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Well, then I'm clearly saying either one of them wrong.

Yeah it's pretty common among us Portuguese to mix those up, and Romance language speakers in general have a tendency to do so, because vowel length doesn't exist in our languages. The "oo" in fool is closer to our U sound than the "u" in full, but it's really hard to explain how.
That one leg on the side of the plate though
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ass dinner

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Also the loss of life in various countries is incredible, especially the per-capita figures


Interesting that Portugal had more deaths per capita than Belgium and a similar number of them but they were right in the middle of it and we had a really minor role.
H4T3BR33D3R Nah the account is still there. I haven't been posting that regularly since before tagging was a thing though, so maybe it's just me being dumb and a n00b.
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Oh, that's not me, btw, it was Skinny91 but I can't tag him for some reason.
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sickman411 where you at boy.

cause i banged ur mum last night and i thought u should know hahhahaahha


  also specifically do you have the covers that are meant to be in a different style of the original cause someone did a sick deftones edm cover and it was amazing
EDIT:  This isn't me btw, it's Skinny91 but I can't tag him for some reason.

But yeah, I don't think OP means the songwriting game because that was like 2013-2016 (and very briefly 2018).
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was it that sgtpeppers dumbass? side note imagine him and michaelesch in the same room just trying to out-woke each other with their infinite vape wisdom

It was shawnkenneth iirc
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'For Some Extra Perspective', Im trying to make it better

Did you remember to let her into your heart? Because that's a prerequisite.
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My last name contains the Dutch word for bomb ('bom'), so it was just a lot of variations on that.

Bom means good in Portuguese
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Must be an over the pond thing.

Not that much, he's somewhat well known here in Portugal too at least. It's the top news item in some national news websites right now.
Yeah, Bruno de Carvalho is a fucking maniac and you see a lot of Sporting fans becoming disappointed with what their club has become. The thing is, clubs here are societies with elected presidents and the man keeps winning elections. And as a Porto fan this has been a fun spectacle to see from the beginning because lolsporting, but it really has gone too far at this point.
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The first eurovision semifinal was TERRIBLE! What a fiasco! Thursday better not disappoint

Thought Belgium had the best song by far, too bad they didn't make it.
Meldo takes my vote
Yeah pretty sure here in Portugal there's no different gender scouts. We do have catholic scouts and secular scouts, and both include boys and girls. Not sure how they're organised internally, though.

This is now yanks r dum lol xD thread
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worst moment of my life so far

had a banging shit, naked from waist down cos #treatyoself
went to put boxers back on
foot got caught on em
hand slipped while trying to pull
punched myself directly in left bollock
tripped over cos foot still stuck
banged my head on towel rail on way down
laying on floor in bathroom with boxers around my singular ankle

end me fam

Nice, when is the CCTV footage coming out?
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I just moved apartments (like, I literally just

After this bit, I kind of expected you to say you literally just removed a whole flat from a building with your Hulk powers and fitted it into a different building.
It's shite in salads but ok to nice in actual warm dishes. Doesn't really go well with everything though. It's used a lot in the south of Portugal but not as much here up north so I guess it doesn't taste to me like an everyday sort of thing but a bit traditional nonetheless.
I once had the reverse dream when I started posting here regularly, I dreamt loads of people from UG found my facebook and started posting stuff on my page.
Hi back I'm dad
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omg, you're a G - I - R - L?

Yeah she's a G IRL. As in a gangsta in real life.
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What's wrong with neon?

It's a decent element, imo.

Not to mention neodymium, way better than regular dymium.
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Manel's decibels yesterday tho
FoOltz It wasn't. Turns out it was Railroad I was thinking of. And about the album thing, that's great, I'll take care of that with you later then.
Portuguese football debate shows on the day after a possibly league-deciding Benfica - Porto :')
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MarkPaligar not a full breakup, but more people have left and joined the foo fighters dave grohl might be the only OG in there

That's pretty common in bands where one member is basically in charge, just look at King Crimson, Smashing Pumpkins or QOTSA.

Anyway, I'd forgotten that thing where you go for a second listen and become even more undecided.

Ended up voting for FoOltz. Reminded me of another song he had but I don't remember the name or lyrics but yeah an acoustic four-chordsy song.

Also, nice to see chev does drums now! And I spotted that one recycled section, nice.
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Do any of these ring true with you international folks, or does it leave you dumbfounded as to how one nationality could be so awkward?

Nah, they all seem pretty relatable.

Edit: Just realised the location field no longer exists. I'm from (and live in) Portugal.
You still have a week and a bit though, right?
Just listened to the songs, good job everyone, it's great to have this back!

Since the voting period is longer now, I'll give them another listen before I vote and comment.

Re: albums, it would be great to continue doing that, yes. I don't think I'll be able to handle being "the album guy" again though, but I'll definitely help out where I can.

And speaking of the albums, I just checked and we have 28 weeks (including cover weeks and free weeks) that haven't been on albums yet. That would have been three and a half albums' worth of weeks. Which is mostly my own fault I guess. Sorry But anyway, something could be done with that maybe, what do you think?

she fit
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really though you could submit 10 minute bass solos

Shhh, he's kinda drunk so he'll agree to almost anything!

Also hi Mini
Hi guys!

I'm not going to have much time to do songs or anything and I haven't been on UG regularly for a good while but I will be keeping an eye on this and follow it closely if it goes on.

I've actually not done anything musically since the last song I submitted here which was almost 3 years ago now that I think about it

But yeeeeeah, it would be really neat if this made a comeback, it was really fun
no stfu gary