yes it's a good idea do it.
soundgarden uses this tuning on their songs my wave and the day i tried to live. awesome tuning.
wow some of you are jackasses. get a life.
i've had a couple people in my family die this year from aneurysms and such, as well as some admit to the hospital from high blood pressure.
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awesome, thanks for the advice!
okay so i've been playing guitar since june of 2008 and i've been told i've done well since i've started. i can play some solos from Alice in CHains and Soundgarden songs and play the complete songs to them. i guess i'm not to bad but i know there's people out there way better than me who have been playing guitar for the same amount of time.

now, here's my issue: my strumming. i can strum down pretty good, if not as normal as anybody else. but strumming up and doing both strumming at the same time (if you know what i mean), my pick starts to get underneath the strings and lift them up a bit and make a terrible noise as a result. i just can't get it down pat, ****!!!!

so yeah, what are some tips that can help me get better at strumming in general? should i just keep practicing the chords to the songs i play or what?

btw i'm gonna be rhythm in a jam band soon enough and so i don't wanna be the guy who can be easily replaced or played without, even these guys totally dig the riffs i make up.
just tune your guitar to open tunings, brah.
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welcome to the bass forum! Traynor don't make 40 watt bass amps and boss DS-1s suck out a basses low end!! Hope to see you post here again soon!!!

Anyway, OP, listen to the clips on Bass player magazine's distortion roundup page and see what you like.

Oh, and try the search bar, there's a lot of this stuff on here. And as mentioned above.

sorry, I was high while surfing the forums and didn't clue in to see what part of the forum it was. didn't realize it was the bass section.

I was thinking of this amp, btw.
not bad, but I found the solos were a bit weak and not very textured. other than that, it was pretty good and I wish you good luck with it. keep it up.
not bad, but I found the solos were a bit weak and not very textured. other than that, it was pretty good and I wish you good luck with it. keep it up.
try getting a Traynor amp with 40 watts, those are ****in' mean.

Edit: ah, distortion pedal. get a Boss Distortion DS-1. that's what I got.
well Papa Roach is faggy, sorry. their lyrics are based around whining about girls all the time.
because it's Papa Roach, they're a faggy band that nobody listens to or would dare to call their favorite. covering them would result in either contractual termination from your record company or instant loss in your fan base. should be common sense by now.
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well i have it if you want it

Can I have it?
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sorry but he is so optimistic!

I got a Roland Cube 20x, totally upgrading to a Vox Valvetronix AD50VT in months to come.
I hear they're total knock-offs of the Stratocaster, but still made by Fender. I'm totally aware of that, and so soon enough I'm going to upgrade to a Fender Telecaster and even get a Gibson SG down the road.

Good decision? Get back to me. OH YEAH!
"Nutshell" by Alice in Chains
I could have sworn I looked at this board as some sort of tab request section, but apparently I'm wrong. The only part I've actually come to tab is the riff, other than that nothing. Surely doesn't help that I've been only playing since June, this will take me forever to find out.
"It Ain't Like That" by Alice in Chains
"Love, Hate, Love" by Alice in Chains
I've been looking everywhere to find tabs for Soundgarden's song "Little Joe" and couldn't find them anywhere. It's not a difficult song to tab, I don't think, and I would appreciate it if somebody could take the time out of their day and busy schedule to tab it for me.

Here are some youtube links to help you:

Thanks in advance.