^ I don't need that much power and didn't want to spend much more money. The Vetta used would be quite a bit more. If I like the Flextone I might upgrade later.
I think I made a sound investment If I don't like it I shouldn't be out much money on it.
I didn't want to spend 1,200.
I got this

And honestly I don't think there is anything out there near the price range that sounds as good and as versitle. But thats just MHO.
After a few weeks of youtube vids, sound clips, and searching this forum.
I have finally made a decision.

I must have looked at every amp that is under $1,200.

I just kept coming back to one amp.

In the end i got this........................

................ Line 6



Flextone III
So many pickups to choose from.
I realy need some versitile pikups that work well with the flextone III.
Thanks I'm kinda diging the Fred tone zone combo. I don't know anything about pickups. Thanks for the help Ill be looking into the dimarzio line for sure.
Quote by Tobacco Stain
I guess if I had to pick a sound for the pickups it would be Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson Cliffs of Dover, Santana style stuff. I'm open for any recommendations though.

Thanks!!! I will definitely hit you up LP Addict. Thanks Ottar Ill fix my sig.

So for pickups any ideas?

Don't worry about hijacking my thread as long as you contribute a little even a laugh.
OK I have had my PRS SE singlecut for over a year and about to upgrade my cheep practice amp to a flextone III. I like this guitar but I would like to know if anyone has any experience with them. If so what things would you change first.

I'm thinking
1. bridge (it has a wraparound bridge) what do you guys think of this

2.Tuners (The ones on it feel kinda loose but it holds tune pretty good so not priority but would like a nice set of locking tuners)

3. Pickups ( I haven't got to play this on a good amp but I'm pretty sure this is one place that PRS cheeped out on to get the price down) Any advice here would be great.

I am mostly just looking for simple mods to make this guitar hold the setup better when I take it to the shop. I guess if I had to pick a sound for the pickups it would be Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson Cliffs of Dover, Santana style stuff. I'm open for any recommendations though.

Sorry for such a long thread.
Quote by SlappyMcLardfat
I'm looking for the same thing and so far no luck. Maybe just a three way but only one way is on?

Just go to a hardware store or auto parts store.
How do you think the HT-5 would sound when used with a floor pod or tonelab multi effects pedals.
If you can get a MIDI to USB cable someone should figure out a way to use the pc as a memory bank for presets or a simulated sampera foot pedal would be great.

Hint to any of you programmers out there...

P.S. If you do this and make a few dollars P.M. me to discuss details on my share.
I doubt you will find one there anytime soon unless your lucky.
I went last week and all they had was a little 15 sold out of all other models.
Your GC might keep more stock though.
I think ill go back tomorrow myself just to check.
Could you do a comparison to the flextone III?
How does it sound at bedroom lvl?
I would just find witch one is most comfortable to me. Who knows you might learn both ways and the next Michelangelo Batio.
I'm right handed and just learning sometimes i wonder why you use you dominant hand to pick anyways seems to me like fretting is harder to learn than picking. That might be because I learned to pick with my dominant hand though.

I turned my guitar upside down and it felt really weird but would it have if I started that way?
I am in the same situation as you except I want more of the tones like Pink Floyd, Slash, Eric Johnson(cliffs of dover) tones. From the You Tube videos I seen the Flextone III sounds great but I can't really find any thing like that on the vypyr. I am trying to wait till the 60watt comes out but I'm getting impatient.

Anyone know if the Vypyr 30 can get close to those tones cause I don't really need 60watts and the Vypyr is much better priced.
If you buy today ot guitar center you will get $50 off the blackstar that will make the halfstack $350 I am thinking about geting this but I'm still debating on geting a vypyr.
The stiffness isn't just when I play and its a little numb to kinda like its asleep.
I'm usually pretty relaxed when I practice. Also by going backwards I meant in my speed and accuracy. Thanks for the advice I just wanted to make sure this wasn't a early sign of injury.
Hey, I am a beginner guitar player and have been learning/practicing for about 1 week. I have been learning alot of chords doing exercises to build speed and trying to play songs. I practice anywhere from 30 min to an hour a day usually not all at once but in 10 to 15 min intervals. I was progressing really well now I seem to have went backwards and my hand feels a little stiff. Should I lay off for a few days or push through this?
I can't wait to find out what the 60w vypyr sounds like.
GC should be geting them in a few days.
I have a peavey milestone V and peavey micro bass amp.

I purchased this set up new for about $350 because the bass had been dinged a little in the store. It still works great just small cosmetic damage.

I will take $200 for both.

you pay shipping

if your interested pm me you email address ill send you pictures.
So anyone else feel like posting their score?
Use only C,G,D,A,E and see how many times you make those chords in one min.
Yeah ill be moving on to barre chords when the time comes. My main reason for this is to see where a good place to stop doing this would be I don't want to be playing 7000 chords a min. and think man I have to get to 9000 before I can move on.
I guess I'll kinda know when the time comes to move on.
I'm doing this chord changing exercise to help build speed. Its the 1 min exercise from

Basically it I'm using a stop watch to time one min. and play chords C,G,D,A,E sometimes in different order as fast as I can make them clearly if i mess up on a chord I don't count it(this also works as kind of a penalty system since you wasted that time)

My best is 32 but I have only been practicing for a few days now.

Also I know a few more chords but right now I'm am working on these and sometimes I do add a few more like F,Am,Em,D,C7,G7,E7,D7 but I want to get the first five down before I get carried away with the rest. My memory is not so good either so I figure Ill add a chord at a time and repeat the name of each chord as I play it to imprint it in my brain. To many drugs back in the day I guess.

How many chords can you make in one min.?
I have a prs se and 3 out of 5 songs I would realy like to play are all in different tunings. I don't want to mess my prs up im thinking about shoping around and just buying a real cheap guitar that plays good and use it for practicing in different tunings. Plus it will be good for just banging around.
I don't mean to hijack this thread but I am problem with my fingers also.
I don't have a problem with my pinkie but I can't seem to get them to lift and come down on new chord all at same time. No matter how much effort I put into I can't get my fingers in position until the first finger is down. Is this normal? Should I stop trying to get faster chord changing until I can do this or will it come later as I get faster?
I can read tabs just fine and that helped me play a few easy songs but what I lacked was practice and helped me with that by showing what to practice and how. I recommend it.

But I know nothing.
I just wana say thanks for introducing me to Ronald Jenkees.
You guys that have had your vypyrs long enough for the new to wear off, are you still happy with it?

I'm still waiting on the 60 amp to come out before making a decision then I'm going to compare it to the the 30 and the Line 6 Flextone III. If the two bigger amps just don't blow me away compared to the 30 I'm just going to get it because of the low price and me just using it for practice. But if one of the bigger ones just makes me cream when I plug into it I'm sure ill be walking out with one of those.
Has anyone played with this amp?
I had a chance to play with it a little today. Due to wife and kids with me I didn't get to spend much time and I didn't crank it up. This seemed like a nice amp but I would like to compare it with the Vypyr 30 and 60(when they come out), and the Line 6 flextone 3. The behringer might be a good option. What do you guys think?
Guitar Center will have the 60 Watts by the 12 but might be sold out first day.
Has anyone tried the 60 Watt yet I can't wait to hear what you think about it. I wanna know if it is comparable or better than the flextone 3 I'm kinda torn between the two right now.
I would put on a big dipper and red cape get two wooden spoons and and some pots and pans sit in his kitchen floor and bang like HELL.
How does the tube screamer effect sound? Is it a good replica?
Quote by THEKID546
Youd be surprised its only 200 for the 5 watt and 300 forthe 15 watt very affordable and bang for your buck.

Great amps by the way.

could you please explain yourself better im a little lost
ok think ill just try the vypyr 30
ill check it out