I'm looking for singers who can spice up some of my tracks with different styles. Most of them are satire/humorous and i wanna stick with that route but have no problem doing more serious material if the track calls for it. I do various types of Rock music but i'm also interested in Funk and R&B. We would swap tracks online through email or fb. The Weirder the better.
I can't help but i wanted to say i like the one you posted, sure it's a bit raw sounding, but for me that's a positive quality.
Heres a couple of my songs i made videos for. Tongue in cheek rock. i haven't really been promoting this stuff i do it mostly for fun but if you like it share it around. I got like 5 albums on bandcamp if you search it up (not free but u can stream em), sound gets better as they go but i'd like to think theres something for everybody on each of them.

My singer cooked up a video for our Bryan Adams cover, suprised me with it, i thought it was pretty damn funny. Try to hang in there cause i think the part during the second chorus is the funniest.

we are a duo project, i perform the music and my singer has his way with it, if you like our humor you may like our other songs.
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Well, if it's a horror movie, you have to find what people are afraid of, and shove it in their faces. Americans are scared of our history of discrimination, or at least it makes us really uncomfortable. So, I can't believe I'm actually saying this, but you're on the right track?

Thanks, it's meant to be a fun movie but the real aim aside from us wanting to make some classic horror effects and cool imagery is to poke fun at what rediclious white people used to think and in some cases still do.

I'm sure some people won't understand where we are coming from but anyone who watches the movie when it's completed will get it. We are currently sculpting our golliwog monsters to make our first masks with some plaster/latex so we can do some test footage for a possible kickstarter.

The film will be made without anyone elses funding but the more money i have to get a chick to show her tits the better. Not that this has anything to do with the music we need but we are making a serious effort here.
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Bt ur moobies waisis

I won't know how racist this movie will be until i am done with it our thought going into it was Racist Caractatures (butchering this word) as appearing on old products and children's books with big red lips and bulging eyes obviously wouldn't look like black people in real life, they would look like monstrosities. So we get a bunch of black people to fight them off. I don't know how racist it actually is, The golliwogs will be the epitome of the racist stereotype, but they aren't black people, just this weird invention of the white man... I don't know i was ****ing drunk when i wrote this script i just need music for it.
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You made me look up his post history, and now I think I have a sig quote. You are a gentleman and a scholar.

Your sig quote made ME look up my post history to see wtf i was on about

For the record tho, i only ask this stuff here because once i got a lot of good tracks for a film i was working on here and enjoy working with other artists at this kind of level. I know it's a stretch but some people actually like, have bands, and are maybe into this kind of stuff.
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The only posts you have ever posted if ones asking us to find music for you.

Well considering you joined after my previous posts i never asked you for anything :P

But yes. Please don't respond if you don't have genuine interest in helping out.

edit: to be clear, i'm not asking for anyone to "find music for me" i'm looking for artists who have their own original recordings they can contribute to the film.
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Brian Eno-Music for Films

i need original music for getting the film in film festivals and possible distribution. not that i wouldn't love brian eno's contribution but i don't want to be sued.

I could do my own music and may do some tracks but, doesn't seem as fun as hearing others.
Was wondering if anyone here could contribute some music to a horror/comedy film i am making called the negronomicon (i'm serious). The movie is about killer Golliwogs (old racist caricatures) (look it up). We are looking for original recordings of decent quality of all genres but especially songs with horror themes like misfits or something as the bulk of the soundtrack. I am also looking for a metal or punk cover of this song if anyone can do that let me know

If you have something i can use let me know
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sounds like someones looking for music for media coursework. do you see me cheating like this....NO. so you shouldnt either :P

I don't know what you mean by media coursework. It's simple enough, if someones interest they can tell me, it's a fair deal, nobody makes money and if the movie sucks, then it sucks a good song won't help it so theres not much i can really gain from it.

I'm a musician but i don't have a band, i also like to make movies, and there are people who like to make music,who are in a band, so i'd like to include anything anyone can offer, cause i need some anyway.

Also i meant to imply by "original" i meant by the artist, something they can give me permission to use. Partailly to avoid legal crap so i won't have a problem uploading the movie anywhere, second cause i sincerely think it would be cool to use some indie bands in the movie.

And yea, i'm sure the abortion part isn't everyones cup of tea, but it's more then just that, its a love story. DOONT JUDGE ME
I'm gonna film some kind of amatuer movie in a week or so (probably dark but lighthearted comedy) about a guy who gives back alley abortions, and need some original music to put in it lol, 1. Because i may send it to festival, and probably will load it online 2. because it will add to the movie and i wanna showcase bands 3.puting my own music in it sounds tacky to me, i'd much rather hear other bands.

If anyone is in a band and can lend a track to the movie message me at with profile links/mp3s and ill get back to you asap. anyone will lends a track will be credited and updated on the progress etc. w/e. I am mostly looking for Punk/Ska or some other spawn of that. But send whatever you got.