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That sounds a bit better. I think it needs a bit of EQ sculpting now.
Any suggestions as to where?

IDK if I am very just super critical, but I just think my mixes sound plain bad.

It sounds so weird, something I can't explain. Like the guitars and the bass interaction just isn't there.
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"Error 403"

In other words, I can't view that properly, let alone listen.

that should work hopefully

btw, I did have two bass tracks like you described.

I just think that the source is so bad that it really kills the's a $100 Squier so what can you do? It just doesn't sit right IMO.

I am getting a new bass soon so hopefully I can get better results. Right now I just don't think the low end is correct right now.

My playing is fairly sloppy too, but it's pretty rough right now and once I get a new bass I'll rerecord it anyway.
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Do you have a clean bass track and a grit bass track? If so, turn the grit bass track up a bit. I can tell you have bass, but it's very low in the mix, to my ears. Might be a personal thing, but I just find mixes using heavy guitars to sound better when the bass and guitar are roughly at the same volume.

Probably too loud but oh well.

Please criticize. I think the bass is the weakest part of the mix. I really need a new bass.
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You're on the right track. I'll guess you're using GClip for saturation, in which case the ceiling is too low. I've got no idea how GClip works, but saturation effects should barely be noticeable. Try disabling it and seeing if that makes it a lot louder.
Isn't GClip a limiter?

When I use it it definitely is making the mix louder.

What would you recommend I should be peaking at?
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It isn't normalized. The peak volume is like -12dB. Either you're setting the limiter too low, or somewhere in the mastering chain, there's a volume slider that's way lower than it should be.
Which effects are you using for mastering, by the way?
First of all, thanks for the quick reply. You have been of great help and I can't thank you enough man.

For that clip I used a compressor, EQ, and GClip I believe.

On the compressor, 1.3:1 ratio, slow attack and slow release.
On the EQ, 30 hz high pass, slight increase at 13000 hz, slight cut at 400 Hz.
Gclip, 3.5 db, 2X oversampled, 100% clip, 17% softness.

For the other clips, I got really lazy and just used EZmix (lol).
I'm feeling conflicted here.

Cavalcade told me that my master volume is too loud.

But then, when I listen to this:

in my car, I have to turn the volume way higher than my older mix to get it as loud?

Is the mix above to quiet/loud, and what can I do to fix this? Is the mix just poor and therefore it's not loud?

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You don't really need monitors, just check it against other tracks with mixes you like. I'm not even using my monitors to check this, just a set of headphones that I'm used to.
Still, this does sound a lot better. I'd still say dial down the master a bit, but compare this draft to the first one you posted.

I dialed the master down a bit, but IDK if it got quieter because I made some changes.

One, I added saturation to the bass. Two, I combined impulses on the guitars, and fixed some things with the inputs not being maxed on the sims.

I also slightly lowered the overhead.

Tell me what you think.

EDIT: Fixed the link.

Thanks again man. Is it normal for mixes to sound better when they are louder? Not louder in terms of like master volume, but when the volume is actually like turned up on the system or something.

*edited for stupidity. Just listened to my other mix I was I thinking LOL.
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Sounds better now, but the guitars are too loud, and still kind of fizzy, and there's just not enough going on in the low end. I'd suggest turning up the bass.
More importantly, reference your mixes against songs you think have good production, and try to check the levels of each instrument/frequency against those in that song.

Tried to take everything you said into account.

I honestly don't even know if it sounds better. It turns out I was simulating two guitar power amps (LOL) accidentally.

I tried to dial out the fizz my sweeping with an EQ to find the frequency. IDK hard to tell as I don't have studio monitors.
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You and all the rest of us, brah.

This isn't mix-specific, but the chuggy parts could use some editing to tighten the cutoffs. That tight gating sound you hear in "professional" recordings doesn't come from the noise gate alone.
The guitar tone is on the scooped side, but we can work with that, since it doesn't look like there's too much fizz (except the clipping distortion). You might want to consider using a multiband compressor to fatten up the mids, and raise the low cut to give the bass rome room.
You can get away with turning down the hats a lot, since they show up in the room and overhead channels too. I'd recommend it since it's really jarring when they come in.
Finally, the master is just too loud. The kick and snare drown everything else out when they hit. It's past the point where a casual listener won't notice.
Other than that, this definitely isn't a bad mix at all, but it has some of the problems that a lot of bedroom mixes do (even a lot of professionally-released djent bands).

Thanks for your advice.

I took in all of your advice. Please tell me what you think.
...I guess I have to use this account to post here, lol. It's been a long time since I've posted and man this username sucks.

Well, here it is. This is my first real mix I've ever made. I don't have studio monitors so I attempted to reference the mix from a bunch of different sources.

I know my right guitar is clipping. Oh well. I also didn't really program the drums really well in terms of the velocities because I forgot.

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Rick Rubin produced it, he did not mix it or master it. it did not at all sound like a production error to me.
According to Wikipedia, it was Rick Rubin's fault.

Ted Jansen, the person who mastered Death Magnetic, claims that the album was already brick-walled by the time it got to him.
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I also tried it on my cousins laptop with windows vista so is this the same for vista?

Thanks again, I'll check those out.
I have heard problems with E-MU and Vistax64. I can not say for sure, however.

I also discovered another interface, called the Kontrol 1 that you may be interested in. It looks pretty good, actually, and is USB 2.0.
Just look up any album mixed by Joey Sturgis.

Practically every album he has mixed involves the Pod.

Or look up Into Eternity. All Pod.
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Thanks. How sure are you that they will work with my laptop though?
Well the reason your E-MU 0404 didn't work with your laptop is because E-MU's drivers for Windows 7 right now are only in beta and are not complete.

Tascam, however, has drivers supporting Windows 7 for both the US-144 and US-122, that are not in beta.;9,15,3816,19.html

Same goes for Lexicon and their Ionix series:

And M-Audio:
It is not a crap amp, but the quality of the Vypyr for recording is not that great, especially when you use it's USB port.

Lock was right. You are going to get much better results from just using VST amp sims. The Vypyr is a decent practice amp, nothing more IMO. Personally, I would never record with one, and I would debate gigging with one either (unless the Vypyr Tube, I heard decent things about that one)/
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Will firewire work properly on a laptop as well? Pretty sure most laptops come with a firewire port nowadays, would be cool to do some recording when I move away to university as well. That's why the usb ones sounded appealing.

The Presonus Firestudio is the cheapest out of the few you listed, might look into that one.
Yes, they can, as long as they have an ExpressCard slot (most modern laptops always come with one nowadays). Though to be honest, I am finding it rare to find firewire on laptops besides Mac's.

The slot is almost always on the left side of the laptop. Example:

You then need an ExpressCard for firewire, such as this one: (mind you this one is more expensive, there are cheaper ones out there, but will be of worse quality)

I personally recommend SIGG. TI chipsets on all of their cards, and high quality. They are expensive, but well worth it.

1. Steven Slate Drums
2. Addictive Drums
3. Superior Drummer
4. BFD


I have little clue on to what a good violin VSTi is. However, here are some, both commercial and free to get you started:

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Presonus Studio One Just came out, and if you can get the pro version, Its well worth it, it may seem confusing to use at 1st, but it is BY FAR the best program on the market in my opinion,
Studio One does look really promising, and looks really good. However, some people are complaining about the lack of features commonly found in DAW's such as Cubase, and as such people are avoiding the program until Studio One version 2 comes out.

I can't really blame them. Most DAW's that enter the market are not too good as they are usually lacking in features.

Some people however are saying that Studio One, along with Reaper are the future of DAW programs, simply due to the support that Presonus and Cockos give for their programs. Who knows, I guess.
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Dude it's an internet forum,I'm not personally offended.But half the reason people go on here is to debate.Funny how i find prog to be a mash up of ideas most of the time,while death metal structures seem cohesive but complex(the perfect mix).Don't worry i don't have an personal issue with you, i just disagree and thats why i argued my points.
Know some death metal bands to listen too?

I think I am going to try to get into it a little more. Perhaps it needs to grow on me.
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Oh i liked TGE back when it came out, it's by no means a bad album, but it is'nt as creative or inventive as old school death metal.Theirs allot more to it then palm muted chugging,ALLOT more since many bands barely even utilize that.And their is structure in death metal,riffs will repeat in different ways or with different harmonies and ideas backing them up or just being placed at a later point in the song to peice it together.But rather then being in a predictable matter, it keeps you on your toes with subtle technicality and out of the box but powerful ideas that are the heart of it.Also many death metal bands use more mid ranged vocals.I dunno man it does'nt really sound like you understand the genre you're criticizing to me.

Atmosphere aint bad

Chick Corea-No He Sings,No He Sobs
I do listen to some death metal. I know riffs will repeat, but I still fail to see a solid structure. It sounds like a mash to me.

To be honest, you are right. I am not a die-hard death metal fan, never was, never will be. I am only saying what I am hearing.

Take into account this is what I am hearing, again different strokes for different folks.

And how am I criticizing you? I am not trying to offend you or anything. In the end, we like metal and are supporting it.
Quote by Riffmast
That song is more creative then the entire genre of Melodeath..........

Not that it's ground breaking, but compared to generic heavy metal melodies,endless pedal tone riffs that all sound the same as the last, and pop song structuring.I find bands who use less melodic ideas,more riffs with influence stretching back into doom metal and 80's hardcore not to mention architectural song structuring to be far more interesting then your run of the mill mtv metal band(Arch Enemy,newer Nevermore ect)

I'm checking it out, it just sounds like guitar noodling so far.I'll see if this has anything that every 80's shred guitarist hasn't already done(without a seven string guitar though i suppose)
Don't be fooled by that one song by Nevermore. I mean they are getting a little more mainstream, but I would not call them a MTV metal band IMO. Check out some stuff off This Godless Endeavor. I also have yet to see Arch Enemy on an MTV channel, but then again I barely watch TV except for sports.

I totally few it opposite as you. When I heard songs such as that, I think of just a bunch of palm-muted chugging, with low tuned guitars, and the annoying low growl. I rather have a song with structure to be honest then a structure such as Riff #1, Riff #2, Riff #3. Don't get me wrong- I love bands such as Death and Cynic, but man it is just kind getting overdone IMO.

Oh well. Different strokes for different folks.

Lazarus A.D.= Absolute Power
Lot of Melodeath haters, hey?

Ah well. Different tastes I guess. It does prove that metal has very wide subgenres.

I do love At The Gates. Too bad they dis-banded.

Listen to the song. Too repetitive for my tastes, not very creative again, and the vocal style I find is just so played out now that I can not stand them. Has a cool raw mix though, nothing processed like nowadays. Solo was fast and technical, but lacked touch.

Jeff Loomis- Miles Of Machines

I mostly listen to instrumental music now as I am kind of getting sick of these death growls and such. I myself write a lot of neoclassical/instrumental prog metal nowadays.
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amazing of course

Atmosphere - Shrapnel
By Youtubing your song, it's not metal. Perhaps I got the wrong song, but it's rap, and I can comment on rap as I know nothing about it.

The Absence- Dead and Gone

Arch Enemy? Awful!?

Clearly our tastes are different :P.

I deleted it, as I came in late.
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Never heard

Exhumed-Death Walks Behind You
To be honest, it sounds generic and is no different then any other band that has/had the same genre IMO.

That is personally why I hate a lot death metal, and most of the core genres. They sound so generic and to be honest boring.

1. Nevermore- Emptiness Unobstructed
2. Nevermore- Moonrise

All from their new album!
I'll be honest with you, I didn't really like it.

It sounded boring. The rhythm needs more, same goes for the lead.

Don't mean to offend you, just giving my opinion.
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Alright, I can get a "Little sucker" Attenuator off ebay. Would that work?
Or am I better off trying to find a smaller amp for recording, like the Tiny Terror?
Don't be tricked by so called "attenuators" on Ebay.
Why the hell do you need a mixer?

It is so unnecessary. Just get an audio interface, and plug mics into that. The mixer is just adding useless stuff to your signal chain.

First of all, if you are recording drums, get a firewire interface, not USB. USB simply can not handle multiple tracks at one time, where as firewire can. This is of course, if you plan to mic your drumset with 5 mics or more.

Look into these:

These are all eight channel interfaces that have ADAT lightpipe extension for more channels.
I have only heard driver issues with EMU.

If you have Windows 7, I would wait on E-MU to get stable drivers out first. There Windows 7 driver is only in beta.

I have also heard of people having trouble with the Vista x64 drivers.
I also agree on turning down the gain.
You should be fine with USB then. Realistically, USB can handle 4 tracks at one time without latency. You should be fine. But it is just that the better interfaces are firewire.

Still, there are some decent USB interfaces that can still get great quality recordings when the right audio engineer is using them (and they are much cheaper!). Look at the Tascam US-122 or the E-MU Tracker Pre interface.


Firewire is faster then USB, and when recording multiple tracks, USB has latency problems, where as firewire doesn't. Due to this, most of the better interfaces you see are firewire (better preamps, better converters, etc).

No offense man, but to get a firewire interface at below $200 is hard. This is the cheapest firewire interface I could find, that fits your criteria and IMO is pretty good:

There is also the M-Audio Firewire Solo interface, but it only has one XLR input.

If you can stretch to $300, the Presonus Firestudio Mobile and the Focusrite Saffire 24 are both good interfaces as well.

I think you may have to go used.
I can't really answer that, as that's kind of hard.

I guess nothing below $100.

What a good answer? Give me a budget, and the method of connection. (USB or Firewire). Again, firewire is much better then USB.
These three firewire interfaces are ace for recording drums, bass, guitar, and vocals:

M-Audio Profire 2626
Focusrite Saffire Pro 40
Presonus Firestudio

All are good, and all have ADAT lightpipe extensions so you can add more mic preamps if you need more channels for drums.
Most of the fizz lies at 9-11k, maybe even 12k. IMO.

Try -1 to -3 DB at 9-12k and see what happens. Not too much, or you loose presence.
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It's a really amazing tone.
It is, I agree.


Quote by CatharisStudios
What you want to do is first get your first Shure SM57 sounding god damn HUGE. Then take another SM57 and put it in that shape, at a 45 degree angle. Now go and crank your amp really loud, but do not play. Let the HISS sound, go in your DAW, and invert your phase. Now go to the cab and move the 2nd mic around until you get barely any hiss. Once you reach minimum hiss, turn your amp down to your level of recording, and turn off the invert phase button. It should sound massive.

Hopefully this helps. I edited it to make it a little more legible (no offence Ryan :P)
I am 85-90% positive that it's the micing technique. Many on the internet also wondered about the Clayman sound.

It's called the Fredman technique, named after an audio engineer named Fredrik Nordström. Google it, as I have absolutely no clue on how to do it.

All I know is that it involves two SM57's, one pointed straight on, and another pointed at a 45 degree angle.

Sort of like this:

I can say that you have improved a lot from that thread you posted.

Your Pure Sincerity cover sounds a lot better now! Though it still sounds loose IMO (again, tubescreamer, new speakers, new tubes).

Though I agree you still not there yet. I'd go into a studio.
What is your budget?

Generally USB 2.0 interfaces are desired.

Tascam and Lexicon make decent USB 2.0 interfaces. Check out Tascam's US series and Lexicon's Ionix Series.

I also know M-Audio has three models that are USB 2.0, two that you should look at. The M-Audio Fast Track MKII, and the M-Audio Fast Track Ultra are the ones you should look at. Don't bother with the Ultra 8R, it is overkill for USB.