackouts are said to be pretty similar to EMG X's, and are cheaper. I'll have to compare them first, but if the statement is true, EMG X's have no point to me.
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Why speak when you don't know what your talking about??

And no I am not an EMG fan boi, but they are good for certain things.
How does my comment show that I don't know what I'm talking about. Just because I have a different opinion then you, I don't know nothing? What logic does that have?

I just prefer passives to actives, and I was being somewhat sarcastic. I didn't think you would get all pissed off, but I guess I was wrong.
Bump for you.

I remember your thread when you won the last minute auction. Good luck!
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Would be even better with a pair of EMG humbuckers in that bad boy.
Why ruin an awesome guitar with EMG's?!
The Vox won't do your genres very well. Not to mention, the SLSMG has actives, which don't reach their full potential unless being played through a tube amp.

Honestly, if you are upset with your tone, replace the amp first before the guitar. The amp makes up most of your tone.

What's your budget? Most typical metalcore bands use the Peavey 6505/5150, or a Mesa Rectifier of some sort.

Can you describe PRS necks more? I've never tried one in my life.
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Don't spend your money on a computerized amplifier, you can get better value from your money with one without a memory on it. Its flashy at first and draws you in, but you'll realize later that you could have gotten a lot more from the 150 you probably spent on the onboard computer... trust me, I have a line 6 jam. Its okay, but it wasn't worth the full price.

Line 6 amps also don't sound very good at a high volume.
You mean low end Line 6 amps.

Vetta's sound amazing at high or low volumes, and Flextone's can with the right EQ'ing.
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yeah, i might get it. i just wanted peoples opinions cause i don't know amps too well.
That might be why you think the Spider sounds good.

If you have not tried higher end amps, of course you'll think the Spider sounds good.

+1 to the used Flextone. Awesome sounding amps.
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Cool clips Derek. How would you compare this to the Vypyr 60/120?
Yeah, and how would this also compare to the Vetta you owned?

I try to avoid your NXD threads. They are kind of depressing.
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Was about to point out the fret issue lol.
Read edit!

EDIT: Just read your "not traditional criteria".

Even better. This guitar is perfect.
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what is your budget and style of play?
and what is your current gear?

the peavey transtubes are okay for solid state, but you're never really going to get a good tone out of a guitar without a good tube amp. even a hybrid amp will help a lot.

TS, do you play a lot of genres? Get Pod Farm.
Do you just play metal? Get the Bandit. Although the Bandit can pull off decent low-mid gain tones, it really excels at one thing, and that's metal IMO.

Also, get the Ibanez. Passives will work better with SS technology, and although I have not actually ran actives through my Pod Farm, judging from clips, actives don't sound great through Pod Farm.
I read in a magazine, that shredding is four main techniques:

-Tremolo Picking

To me, this is shredding. Now do it with feeling, and with correct phrasing, and it's amazing shredding.
+1 to Presonus and Lexicon.

However, I just can't recommend recording as a band. Recording separately just yields much better results.
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Jackson is stepping into the br00talnezz of Ibanez RG's!!!!!
Yeah this Jackson just screams Ibanez.
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^Im guessing that was what the DKDM stood for

I also just noticed the basswood body. Jacksons are almost always alder.
Has anyone noticed... Dimarzio pickups?


I swear they were always a Duncan company.
Judging from your comment, I think you want the II.

I've tried both, and they both are great.
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Thanks man, that helped me find out the differences in the two, but do the 400 presets, tuner, and extra footswitchs justify the extra £65?
Ask yourself those questions and I'm sure you'll get your answer.
Another company to look at is Schaller.
I use them, and they're awesome.