Bought the program legitimately, technical support wont get back to me -.-
Already done that :/
Wasn't quite sure where to post this so I've put it here.

Whenever I try and open a tab i've downloaded on Guitar Pro 6 it says 'Error Loading [file name]' How do I fix this and how do I get it to open files?

Because every guitar teacher I've had is really cocky and arrogant and makes me feel like i'm rubbish at everything I do.
Hey guys.

In the same branch as my last thread, what is the best way to learn how to play blues?

Are there online lessons, books, video guides? Anything

The only thing I don't want is to have one to one lessons with someone because they always make me feel uncomfortable and feeble compared to them. :S

Well I love classic rock / hard rock / heavy metal so Hendrix, Clapton, Page, Iommi and I also quite like blues music and rock & roll.

I have read though that Hendrix, Clapton etc. were all big blues fans and that's where they started from.

So what would be the best way to learn blues style guitar?

I've been playing guitar on and off for about a year or two now and I feel like I've hit a wall with it. I don't know what to do to get better or what to practise.

I have only ever been a bedroom player and taught myself with some beginners books and tabs.

I can play a few songs (Simple Man, Lord of This World, Paranoid, Sunshine of Your Love & Johnny B. Goode (at a slower pace than standard Chuck Berry ^_^) ) and play the basic open and minor chords but that's about it but I really want to progress more.

What would be the best way for me to further improve my guitar playing abilities?

The Jimi Hendrix Experience but with me on guitar.
The ****'s this shit?
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haven't listened to that album in like 3 years, but from what i remember, it's beautiful. thanks for reminding me, imma download it again.

if you don't already know explosions in the sky, download all you can

Yeah really is a beautiful album

Already have two of Explosions albums, ive got a few of the big names in post-rock

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Quick question for all you post-rock fans.. I'm thinking of starting a post-rock blog, would any of you be interested in it?
What sort of thing would you like to see in it?
Are there any post-rock blogs around all ready?

Thanks very much (:

It would depend what you could get up on their, and i know this is a big name in post-rock blogs:
Last album i bought was Enjoy Eternal Bliss - Yndi Halda

I'm a beginner to post-rock but i have to say this is one of the best albums i have ever bought, what are your guys opinions?
Hey when you guys are saying Anthropocentric do you mean the actual song or the album?
Hey guys could you give me any information or more pictures of this hairstyle please?

Hey Pit im thinking of getting my hair cut and the style im interested in looks like this

But thats the only picture i can find, but i need pictures of the front back top etc.

Please help me find more pictures of this hairstyle.
I dont know about an aurobiography, but there's plenty of autobiographies to take inspiration from
To marry a Jew
You Me At Six
Deftones supporting
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Every genre and role requires something completely different. Sure there are people such as Keanu Reeves, Pauly Shore, and Micheal Cera that play the same role every film. But then again those aren't very good actors.

Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure?
East Hastings - Godspeed You! Black Emperor

GY!BE just have this aura about them that you cant beat
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Who said I was putting down scripts? Scripts are most important, but some great acting can save a bad movie, Jackie Earle Haley in that Elm Street thing just recently is proof.

The way i read it seemed to me like your friend was saying Bill Murray just reads a script, even though from what ive heard Bill Murray does a lot of his own lines, so thats where the script writing came from
It takes talent to act well but it also takes talent to write a good script, be it comedy or drama
Don't touch her shes radioactive!
You called me peeps

Im out
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Did something happen that made you scared?

No but ive always had this fear in the back of my mind, its just now its completely taken over me
Its not a new school im going to i've been there since 2005 but last year i developed the fear now im so scared of it im dreading going back
It's just the idea of being outside my comfort zone and feeling like im going to be publically humiliated
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. What makes you afraid?

Just the thought of it in general
Hey Hugging Thread, been a while.

I've been off school the last year because i developed this irrational fear of the school itself and i am meant to be going back early September, now it's all i can think about and im getting scared again.

So i thought remember the Hugging Thread they might have some advice so hear i am

Get a political figure, that's original
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You fool, that's a Canadian dish!

Stir Fried Saurkraut is the truest of all the Italian dishes.

What about teriyaki ravioli?

That stuffs second to sex with an Italian
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Once, I had this dream where I was in love with a mermaid. When I woke up, I could still feel this "love" inside of me. It was weird :/

That love was the mermaids child growing inside of you

The Architect - eaststrikewest
Italian food is the best, oh how i love a stir fry
Ive been drunk twice, first time i woke up with this little blonde girls corpse, i think she said her name was Madeleine. The second time i watched Paranormal Activity and ended up killing my boyfriend.
Is what Miner Dig Deep on Indie Games is based on?
First time i had a Rubiks cube i pealed off the stickers and made it look like i solved it.

I was hailed as a genius in the playground