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Seems legit, but I have my doubts.
Hey, I was wondering if you could lend a hand here. I'm looking for new films to watch that are similar to works such as "The Prestige" and "Memento" and "Brick." You know, psychological and thought provoking thrillers that keep you wondering what's going on and leaving tons of questions at the end. Any recommendations would be awesome.
So, according to the Adult Swim website, Toonami is coming back every Saturday starting Memorial Day weekend. This gave me a solid nostalgia blast and figured I'd let the Pit know (in the event it wasn't already posted, and if it was, my searchbar skills are rusty).

Anyway, I'm ready to relive my late 90's/early 00's again. How does the Pit feel?
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And the award for my new favorite UGer goes to Pagan_Poetry.
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Alright guys, so good news I guess. I asked you guys a week ago after seeing my ex again, that I really wanted to get back with her. We had a great time going out that day blah blah blah and it ended really well. You all told me basically to just let it go and leave her alone at least until shes single again. I kinda did what you guys told me but not really.

Instead I just kept talking to her, being friendly and what not. Then this weekend I don't get any texts from her all of sudden. Then today she told me that she broke up with her current boyfriend. Is this a sign? Should I now attack my prey like a starving lion? Or should I wait for her to kinda get over the break up period first? I feel like if went for her now, itll be really clear that I'm just taking advantage of the situation or somthing. Help pleasee

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Make sure she broke up with him FOR don't want to be a rebound of hers...that's all I have for you as advice.

I agree with the nun, you can't just rush in like that. You have to wait till the smoke clears and give her time to get herself together. I'd say try to help, but don't be too much of a friend lest you get sucked into the friendzone. So, wait till you know she's yours and try to make it clear that you want her without saying so.
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Should I warm up my pizza or eat it cold?
South East Asia

Coheed and Cambria
I just wanna give my two cents, that the movie was neither reality nor a dream but a memory? I figure since Dom (Cobb? Tom? Whatever his name was) spun the totem at the end and it wobbled but never fell, it should be a cross between both scenarios, kinda like his "prison" with Mal. That way, what he sees is reality because it happened, but we are witnessing it as a dream. /theory
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Should I buy a Pepsi or a coke?
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A picture. An X-Ray. I'm not sure

Whats the last concert you attended?
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No, bit my prediction for the fight: PAIN.

Up for a movie?

WHats the first thing that comes to your mind when you read this question?

Fave Egyptian god?

Pandora or Last FM?
Near the boss in the iceman stage.

When will you leave the Pit?
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Because you are secretly Mega Man.

Why did I come back to the Pit?

Do you like club music?
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Learn the keyboard part of Fireflies by Owl City. That's what I'm doing, and its keeping me busy. That or Satch Boogie.

Why are there still bugs out mid-December?
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If you make it so.

Is it me or the times of the postings incorrect since daylight savings?
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That felt really good.
I wouldn't know...

Like peanut butter?
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How we cant keep up a conversation.

So... see any good movies lately?
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I doubt it.

Can we?
That is.

Can we please get organized here?
Holy crap!

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