I mean for jealousy breeds killing sprees and you'll never leave vegas alive... If it didn't show up before.
These tabs are now being approved so look at them and approve them please (:
I'm posting it for people who like Greeley estates man the world doesn't revolve around you.
These Tabs By Yours Truly Are Now Being Approved On Ultimate-guitar As Of Now!!! So Get On That Shit And Approve These Tabs So They Can Get On The Site Asap!!! Thanks!!!!!!
These Tabs By Yours Truly Are Now Being Approved On Ultimate-guitar As Of Now!!! So Get On That Shit And Approve These Tabs So They Can Get On The Site Asap!!! Thanks!!!
They're My Tabs Which Are Now Being Approved So Fans Of Greeley Approve Them So We Can Get Them On The Site!! Thanks!!!
please =]
thanks =] that'll help a lot!!
you're probably right. ehh. alright i won't like it but i'll try it tonight after school =]
i've tried practicing with my middle finger starting, but i can never get it. for some reason, it hurts my hand. i'm already used to doing it with the index on the 14th, middle on the 15th, then a jump to the 13th fret with my index, then the pinky on the 17th.

so... yeah.

and yeah i could practice what Paranoid777 said, thank you =]
Okay so I posted a thread like this a few days ago asking for tips, and they helped amazingly.

I can now synchronize my left and right hand at the same time, but i can't seem to make them clean. I'm still doing them slowly, but every time I try to GRADUALLY work up, it just falls apart. I normally practice this sweep:

|-------------------------------| <--- sorry if this looks disgusting I'm on a Mac.

and on the third string (the G string), every time I let go of it with my index finger to reach for the 13th fret on the E string, I accidentally pluck it, so it sounds really messy, and i don't know what I can do with my finger or hand for it to sound clean and for me to NOT pluck that string.

HELP!!! =]

Oh I also have A LITTLE trouble coming back down clean too. I can do a good palm mute sweep, but when I don't palm mute, it sounds disgusting.
wow guys drop Bb isn't all i listen to. jesus christ. i have plenty of standard, Drop D and Drop C# and C songs. god is everybody a judgmental ****face these days?
i liked the polluted skies line =[
baby joel, my problem, is if i'm trying to do a 3-string sweep, i can only get the first two strings, then when i release my finger off the G string, it makes a noise because i accidentally strummed it and i can't NOT do that.

and, hammering on/pulling off is a problem because there are songs that have that same exact sweep i posted and i can get my right hand to just WAIT for my finger to hammer on/pull off, then go back down.

those are my main problems.
oh, also, another problem is hammering on or pulling off on the last note.

for example.


i can't make that smoothly after the inital sweep.
i can pretty much do EVERYTHING on guitar EXCEPT sweeping.

thanks for the tips =]
tips please!!! besides practice. I HAVE BEEN. for months!!! i can't get it down, i just can't!!!!! please help me!!
okay well what's the EASIEST thing to do? i don't wanna change guitars. i don't wanna get new pickups.

will ONLY thicker strings do the trick? i prolly won't do drop G just drop Bb.
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You either need a baritone or a 7-string guitar. Or maybe you should stop playing that nu-metal cr@p...

lol well it's mainly breaking benjamin and bring me the horizon songs.
The strings always get out of tune really fast. I have an Epiphone SG-400 so... idk what is it? The strings? How do I get the strings to not be so loose? I have some Drop G songs I wanna play too and that's incredibly low, so how do you get the strings to sound as full as they do in Drop D or C?