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You're both using Engls? Of course they cut through each other, you aren't competing with a 2203.

I j/k. Some people can't dial in a 2203 to cut through a mix either. It's called user error.


The 60w fireball also hung with my old boogie mark IV in the mix as well.
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I haven't mixed a band or heard one play live using an ENGL that could cut through on stage.

Then they can't setup their amps. I've used 3 different engls live and they all cut just fine. 60W fireball has mids at 10, but it cuts fine. Savage and e530 both cut through with any mid setting.

Right now me and the other guitarist are now using engl's (mostly) and have no issues with guitars cutting.
I personally have no issues with high output pickups in amp sims.

I disagree with the preamp level thing partially. For example, if you have higher output PUPs, it is easier to get a huge sounding pinch harmonic. Cranking your pre-amp level doesn't really make it any better on lower output pups.

Volume knob dynamics are out the window with the lepou sims I run. (Mostly, atleast)

It's better on my axefx, but not a real amp still.

I've compared medium, high, and active pickups on both lepou and my axefx. I think you hear the output level much more on varying pickups VS the voicings.

My duncan 59s sound like a less gainy and slightly less beefy BKP aftermath through computer amp sims. EMG's sound gainer than my aftermath, but again the voicing still sounds very close.

Then you plug the aftermath's straight into a tube amp and compare it to the EMGs and its a huge difference on tightness and voicing.
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With that kind of budget you have many options but i think the Peavey JSX would be a good option for you since its a very versatile amp.

I also think the Carvin V3 is relatively versatile so that may be a good option as well.

O_O If he has 2500 to spend, i certainly would not go near a v3 or jsx. Nothing against those amps but 2500 gets you pretty much gets you into a territory where they can't compete.

What's more important to you, blues, classical, or "rock/metal/avenged sevenfold"?
thats what Metallica uses IIRC
If it checks out get it. Cleans may not be as good but the drive channel is amazing.
sorry i just needed it back
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the VM is a pain in the ass to get a good sound out of, personally I'd take the Classic 50 over it any day. (this is having only tried a VM once, but for about an hour). I didn't like it.
That said you may want to try one yourself, TS. you may really like it.

and hey, everyone would love to go under budget and be happy

Don't get me wrong, I love my classic 50.

I've never played a VM, but I really want to try one. I've heard great things.
I picked up my peavey classic 50 4x10 for $300. Great for vintage tones, but for your budget you can do better IMO. Marshall vintage modern(used)?
Man stop bumping this and rubbing it in that I didn't get one

HNCD for you guys.
Not sure. I bought my Savage brand new and the Master Vol 2 LED never worked. Everything was flawless. When I sold it, buyer still payed full asking price knowing.

I would say its most likely okay, but please correct me if I'm wrong.
Nice!!! I have really wanted to give the fireball2/powerball2 a more in depth try.. HNAD!
Holy crap... I want so bad.. dont need.. must resist the urge to buy
I honestly think the mg 6 string raw clip sounded awesome. Only listened to it through my truck radio and not monitors, but I can't make my old mg30 sound anything like that.
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Oh nice!! Last I checked the thickest they had was like .6 or something. .8 is as flimsy as I would go. I might order some..
Someone got me a pick punch for a present a while ago. It has a premade pick shape and you just stick a plastic piece in and it cuts them for you to shape. I have yet to find something thick enough though
IMO any flavor of orange amps would be a horrible choice for parkway drive.

6505 + tube screamer + emgs = parkway.
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Put a carpet down?

pretty much.. carpet and auralex go along way, especially depending on the size of the room and how its laid out. Also how loud you play is a pretty big factor.
I've dealt with peavey parts over the phone and it was a great experience.
It looks cool, but really the entire point is sound. If the VST's don't sound as good there is no point. I don't have super high end VST's on my computer, but from what I have used it can't even compare to my axe standard.

Which if you have to fork out money for better sounding VST's then the price just went up more. If they give you high quality VST stuff out of the box it looks alright, but I would rather pay for both the hardware and the software/modeling/effects/updates/etc in the purchase price.

But I agree, this looks like it is for more of an entire band/studio than 1 guitarist.
I've been rocking a G30 with no issues. No real tone loss
There's lots of tweaking. I agree with Matrix on plenty of points. I use my standard for cleans and low gain right now. I used the high gain amp modeling and really like the sound.. but sometimes you can just feel something missing. Maybe its in my head. I'm not sure I could tell you in a blind test.

Right now I'm using my engl pre for my high gain sounds and the axe for everything else. I find that with the high gain sounds I just tweak everything (no matter what amp model) until it sounds the same (the best I can get them to).

I've thought about selling it, but it really is a great piece of gear.

And if you're playing live, the behringer FCB1010 is a great midi board. If you get one, order the UNO mod for one. Easy to install and it makes a huge difference.
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Dude just spray it down with a pressure washer.

That's what I do.

On a serious note, a damp cloth is not going to hurt a guitar.. You know that they most likely wet sand guitar finishes before buffing/polishing as part of the finishing process. You know before staining wood it is not unheard of to wipe the bare wood down with a wet cloth to get the grain to stand up.

But if you wipe it with a damp cloth water is not even getting near the wood.. There's poly, paint, and a sealer on top of the wood.

The Dunlop kit is great though, I bought one a few years ago. I use it on multiple guitars and the only thing I'm running low on is the string conditioner or whatever.

If wiping it clean with a cloth doesn't work then get the Dunlop kit. And if your guitar rots out and crumbles to pieces because you exposed it to water then that's my bad. Don't forget to not ever take your guitars outside because they could get termites.
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Could you kindly show me where you can get engls for $250-$300. I will gladly buy a couple.

As tube said, Im talking about the e530. I got mine for $300 used online..

If your playing death metal its the best option IMO. Into an interface direct to your computer or through a cab. All the other low watt tube amps in the price range will give you the gain you want, but not the gain character you want. The oranges are awesome amps, but pretty much exact opposite of what you want for death metal. You want more tight/sterile/compressed.
Yeah but that's his gimmick.. Its annoying I agree. At least hes a solid player and gives you a transparent review of the pedal.
The engls go for $250-300 here in the US used, not sure how they are priced there. You don't need a rack at all for it, just set it on your cab or desk.

An OD might help, I had one of the older HT-5s and it was already quite dark(if your talking about tone-wise not band-wise). I didn't like an OD in front of mine very much.
Ohhh man... I bet that may drop the price of the regular flashback I just bought 3 months ago.

That looks pretty sweet. I don't know why everyone hates chappers, he can be annoying but that flashback review is solid. He's not talking the whole time or playing blistering solos the whole time either. His sound is good and he shows you all the settings he is using.
If its strictly for bedroom pickup an ENGL E530. You can use the built in power amp to play through a cab. It will out perform any of the low wattage amps for death metal. It also has 4 channels for clean/low gain stuff.
Meh on the blackstar ISF crap. Does not change the character of the amp at all.

+100 on the CAE PT-100.
Possibly look into some Rivera stuff as well.
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technically you can have a 6 or 8 inch speaker be as loud as a 12 or 15....but no matter what you do, a 12 or 15 will be heard better. thats what i mean. it also has a factor on the frequency as bigger speakers push more bass, and thus sound bigger and more balanced.

thats one reason 10 inchers are said to be very focused and punchy whereas 12s are well rounded, and 15s very fully and bassy.

scientifically its hard to describe "push more air". really, play through a 2x12 and a 4x12. there really is no companrison. not only bass but overall hugeness of sound. nothing compares to a 4x12 setup with good speakers, but often you have to compromise cause those mothers such to manage.

with multiple speakers you have 2x the surface area of sound coming out, so thats the slang - pushes more air. teh sound is dispersed better, which means dispelled around the room better. if the speakers are up higher than they are DEFINITELY better heard.

would you run a PA setup with 8 inch speakers on the floor? heck no!!!!! you run 12s or 15s and you jack those mothers up.

wattage? technically yes. not not always. for example i have a 2x12 with a 30 watt and a 60 watt. my overall rating is 60 watts because its 2x the lowest speaker.

you can easily buy single speakers close or over 100 watts. so is not always a rule.

try it. if you play with many speakers higher off the floor, you might find yourself turning the amp down a bit opposed to a 1x12 on the floor by your feet. you will be heard, and you will sound "bigger"

....its like, wearing earbud headphones and them putting on full covered ear studio phones.

I have no idea how to prove any of this, but it is also my experience.

I had a 4x12 cab for a very long time. I sold it and went to a 2x12 for "portability" and to save some money. It took about 3-4 months before I got another 4x12. It's just a huge difference. I felt so thin and brittle playing the 2x12. The tone was good, but not full.

4x12 + 2x12 was even better.. way overkill but Oh man..
what amp? a boost is a must for some setups.. others not so much
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that makes sense, because the 2 sets of speakers are wired in parallel so ohm's law says 1/[(1/8)+(1/8)]= 4ohms

Edit: ^^ yeah, I would think that it would have a single 8ohm jack as well?? If there a reason you want to run in stereo?

That's if the speakers are 8ohms. From reading his post it sounds like the jack is labeled 8ohm, in which case it would mean the 2 speakers together are already at 8ohm.
I could be wrong, somebody please correct me if I am, but I think your speakers are probably 16 OHM wired together for 8 OHM on each side of the cab.

Does the avatar not have a single 8OHM mono jack?
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I use the firestudio PROJECT, as far as I know, there is no FS Pro.
Never had driver issues, I believe those claims are related to the firewire cards people are using with them.


I bought my firestudio project used about 4 years ago. Had small issues with my onboard firewire. Bought a $10 firewire card and never had an issue since. I've recorded probably hundreds of hours of practice material on there. No real issues.
6505/5150 is possibly the noisiest amp i have ever played.

ISP regular, you most likely only need it in the loop and having it both will affect your sustain more. I wish I would have gotten the regular, I have the G string. If you end up needing it in front, get another so you can have 2 threshold controls.
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You'd be much better off getting the head while you can, then selling the MG/waiting 'till you have enough money for a cab. Aside from it simply sounding bad, I severely doubt you'll be able to match the impedance, which can damage the amp.

?? Impedance is pretty standard across amps.. 4, 8, 16 with some oddballs.. Theres a GOOD chance it matches.

Yeah, it won't sound amazing, but you're saying hes better off having NO amp than a JCM800 through a crappy cab? Seriously?

If the OHMs match up and your MG combo's speakers arn't wired directly to the amp its very easy. It won't sound great, but it will sound much better than the MG.

It seems much more logical to run the JCM800 through the MG's cab WHILE you save money for a new cab. When you have enough you can ditch the MG and be blown away by the difference.
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However; I think one thing that a lot of people have overlooked is the characteristic of the gain that the TS is looking for. Level of gain and the characteristic of the gain are 2 different things.

Man the V3 bandwagon made it so far before someone finally said something haha.

I LOVE Carvin. I LOVE all the features the V3 has for the price. I HATE the fizzy high gain sounds. The V3 has plenty of gain, but its nothing special. It's one hell of an amp for the price, but if you care mostly about heavy stuff over features its really not that great of an amp.

Stretch your budget a little more and you can reach a used Mesa Mark IV Combo. Or a head.

It may even have less gain than the V3, but if you play it you will know it doesnt matter. It is so tight.. And the clarity.. Progressive heaven.
The Class 5 is great, but it may be hard to get grit low volume. You can get some nice little combos for $500 used. Any of the Peavey classics 30/50 used. Tiny terror combo used. Even something like a marshall JTM 30/60.

And the difference between 5w and 30/50/60w really isnt much volume wise. They will all be LOUD.