I recently picked up a Scarlett 8i6 for ridiculously cheap, it arrived today. The only problem was the universal power supply doesn't include an Australian plug. I came with an American and British plug (I think). Anyway, is it safe to use another 12v power adapter? It says on the back of the interface to only use the Focusrite adapter that came with it but I mean surely there wouldn't be a problem if I used another 12v adapter.

Just wanted to make sure before I went ahead and did it, I don't need this thing to blow up.
In about a month or two I plan on picking up the new Pod HD Pro, as it looks rather amazing, especially considering its price tag. I am wondering whether I can use my Spider Valve HD100 MKII as a power-amp, completely bypassing the built in pre-amp and instead using the HD Pro as the pre-amp. To save time and effort, here's what the back of the HD100 MKII looks like. I've no idea how the Power Amp In and Pre Amp Out options work, but I figured they'd have something to do with what I'm trying to do.
I've only been in a few, most weren't too serious. I'm not sure what it's actually called, but I made this guy's eye bleed internally, the white part of his right eyeball was completely red and his face was pretty bruised.

The hilarious thing was that he used to be one of my friends back when we were kids but he was always a dick. When his parents asked what happened, he told them that he fell over. He doesn't really talk to me anymore, whenever he does it's really awkward and it's only very brief, haha.
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those are 2 very different things. sounds like you are confused about rack gear.

the reason for putting components into racks is to control, mix, match, and select very specific signal paths. for example, instead of having a guitar amp (with a preamp and power amp) and some guitar pedals run in the front of the amp (or in the effects loop), you'd have 1 or more rack preamps with effects processors (multi-effects or single effects) going into a stereo power amp and then run to a cab.

this rack setup allows lots of flexibility with choosing what is included in you chain and how it's routed. plus the racks are close to each other and it's easier and less unsightly to run you cords in that setup.

axeFX can be used many ways. in one of it's simplest forms you can rack up AxeFx with a power amp run to a speaker cab and be good to go. AxeFX has preamps and effects, as well as emulation, so it's sorta like a bunch of rack effects in one.
Ahh okay, that's cleared a lot up. Thank you!
I keep hearing about pre amps, and rack mounted processors ect but i have no idea what they do, and how they work.

This for example -

Would i run that into a cabinet? What else would i need for that to work? Also, how the **** does the Axe FX work?

I thought i should post here, my final product. I went to the electronics store in my area and told them what i wanted and they wired it all up in less than five minutes. I'm pleased with the outcome
I guess i should post here again.

Schecter Omen Extreme 6
Schecter Damien Elite 8
Line 6 Spider IV 120w
Line 6 Spider Valve HD100 Mkii
Orange 4x12 cabinet
Boss Metalcore

It's slowly growing.

EDIT: Lol, I'm 18 also.
That sounds easy enough. I'll research LED's and what not on the interweb, and see if i can make my own thing. I just had another thought though, what if i used cold cathode rods that you would use for modding a PC case. Would that be more effort or..?
I've been considering setting up LED's or something inside my Line 6 HD100 mkII, but i'm not sure how i would power it without soldering shit and changing the actual amp (i really don't want to do that), also i thought that with the tubes being hot and all, it might affect the lights/wiring/power source. My actual question is; is putting LED (any lights will do) lights into my amp possible, and how do i go about it?
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Read it.
Contains testimony from a Japanese person in Saito, a town that was destroyed.

This will do perfectly, thank you.
Pit, i need your help. I've been researching the recent tsunami in Japan, and I'm trying to find out whether any warnings were issued after the earthquake alerting the people about that big ****ing wave. I cant seem to find anything about on it, and i want to reference it in an essay. Help me please Pit!
I've read a few reviews and found that the 3120's clean tone is rather 'flat and sterile', however all three amps sound like they're pretty similar. I know i can't make a true judgement until i actually try the amp though. I have a feeling that those amps will be cheaper then both the JSX and the HD100 which are both adding up to a total of $3,000 (including the cabinet).
I'll check out the other Peavey models, see if they're what im looking for. Thank you all for your input,
So Pit, what album are you most looking forward to? Personally, it'd be
Meshuggah's new album, but i have a feeling it wont be out for a while.
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Yes, more than decent. It's best when distorted. It's predecessor was a staple for hardcore. metalcore, and heavy metal bands for a short time. That kind of distortion not your thing? It gives a stupidly good hard rock distortion

Im looking for a distortion similar to a band like Oceano, whilst still having sparkly cleans. I need something that's going to let me take advantage of the low end my 8 string offers.
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Well I'll say having previously owned the combo version of the line 6 is that you should definatley go with the JSX superior in everyway IMO but alas its up to you but I would strongly recommend the JSX

also where the F*ck have you been these past few months?

I don't come here very much anymore Danny, Im just really busy with uni and work.

Back to the original topic, would the JSX give me decent distortion?
For the past month or so, ive been looking at getting a bigger, more powerful amp. My main concern with this amp is to get powerful distortion without sacrificing cleans. Although ive narrowed it down to these two models, im still pretty open to suggestions, as long ad they're in the same price range $1,700 AU. What i want to know; has anyone had any experience with either of these heads, and which one would they reccomment?
That's kind of the idea of being on a drip. Nutrients being fed into your bloodstream, since you can't actually move your body to eat.
I'm interested maybe, would you be ok with shipping it to Australia?
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completely off topic, but your desktop looks amazing.


Why thank you
I recently bought a Logitech C910 HD webcam from Ebay, the problem i'm having is getting the software to load. When i download and run the installer, a blank window appears where the program installer should be, i've tried downloading the Vista and XP versions but it still won't work. Could anyone help?
I really, really, really want to sign up, but two things are holding me back. End of year tests and assignments, and last time i did one of these, after everyone had submitted their song, the OP kinda just forgot about it, and no one was rated.
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It takes some skill to differentiate between safe and unsafe mushrroms (when you're out in the forest, that is). If you get it from your dealer he's gonna be selling magic mushrooms. I've never heard of people buying bogus mushrooms.

They last 6-8 hours.
During that time you will completely re-evaluate your life and you will gain a profounder understanding of how the world and how people work. With strong enough doses you can get visual hallucinations, sometimes audio. Your senses will be altered, in a way that you will see everything from a disferent perspective as the way you normally do during your day-to-day life.
Longterm effects, there aren't really any, except from the knowledge and wisdom you will have gained during the experience.

Mushrooms are a relatively safe drug. However, you have to be prepared and accepting before starting the mushroom experience. Do not harbour your fear, and if it arises let it out. Physically they might give you nausea. You get an odd feeling in your body, and it is usually quite pleasant.

I hope everyone is doing fine tonight! I myself took some mdma a few hours back and spent the time talking about life and playing some guitar with a good friend. Happy Halloween!!

All of that sounds pretty good. Would you happen to know, how many would i have to eat, in order to experience visual hallucination? I have no idea what species grow in Australia, or how big they are, and i've seen plenty of different types on the internet and plenty of reccomended dosage amounts.
Can anyone tell me about Psilocybin Mushrooms? Typical effects, how to tell if they're poisonous or safe to take, how long trips last, long term effects, dangers ect.
I don't know if i want to last, my brain is ****ing with my emotions. I don't know anything anymore.
I'm considering doing shrooms. Any Do's/Don'ts or tips?
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I don't... syncopation is changing the beat on which a note lands, if that's what you mean. Djent style generally does this a lot.

I'm going to look up syncopation and see if i can find my answer there. Thank you alot
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A major 7th is an interval between notes that comes close to an octave (higher or lower version of the same note).

Do you mean the rhythm or pitch? I'm sure we're all confused...


Ahh.. That is really hard to wrap my head around I'm talking about the rhythm, the riffs in alot of songs have this same pattern. It's like, erh.. A-B A-B A-B A-A A-B A-B A-B A-A.

Ahh nevermind actually, it's too damn hard to explain
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Chugging with major 7ths that step down to a minor 7th?
I'm going to seem like an idiot, but.. Major what?

Sorry to everyone that doesn't understand what i'm getting at, it's difficult to explain
I'm glad it made sense Bah, i really want to know what it's called, if it actually has a name..
Firstly, this is going to be really hard to understand, just sayin'.

I've noticed a pattern in some of their songs.

The intro to Dehumanisation for example -

|-0-11-10-11---0--0-11-10-11---0--0-11-10-11---0--0-11-10-11-0-11-10-11 (repeat).

Rational Gaze has the same kind of pattern, but that's retarded and i'm not going to type that out without Guitar Pro.

So what i'm really asking, is there some name for this kind of pattern? Sorry if it doesn't make any sense whatsoever.
Ever since i was a child, my parents made me collect coins. 15 years later i have a gigantic containter of 10 cent, 5 cent, 1 & 2 cent and pennys. I was wondering if the old coins could be worth anything, and where would i take them to get valued or sold? I'm tempted to go into the bank and ask, but i think i'd feel like a dick if it was the wrong place. Can you help me Pit?
I don't think it'd be the best thing if more people knew about.. "That site". Things like Jessie Slaughter introduced a horde of cancer, imagine if the entire world knew about it.
Bring a mandolin, and serenade the flight hostess.
As much as police can help, and protect, blah, blah, blah, i think that the majority of them are useless pricks. My girlfriend had a party which got out of hand, two drunk guys kicked in her door. When the cops arrived, they said they drove past two males that fit out description, but refused to go after them, even though they were only a few blocks up the street. This left me $180 out of pocket.
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Today i was playing mw2 and i was using the p90 and i just raged and i was soo mad and was looking for something to beat the shit out of my phone with and all i could grab was my harmonica so i beat the **** out of my screen . god i was mad

Well that was ****ing stupid now wasn't it?
So.. Erh, what's going on with the submissions? It feels kinda lonely in this thread..