Sounds good, solid song writing. You have a great voice, but it could be more dynamic for the style of the music. You might try rehearsing without a mic, and really project your voice. And the studio recording does sound a little sterile, i'm sure you all sound better in a Live setting that really helps bring out your emotion. I would also suggest that you try a Live recording, I think it would really bring out the exspressive nature of your talents.

All good stuff though...your on the right track to become great.
Take a listen, it has some really cool parts starting
between 5-6min into it.
Go ahead and scroll forward.
Not great sound quality, the condenser mic and tape recorder still do the job though.

Brief session a couple months ago with a harmonica player...Check it out if you like.

I realize I can buy a new generic name pedal for $100
just about anywhere. But this is for a drum-kit we are
building for the jam room.
Against my better judgement; I have decided to provide
a kit for prospective new members, knowing full well
what i'm setting myself up for.
But who knows maybe there are some great drummers
out there that simply don't have a kit anymore...If the choice
is: Drums or Food for the family, I can't hardly blame them
for that.

Any working pedal; or if it needs repair, it wouldn't be the
first thing that i've had to fabricate.

Thanks for looking out
Looking for the Snarling Dogs "Bawl Buster" Bass Wah.
This is the Bass version of the Whine-o-wah.

If anyone has this little gem and would like to part with it.
My bassist would be very interested. Would even consider
a model no longer working. Parts-Is-Parts.

Thanks for looking out
Newer tracks uploaded here!
Check em out on the "EF" profile here on "UG"

Each member can play other instuments, so we
would consider a bassist or a drummer as well.
Looking for working and non-working tube amps.
Will consider other electronics.[computers]
Mainly interested in parts or broken down gear to revive.
Consider all parts for scrap!
Or maybe your gear only needs a tiny little part you can't find...I may have one.

Drummer/vox and Bassist seeks Lead...Rhythm...or Both.
Multi-instrumentalists welcome...vocals always a plus.

Not critical: But we were thinking age 25-45

Don't take the tracks too serious, but we would like to
become a real band...with alot of fun shows!!

Dates Available: Jan. 12-14-15 @ 6-8pm
Greater Kalamazoo Area Auditions
Anyone near S.W. Mich. on this site???
Any instrument considered, Multi-Instrumentalists encouraged.
Check out the jamm session, we would like to turn this into a real project.
FUN...FUN...FUN...But with a serious goal to play LIVE as frequently as possible.

Reply here...e-mail...or myspace

Name: D.T.
Preferred Music Style:Rock/Punk/Hard Rock/Prog/Some Metal
Looking for a Band:Looking for Guitarists...Drummers...Multi-Instrumentalists
Previous Experience:18+yrs on several instruments
Additional Information: