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In theory, E# is a different note because it appears in different scales, the E# scales and chords are made up of different notes (but still enharmonic) to F. In practice, E# and F are different because they are played differently on an unfretted instrument, and they are slightly different pitches.

This doesn't have a chord of E# in it, but it does show the difference between enharmonic equivalents.

I see what you say but this is guitar and bass where you can sufficiently play both with no knowledge of basically anything. I say this after music theory was put into my brain, and also, this is about getting girls off quickly and comically, not about music theory lol no offense
this is by far the funniest and most interesting thread ive ever read, ever. i would comment on the subsidiaries of the overall subject, but i've already gone farther than i wanted to go with this reply