And the Pepsi man claims first post in NZ thread for 2014!!

Annnnd you probably won't see me again for months...
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Does anyone know how much it costs to courier a guitar from Wellington to Auckland?

There's a story!

Well, I flew with one to Auckland for the price of an airline ticket and some bubblewrap.

I don't think it's very cheap though. I'd like to hope it could be in the $50 price range, but again, as we opted to just send a person who was already going with it, the price of a courier never came up.

The point is, your best bet is to ask the postal service how much it would cost.
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Yo guys, quick question: Is it worth taking my shitty fender squier in to get serviced for the 1st time in 7 years, or should I just abandon it and buy a new guitar instead?

The fenders pickups are getting rusty, bridge has some wear etc, and the guitar cost like, 150 bucks. I don't really want to bother paying more than the guitars worth to fix it up.

Also, I'm in wellington, if anyone knows a good place other than the rockshop to get it serviced?

You could always take it in, and get them to give you a quote on how much they'd charge to get it serviced.

The only places I know of are the Rockshop, maybe Music works, and Kenny Duncan guitars on manners. Kenny is a luthier though, so he'll probably have some fairly un cheap charge.
Shame because you're all dicks



Sorry, just wanted to channel Billy T's laugh.

It's not about the money in NZ, and I wish all the people who voted National realised that.

More importantly though, Jay can hate France all he likes, I'm just gonna go ahead and think everywhere's swell in its own way.


Especially Canada though, that place sounds incredible.

What are we talking about?
I'll be the judge of this threads Eschaton.
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Well I feel a little bit awkward.

It's okay dood at least you didn't sudden;y become a penguin, dood.
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Hey MH, sometime in 2015, I'll be doing a bit of travelling. If I fly up to Auckland, would you be keen to meet me?

He's a Christchurchian who's planning to go to Canada...

He's just going to Auckland for the music (and the bitches )

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Dying thread is dying.

Although we do have our own special thread. No other countries do.

Looks like it's taking you with it, Novitar, navitar, nannyvader, no avitar man, man

Shut up, you have no little picture for me, so jokes on you!

That edit again: Wait a tick, I've fallen into the most fantastic shadow trap.

Good work bro
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But tuberculosis isn't a mental illness.

And me not knowing that is where the true joke lies!



Really, it boils down to me not trying, at all...

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I don't get it.

TB is my initials, but then, you wouldn't know that, because you are the internet... Hence the "errr"
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Any other mentally ill New Zealanders on UG?

I've got TB

(Heh, it's funny, cos my name... errr...)
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I had no idea they were playing. omfg

P.S Anyone going to Parkway and IKTPQ in Auckland?

Hey you knew, I made sure you knew
Sounds like you need. . . The Help.
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Does anyone know the benefits of joining a student association

srsly wtfisit

At vic you get all kinds of cool feels inside. Plus free bread, and clubs if you're into that, and a free diary.

I unno
^I hope the link to it worked for you then.

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There have been alot [sic] of releases in the past year, anyone wanna remake this thread?

I'd love it if someone remade the thread with the latest releases. I've barely been on UG in a long time, except to browse the film thread, so if someone wanted to recompile an updated list that would be incredible.
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Last Chance To Evacuate Planet Earth Before It Is Recycled (Porcupine Tree)

im practically already downloading it

Suddenly I'm terrified of what your reaction will be after hearing it

Still, downloading it now, awww yeahhhhh
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Yes my friend, it is I. You are right to assume that, but it was a self exile. Alas I have returned. I hope the squally oceans of the south are treating you well.

A self exile! You mean we threw Ward overboard for no reason!

Oh she's gonna be mad about that.
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Finally back in the old forums again. It has been a while my friends.

Artema? Is that you old friend. My I haven't your voice since we set sail against the high winds all those years ago. Come closer my friend, so I may gaze upon the face of a friend I thought long lost to the walloping waves of the northern seas.
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Has anyone seen Vertigo? I really don't think it is good at all, very over-rated film.

I found the main character to be an unrelenting bastard, though after seeing It's a Wonderful Life I can't tell if it's a Vertigo issue or what seems to be a hate for James Stewart.

I didn't think it was very enjoyable when I watched it, but I think I'll have to give it another go some time considering it is seen as Hitchcocks masterpiece.
When the first thing you say to me is exactly what I wanted to say to you.
I couldn't tell if you were being facetious, or if we were on the same wavelength.
"I haven't seen you in ages" yet we've been together for the past twelve weeks.
It could have been a joke, but to me and maybe to you, it does feel like we have been so distant in such a close space.
I wanted to tell you I've missed you. Funny that, missing someone who is right in front of you.
Sometimes I wish all that time ago I hadn't said anything. You're response, even though that seemed more like a joke than todays comment, stayed with me. I avoided you, because it did seem like you hated me.
I've missed you, please be a part of my life again.
Finally! I have time to watch films again.
Saw Man With a Movie Camera, Offside and Kandahar the past two days.

The version of Man with a movie camera I have has an excellent soundtrack, made that film such a joy to watch.

Watching Iranian films about women is really tough, in a good "look at this sort of thing that is happening in the world" way.
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Holy jesus it has been yonks since I visited these forums. I'm already glad I returned.

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Scrubs style.

What do you mean Scrubs style? Scrubs ended perfectly and didn't have the possibility of another season messing it up hanging over it
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i wouldn't mind if they introduced a new character properly, with heaps of meta references and hazing for the character. Kind of like the episode with Buddy only a little more permanent.

His name is Todd, and none taken
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Blade Runner sequel is in the works. Scott is on board and so is the original screenwriter.

I need help reacting to something. . .

I guess we'll have to see how Prometheus is to judge this, but, hmm
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Wow, that story could be turned into a movie of its own! It's got everything, even a fantastic twist ending.

Hell it's even had its first review
So I went out to get some bread today, and my local video store had a copy of Eraserhead sitting out for sale.

I feel good knowing that I went for bread and got Eraserhead.

I did get the bread, so I can't say "went for bread, got Eraserhead instead" but I'm still happy
This promotion thing isn't new, it's been around for age-

The tests are being carried out among the social network's users in New Zealand

Oh, right, of course, new for you folk.

Still, seems needless for me, because I'm not a company trying to promote a product. That's who it's for, not us (As the big words said earlier up)
So, after watching Mean Girls I have come to the conclusion that great as the film is for its main story, the most striking and powerful message comes in the form of Regina George's little sister. It's sitting there in the background saying "Hey, please, pay attention to your children, they are monkeys and without proper parenting will become apes. It's devolution baby."

But still, such a fun film, helped me think that high school things take place during the day, so lighting will be that of the sun coming through the windows mostly (huzzah, can claim it was actual research)

Also, I felt a bit annoyed that we don't actually find out what Regina George's past with Janis is
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Got Citizen Kane and Fight Club to watch over the weekend, both rented from Lovefilm. I agree I'm fueling the whaaambulance of the last few pages a little by mentioning these two very typical films, but it's just that I haven't seen either and I feel like I should

My flatmate is watching Fight Club in the lounge. I really want to join but missed the start and want to see the whole thing.

Plus I have an essay to write, and have to watch Mean Girls to 'study lighting in high schools' or more accurately 'watch Mean Girls again'
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I can't be the only one who didn't rate Citizen Kane?

I really liked it, but I think it's far better historically as something that made major sweeping changes. Reading up on what it did is amazing. The film itself is enjoyable, but not 'best film of all time' to me.

I think I actually decided to watch it just so I could see the context for the gif of Kane clapping

That edit again: This one

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^I'd so go to that.

Get unbanned, see my show, I like it
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Yes you buddy. When are you coming up to Hams to hang?

What's that? You're gonna come down to Wellington to see my show?

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That guy that guy that guy that guy that guy that guy that guy.

Who me? Couldn't be

Oh, you said it again, I guess it is me then.
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Yeah, I love Tarkovsky. Here you go

I'd recommend Solaris. That's my personal favourite.

Wowsers that's awesome

I really want to see the rest of Stalker, we've watched a few scenes in my scriptwriting course and it's fantastic. Same with Solaris, though I've seen even less of that.
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48 fps? I don't know anything about filming and stuff but that sounds slow. Guess he's going for a sort of old-film type of deal but with HD? Could be interesting..

The industry standard is 24FPS (I believe, yes?) So it's twice that, or greater than the standard (if different)

It's probably very crisp, which will make people think it looks odd because they are used to seeing films differently. I can't say if that will catch on and become a new standard or not, but interesting anyway
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A customer at work overheard me and my co-worker talking about Rambo: First Blood, and tried to tell us it was a bad movie. Never have I been more furious

Did they try to offer a logical explanation as to why it was a bad movie?

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I saw it in 2D and i'm quite glad I did.

Oh you lucky son of a

Quote by spitonastranger

I was really struck by the cinematography. In the final enormous battle scene there was a part where a camera was inside an empty car when it flipped over and there was footage from the perspective of the car. There was also some interesting flashes of handheld documentary style camera work that followed civilians around as they tried to get away. It was a strikingly realistic invasion sequence.

Was there? Damn that does sound cool, though I can't recall it.

The long take though, now that was absolutely glorious.
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Just saw The Avengers and i'm still deciding how I feel about it.

There's no denying it was a good movie; the action sequences were well done, the plot was cogent and relatively compelling, and an unusually long time was spent establishing the relationships between the characters which it was the better for. Not to mention a really refreshing sense of humour that had the theatre laughing out loud quite a few times.

I'm still not sure whether it was a great movie however. It may have been too shallow for that.

I found the characters ended up becoming more and more like one another as it went on, as if they were just a big hydra rather than a team of 6 or however many different personalities.

Though, the action sequences between super powered fighters were incredibly fun

I'm going to say this, I felt The Avengers was a comedy action film, it was more about its jokes than its action for the most part.

Still, it was fun, it wasn't amazing, but it did look good and was fun.

Also, I say it every time I see something in 3d, I never want to see a movie in 3d again (until it actually sits decently with my eyes, or is some sort of hologram thing)

Yet I will probably fall for the 3d thing again, mostly because it's just the standard one you go to nowadays... Or atleast it is when it's a premier or someone else gets the tickets.