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Really? Is it working for you? I thought I found it wasn't possible when I researched a while ago.
Yeah, it's working perfectly fine.

Model packs for GX:

Model packs for UX1:

Model packs for UX2:

As far as I can tell, they all share the same model packs.

And TS, I was wrong. It would cost more to buy the model packs then to buy the UX2 with Pod Farm Platinum.
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How much do the effects packs cost? Would it be more cost effecient just to get the most expensive pod studio since it would already have everything?
Not really. The UX2 would only be beneficial if you are going to use mic inputs. The UX1 IMO is just not worth it.

You see, the GX is 100 dollars. You can buy all four model packs for $50. The UX2 is $200.

So GX= $150
UX2= $200

IMO, only invest in the UX2 if you know you will be using the extra features it has over the GX.
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I recommend a Line 6 interface like the UX1 (not the GX, you can't get all the pack and amp models with that interface).
Yeah you can. I just did through the Line 6 store. All three interfaces have the same four model packs available to download.

The GX in terms of model packs is no different then the UX1/UX2. It is just that the bundled Pod Farm with the GX has no model packs, you have to download them.

The Pod Farm bundled with the UX1 just has the FX Junkie pack, but the UX2 has Pod Farm Platinum, which is essentially Pod Farm with all the model packs.
Pod Farm is a great program. A Line 6 Studio GX would be great for your purposes, as it comes bundled with Pod Farm.

IMO, I'd stay away from anything Amplitude/Guitar Rig. I heard the new Amplitude is a better one, but I have not tried it. To be honest, they just are not really that good compared to what is being made now. Free VST's, such as Nick Crow 7170, are just so superior to Guitar Rig that it's not worth it. And seriously. They are free.

However, VST plugins really won't work for you, as they are used for recording purposes and not for practicing. Unless you want to hit record every time you want to practice, and then lesson back to it to see how you did, VST plugins will be very in-convenient.

Overall, Pod Farm would be optimal here IMO.
Both covered.

White would look ok too, but the two not matching ones look bad.

It's 649.00 USD new, so it's a little over your budget of 600 USD. I'm sure you can get this used, as I know you bought your DK2 used, correct?
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with everyone jizzing in their pants about the fullbore, i thought i was the only one who thought this of it.
No. I hate it too. Terrible pedal.
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What kind of tone are you going for? o_O

That sounds like you want some sort of thrash tone, yet I keep remembering you said something about modern metal...?


Didn't have time to attempt using POD Farm and Ryan's impulses, so I just used the POD direct like usual.

The same "Darkest Nights" by AILD as usual (I know, I'm boring).

This is an attempt at mastering... how's it sound? Guitars fit well, sound good?
I'm going for a thrash tone. I'm not a huge fan of modern metal.
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You're probably going to smack me but now I think the mids are too high.
Wow, how many tones tests have this been?

I think about 19.

*goes to adjust mids*
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They both have a lot more clarity then using both! You have to bear in mind that LOT of guitar tone you hear is bass. Both those tones, in a mix, would probably be passable. To me they both lack mids and are overgained. Boost the mid's more and lower the gain/drive on the screamer. TBH the only amp I really use in podfarm is the calidiamond plate. Never really gotten amazing tones out of the other amps, but then I haven't tried too hard.
Ahh ok.

More mids and less gain, like you suggested.

I also got the Metalshop pack. Perhaps I should use those models.
It stopped skipping out! Thought I'm still not a fan of both clips:

Pod Farm Cabinet Emulation Only:

Ryan's Impulses Only
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Post a clip like that, then I'll see whats happening, but IMO don't push the front end so hard with the screamer. I use it just to boost a little bit and more as a slight tone shaping tool. Also don't add the screamer after impluses, its not needed at all and will take away clarity.
Ok. I'll do clips for both.

And I'm running TSS before the impulses.
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I'm gonna go ahead and say that the fact that your running two cab emulations is your main issue! Turn the cab off in podfarm if your using external impulses, like ryans. Otherwise it will make it sound horrible!
I just tried it, using Ryan's impulses only, and it sounds terrible.

The sound cuts out a lot, and it sounds very fizzy and hissy.

EDIT: Just tried it with Pod Farm only, and it sounds bad too. The sound doesn't cut out, but it's very fizzy and harsh.

To be honest, it sounds the best when both are being run together.
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How are you boosting them with the screamer? Are you making sure to lower the amp gain, when you raise the gain on the pedal?
The reverb may be the reason why it seems so distant, although not entirely sure.
How do you have the EQ set up?
I put my amp's drive about two, and I boost it the rest of the way with the screamer.

I don't add much reverb, only 5%.

My EQ settings:

Drive: 2
Bass: 4
Mids: 7
Treble: 6
Presence: 5

The room settings in now on 0% and I'm using the Sennheiser 421 Microphone.

As for the EQ FX:

-1.7 on 100HZ
+1.1 on 500HZ
+1.0 on 2.1HZ
-2.6 on 5.5HZ (this could be it)

As for my EQ'ing in my actual DAW, I follow the guide in the first post. I also use CatharisStudios impulses loaded with keFIR, and the TSS Overdrive plugin.
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what about the jackson kellys?
Don't bother getting a Kelly if you hate neck heavy guitars.
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It IS better than what you started with, but like Kyle said, it's still not reaching its potential.

Try one amp per track, and see how that sounds. Possibly quad track the whole thing?

Like I said, I think the Dualtone mix may be the problem; I have never gotten much use out of Dualtone in recording, only live applications are useful... even then I mostly use it as a two separate channels.
Ok, I'll try the one amp track, and then try quad tracking it.



No dual tone, double tracked:

No dual tone, quad tracked:
Quote by dudey5691
Sounds better, but still seems distant.

I forgot to ask earlier... are you using the dualtone option on each track? I've always found that the "mix" of the two tones on one track was always cluttered... but I could be doing something wrong.
I'm really freaking confused.

Two guys says it's better, another one says it's still distant.

Yeah, I'm using the dualtone on each track.

Number 10. I forgot to add some more gain, but I cut around 4k which is high mids, correct?
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Commented on some of yer clips

Timing is off, I can hear a left/right difference in playing. Too middy too, high mids especially. Could use more gain as well. Not bad though, would sound pretty good with some drums and bass.
Yeah, I used a clip when I first started getting into home recording, so it's sloppy.

Ok, I'll cut some high mids.
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It's a RX10D soon to have an original Floyd rose. The neck is really thin.
Rhoads have thin necks.

The Dinky will take some adjusting, or you might just hate it completely.
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Well im almost thinking I should get the Dean because I already have a Jackson. Its good to have alot of different kinds of guitars.. right?
Sure, if they all feel right.

What's the point of having different kinds of guitars if most of them don't feel good?

And what Jackson do you have? Beleive it or not, Jackson necks differ depending on the model. The Dinky is one Jackson model that actually has a thick neck compared to something like a Soloist or a Kelly.
Quote by RockRoadie27

I am hopefully buying a guitar in the next week so which one. One of those^ or something else that you recommend. I want HH configuration passive PUP's, floyd or no floyd, Budget is 640 up to 800 in Canadian Dollars. My current amp is a Peavey Envoy 110 but looking to get a 6505+ 112 combo.

Edit: I guess Canadian is close to Par with American currency so I dunno if US pricing is really an issue.
The Jackson is the better guitar, spec wise.

But feel>sound. Get the guitar that feels the best to you. If you can't try it out, the Dean has a thicker neck, and the Jackson doesn't have a thin neck, but is thinner then the Dean.
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There are still good deals in Canada for gear if you know where to look.

I got my JCM 800 for $650 in Montreal. Cost me $40 in gas to pick it up, but it was worth it.

And just a couple months ago I spied a JCM 800 2203 plus a '71 Hiwatt cab with original speakers for under $1300 in Hamilton. If I'd had the money, I'd have scooped that one for sure!
Yeah but you are in Ontario, where there are cities such as Toronto/Hamilton, etc.

The bigger cities will have better deals, simply because there is more music stores and more variety. IMO, the local classifieds are only as good as the stuff that's being sold there. Where I live, there are four guitar stores, with three of them being quite small.

When I went to Calagary, on the other hand, there was over 30 music stores, all carying guitars.
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^i totally agree
Me too.

I see everyone on my Kijii posting Peavey 5150's, except they are priced at $900.
Dean's are great guitars, just their entry level stuff is bad. I recently tried a VMNT and I loved it.
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Crazy I know, but they actually performed their songs, and didn't try to ante up the show with pointless antics.

What?! You can not be serious?
I find these threads really pointless, no offence.

Go try the guitars out. Both are good. Every opinion here is well, an opinion. A personal preference.

I could say I like the Jackson (which I don't, the neck is to wide for my taste), but you might like it. Everyone's different.
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OT i would say there are other guitars of better quality for the price, i have tried both and wasnt impressed, the price is inflated on both because they have a named attached to them.
The PDX is part of the X series, not the JS series, and IMO is far superior to most in the X series line-up.

I just tried the PDX. I hated the neck, but overall it was a good playing guitar. IMO, it did not feel cheap at all. The only thing I would do is change out the pickups. The floyd rose on it is of very good quality as it's the same licensed floyd rose on the Jackson Pro Models.

The RX10D and other Rhoads models are not signature models. I don't understand why people consider them signature guitars, when they are not. They are a series of guitars named after Randy Rhoads. They are nothing like Razorbacks, VMNT'S, or other signature guitars, and thus are not overpriced due to the "name".

TS, they both are around the same price, and both have virtually the same specs besides the pickups. When I tried both, the PDX had a thicker neck then the Rhoads. Either way, you'll most likely find yourself changing out pickups in either guitar, as both guitars have terrible pickups.

And to be honest, the PDX isn't really overpriced IMO. It's in the same price range as the other X series guitars, all of which aren't signature models.
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E Flat.

Most new thrash bands are almost always E Flat.
1. Yes.
2. You would be able to play live regardless, but tuner and pickup upgrades are always good. However, playing live mostly depends on your amp, not your guitar. All you need is a reliable and good feeling guitar (to your hands) to play live.
3. Look at Seymour Duncan, and Dimarzio for passives. I would not go for actives unless you have a good amp.

I also know that Guitar Fetish pickups are often recommended here for people on tight budgets.

And finally, I'll ask a question. What's your amp?
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It needs a shit ton more mids, it sounds very scooped.
My mids are on six?

I'll try adding more.

Quote by dudey5691
What patch are you using? Amp? Cab? Pedal? compressor? EQ?

I have POD Farm, too. You should be getting better tones than this.
I'm using the latest patch, with the JCM 800 and Soldano SlO. For both amps, I'm using the 1996 British V-30 Cabinet, and I'm using compressor, EQ, and reverb effects.


Added more mids:

"Number Nine:"
"Tone Test Eight"

in profile. I added some more treble, as that's generally what makes the "muffled" sound, correct? Lack of highs?

EDIT: Hearing it, it still sounds muffled. Opinions?

I think I'm cutting an important frenquency. I'll post another clip tomorrow.
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Hmm even with your edit I'm still not feeling it. If I were you I'd read up on some demos, watch some youtube vids, see how other people are doing it and try to fix your problem from there.
Are you guys mastering your tracks at all?

Or are they just mixes? Sorry if that's a stupid question. Mine are only mixes.
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How can you stand it up there? Don't polar bears walk the streets and stuff?
You get used to it after a while. It's not terrible after a while.

And yeah man. Polar bears are everywhere. We also drink bagged milk, and we live in igloos.

Oh, and don't forget. Our means of transportation is sled dogs, and yes, we have to hunt/fish for our food.
Wide range of tones?

Used Line 6 Flextone, or used Line 6 Vetta.
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as for Squire strats, they suck
Ever heard of something that isn't a low end Squier?

Good job on the guitar, bad on the amp. It will be fine for practice though, and thank god you didn't get the bigger Spider amps.
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yea jamaica to portland is quite the climate shock. layers, a lot of layers...

You have not felt cold until you step foot into a Canadian winter. I'm so happy it's Spring.

Post this in the link above.

Your rhythm was great. But your lead was sloppy and off-time at times in the first and second solos. The first wasn't terrible, but the second really needs to be improved.

Overall, 3.5/5.
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but are deans low quality?
The low end ones are, like most companies.

The VMNT is an exception though. Many people like them. I'm not a huge fan, but that's because I don't like the neck. They are still great guitars though.