Been a member on a site for more than 6 years, rules must not apply to him.
Congrats on not following the rules and posting an eBay link not once, twice, but three times. You sir, are ******ed.
Sold on ebay, still have the file though.
Honestly not sure what the eff happened there.

I want $135, shipped. It's on the eBay though so it won't be around long.
I love this bad boy, but I'm both tight on cash and this hasn't been seeing any love.

Unit looks brand new and includes the case. A print-out manual and a few cords thrown in. You can find samples of the unit in action on YouTube and if you look around on the net you will see this that this one is quite fondly thought of. The distortion on this unit is great and I used it to replicate Atheist's tone perfectly.

Looking for $185 shipped, US only.
Also have diamond fret crowner (2 sides - 110/220 grit) for medium sized frets. Fender, etc. $18 shipped, used on a handful of frets.
May be willing to part out. I know the DK2M necks are sought after, since I wanted one forever.

Pictures and details found above. If that ad is up, I still have the instrument.

As said in the ad, I'm interested in cash (paypal here) as well as swaps for a synthesizer or keyboard. May be interested in trading for a lesser instrument + cash.

I will only deal with the states.
If you're unable to read the rules on a message board correctly, one has to wonder if you can even ship the instrument properly.
Yeah, I bet 3 years later he's still waiting for someone to bite on this ad.
"In 1985 & 1986, Kramers were the best selling guitars in the World, more sold than Fenders or Gibsons."

I'm sort of skeptical about that. Anyone have another source of that? All I could find was the wikipedia page where it says "When the sales figures came in, Kramer was the best-selling guitar brand of 1985." And I could not find a reference to it in the sources cited, though I did look fairly quickly. I didn't check the Kramer guitar forum that is cited either.
The DK2M neck is a bit fatter than the previous necks which is disappointing. Sure I'll get used to it though.
I had mine paired with a Peavey 5150 slant cab. Really wish I never downsized, but as we agree, it has some serious weight. That setup was such a hassle.

I think Bush is must sign. While I think Miller could successfully take his spot in the backfield, I think Bush is more of a threat at this point and seems to be coming into his own as a leader. The team also struggles to get butts in the seats and guys like Bush are the ones that remedy that. HBs in their late 20s aren't in high demand so I don't think it'll be too difficult to retain him though.
You may want to look for a tutorial on Floyd Rose trems. Chances are if you didn't notice you can adjust humbucker heights, you're doing a few things that make the string changing process take longer.

I do hope so. They're not far from contending, they just need to continue to build and not do the usual 1 step forward, 2 steps back routine.

And thank you! I see you have a Supreme 160. I loved mine. So damn heavy, but sounded so good.

Really thinking I'm going to have to get some black bevels done on this bad boy. Would look great with the binding on the neck.
Updated so why not bump?

Just got the neck and haven't set up the instrument yet. The floyd is not flush because a battery is propping it up. If my tuner wasn't conveniently dead I'd have the floyd up to tension.
Sweet modding bros
^ Bumps a 6 month old thread to say he doesn't care about the autograph lol
Thank you for sharing!
Yeah, because there aren't enough websites that do this.
Seller is from the US, based on a prior ad listed here.
Pretty hard to believe that no one on here is interested in even giving an offer for this instrument.

I'm also interested in iPods and external HDs.
Bump. Any cash offers?
Also referred to as a "black label" Fender. From what I've gathered, these are Mexican Standard bodies/necks with cheaper hardware and single ply pick-guards.

There are very few signs of wear on this instrument as it was hanging in its gigbag for most (all?) of its years. The PG screws are rusty as are the intonation springs. There is an extremely small dent in the back of the body (~.4 cm). The frets are perfect. Some pictures can be found here:

As far as trades go, I'm interested in a swapping for something more fitting for my style. I'd prefer an instrument with a Floyd Rose and by Jackson. I also need a black Jackson LO PRO tremelo and black tuners or even a Warrior/Kelly HSC. I don't mind projects or throwing in some money for the right deal.
I used to have a buddy bring a 12 pack with him and leave it in his car. Go out for a "smoke" and grab a new one. Good way to save money once you're old enough too.
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Absolutely, I'm glad that at least you recognize this.

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Unlikely, but I welcome the challenge.
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Just 'cause you don't like it? Well at least you're giving him extremely constructive critisism...

If he wants constructive criticism, he ought to post it in the correct forum. Meanwhile, this thread lies in the Pit and I will treat it as such.
Shit sucks.
Haha! I'm cheap either way, but I really ought to watch out for deals on phones like I do guitars.
I suppose that I am allowed to necrobump my own customization thread, right?

Ended up finishing the re-customization of this on New Year, thought I may as well update this. I like this look a lot better, but unfortunately I had the paint done by a friend of mine who works at an Auto Body shop and didn't do that myself.

I'll upload some better pictures tomorrow. This one does not accurately show the color or the amount of metallic flake.

X2N in the bridge, Ibanez INF3 neck (for now). Ibanez tuners, cheap eBay floyd/knobs/switch. Truss rod cover? MIA.
An individual who owns a local music shop told a friend of mine that he wouldn't be able to put DiMarzio pickups in his guitar because 1. they wouldn't fit 2. he'd need to adjust his truss rod.

This was on Facebook. The guy has said ridiculous stuff like this a few times - not sure if he's a master troll or just stoopie.
Also to note - all the hardware is now chrome. I just noticed that this had black knobs in the picture I provided above.
I wanted to finish this guitar up, but it seems that I'll be needing a 7 for a band. While not in perfect physical condition, this guitar is truly a joy to play.

This used to be blue, but was spray painted black with red "rips". The finish has a few imperfections and the clear coat is somewhat orange-peeled - I've been told that applying more clear and re-sanding & buffing will fix this. Some spots are worse than others. All of the horns are in great shape but the very longest (the one by your elbow while in playing position) which has a few small nicks that didn't go through the paint. The neck has a few dents on the maple and on the tip of the headstock - the previous owners were not too careful with it and seem to have covered up the largest chip with either black paint or marker. There is no truss-rod cover.

The pickups were taken from an Ibanez RG (INF 2 & 3) and the pots are from DiMarzio. Everything else is stock.

I'll be taking and uploading pictures in the next few days. The picture below is the only decent one that I have as of now. The color of the picture is off, with the red actually being less purple in real life. (Note: these pickups are currently not installed or included)

I'm mostly interested in Agile and Ibanez 7s at the moment. I may be able to throw money in for the right deal.
Everything is sold.
3 years later, you think this guitar is still for sale and he checks this thread?