Thanks guys! Im using the avatar on Superior Drummer - It is by far my weak point, i know. Honestly, its a preset i found, because my attempts at mixing it myself were much worse, haha. I'll try reverbing it a tiny bit more. I'll get around to returning some crits. Sorry if it takes a minute, i really don't come on this site often haha.
Alright, i'll be honest. I'm really only posting this here because i logged on to this account for the first time in two years and was immediately appalled by the demos i still lingering on here haha. Not to say that "I'm a badass now", because lord knows i'm not.

Anyways, this is my newest demo, "Descent Into Chaos". Groove/Metalcore like tune, though the beginning is very "Human Abstract" inspired, but sadly without the amazing shredding. I'll do my best to make it back to this page and return the favor for anyone who comments.

Or, it is also streaming on my UG profile.
It all depends on what kind of music you are playing.
I have to be high to enjoy it.
I thought the St. Anger album was fine until Frantic started playing...
After over a year i finally got around to re-doing one of my favorite tracks "The Devil", playing in my UG Profile.

Basically this is a hard rock song, with a melancholy feel, and a few biting riffs.
Nothing overly technical at all, a couple of melodic leads, thats about it

Unfortunately there are a few "white noises" in the mix, due to me using the compressor on ReValver MKIII that i didn't pay for :p

Oh, and the bass, for now, is fake BooBass from Fruity Loops.

Comments about the song and mix are greatly appreciated

Id suggest against it.
If you have good funding, id just recommend selling the 6505 and upgrading to a Mesa Single or Dual-Rec or at least getting a decent Marshall as they can cover a variety.
Valves are better than the old Spiders, but there are still much better choices.
Ive met Ed, been in his shop back when it was open to the public, and own an Abstract Pagan which i love
I definitely am aware of his crooked business-man ship
As for personality, he didn't seem to outgoing or friendly. The guy likes money, what else can be said?

Idk. Id definitely love to own another Pagan.
If you want any sort of tip, i would leave out one or two songs from said EP onto the Full Length, so fans have a reason to look for the EP afterwords.
But if that doesn't matter much then just go ahead with your idea.
This is actually more of a test for the massive improvements Ive been trying to do on my overall recording sound (usually the reason why i disappear for months)... Comparatively (please see in my profile for yourselves), i think its a lot better than anything Ive ever recorded quality wise.

Song wise it really isn't much... Its actually pretty repetitive as it is missing leads and such. The only reason i made an industrial song is because well... I was messing around in Fruit Loops :p I will not claim to be even remotely good at programming... Though i hope people find it catchy

The song is in my profile

I hope to return with more of my groove metal influenced songs soon.

Comment, criticize, crucify as usual. I will do C4C upon request.
Killer tone!

I do think the drums could be alot beefier. They really don't come out well in the mix, which sucks because i believe this song could be a really good simple headbanger.
Huh... I always wondered, but thought i would be flamed for asking this very same question :p
Got done recording this yesterday, and today i decided its good enough for the web. "Finally Alive" has a more positive vibe than most of my songs, and its in a different style than my usually more thrash-riffs... I'd say more toward Sevendust with a Bury Your Dead double bass influence. The solo on this one came out really nice as it was improved IMO. But ill let ya'll decide for yourself.

Couple things ill let ya know before you hear it
- Its a normal Verse/Chorus/Verse kind of deal
- Some of the bass-line isn't as smooth and on time as id like it to be
- The bridge after the second chorus could use some work on timing

Listen here!
(The song is NOT on my UG profile)

Notice: The song is on my MYSPACE not UG

Listen, comment, criticize, crucify, whatever floats your boat. Ill C4C if requested.
Thanks all
Thanks for rating Bane

As i go along - The initial guitar part is really peaceful. The vocals and harmonies are good, though they seem a little off time by like fractions of a second in some sense, it actually kind of adds a feel to it, its hard to explain. The tempo change fits. The samples fit in well, i barely noticed they started! (Which is a good thing as it was merely adding dimension to it)

The only thing id work on is tightening the vocals a little. Otherwise good and catchy song bro. Cheers man
Hey folks, just added the song "Bane" to my UG Profile. This is probably the most "metalcore" song i have, as the hardcore influenced beats and breakdowns are easy to spot. Oddly enough this song was influenced by a mix of Atreyu and Mastodon... I say Mastodon because it feels like it has a "pirate" vibe that ive felt in their songs (lolwut?). However, in having that influence this is definitely one of my favorite songs to play.

Also if you choose to listen to it, the song "Prince" is an acoustic intro song meant to come before "Bane" as i figure it would be a good album opener :p. Im not going to lie, i believe i have heard the melody to Prince before, possibly in an Anime... So if you can spot it, not plagiarism intended :p

Comments on either are appreciated, and i will do C4C if requested.
Im actually using EZ Drummer Drumkit From Hell.
Ive heard some really good mixes using the drumkit im using, i just have to figure out how to do it right :p

Thanks for the crit man
You actually just left this post in thrashman's thread too, just letting you know O_O

Anyways, i used just a Line 6 Pod XT with both the left and right channels plugged into an M-Audio interface.
Im actually thinking i could get an even better sound with my XT because ive heard some wicked clips, im just not 100% sure how.

Thanks again for the praise
I like the music in the song very much... The solos are obviously very early thrash inspired, and pulled off well. The rhythm tone and the drums could use some work IMO. They don't come off as very strong at all though i see that they have potential.

Look forward to better mixes in the future
Crit mine?

(PS The rest of your stuff starting playing... Im really digging your acoustic stuff man)
Just to avoid confusion the "Hangman" in my UG profile is the OLD version... If you listened to that one, i highly suggest you listen to the one on my MySpace thats linked in my first post.

Otherwise, thank you very much for the comments
Im no shredder (yet), but to date i consider this my proudest guitar work.
You have some mighty fine riffs there, seems you were born for the 7 String
Only real crit i have is that the song didn't feel like it really had a direction, therefore its easy for now to get lost in the song... IMO i think some leads may have guided the song along, but thats a matter of opinion and taste.

Looking forward to hearing more <(" < )
Crit mine?

Adioss man.
Thanks for the crit man, ill get on your newest song soon, just a little too out of it to write any more crits right now hahah. Any other takes?
The intro reminds me of "The Who" lulz.
Im definitely gunna agree with JudgeDrey on this one.... This is some crazy s***
I would not want to high and have this catch me by suprise :x
Are you using a 7/8 string? The tone does have a Djent quality in some areas.
Anyways this is pretty genius stuff... Mr. Bungle for the new age maybe?
So much just happened in that song i really can't describe and crit it all...
All im going to say is "Gooooood work!'

Crit mine? (Hangman 2.0)
As i go along the Riffing is solid. I'm not actually real keen on the tone, a bit fuzzy for me, but im looking past that.

The leads are a bit weird but overall resolve well.
I like the whammy bar break, though i think something a bit more brutal should have came after it... Not a make or break thing though

At the complete change now - The first riff is alright, the next riff is a bit weird but adds some variety.

Overall i think the song has potential... With proper bass, and a cleaner tone it looks to be a pretty good song.

Crit mine? (Hangman 2.0)
Woah! This song was already pretty good when it caught me off guard at the heavy change.
Dude, i don't know where to begin with this song... I love it.
The solos are all very clear, very thought out and done well.
Though i will admit i occasionally felt that the flow was border lining "stock track" interesting notes in the lead work would always bring me back around until the "heavy" changes. The drums and cleans are mixed perfectly, and programmed sounds definitely helped the vibe.

What are you running your guitar through, if i may ask?

Anyways, good work sir!

Crit mine? (Hangman 2.0)
Definitely has potential to be a catchy riff in a song. Can't say much for it otherwise, i would like to see this bad boy in action with a rock-square dancing beat haha.

Crit mine? (Hangman 2.0)
The guitar tone needs work, but im liking the general flow of the song.

The drums are pretty good, honestly the only thing mixed well in this song.

I actually like the vocals in the sense that for "post hardcore" he isn't doing the emo/punk thing - With a little bit of work he could be really good... I think he just needs to give it more power.

The guitar solo is pretty cool - Kinda feels like an Alt. Rock solo, which gives it an athemic ring.

I see potential in this

Crit mine? (Hangman 2.0)

Adioss mate
The song is a pretty decent go at a rock song but the guitars need to be stronger, doing that will help out the vocals too, which are good but the mix makes it very weird.
Hey folks. I haven't posted one of my concoctions to U.G. for awhile so i thought for now ill start with a redo of a song i did on here, and probably my favorite creation to date in terms of music. I posted a recording of this song awhile ago (still viewable on my UG profile) and while this one still isn't even close to pro quality it's ALLOOTTT better than the previous one.

Basically its a metal song showing groove metal influences combining cheesy bluesy riffs with some cheesy classical riffs that somehow fit together quite nicely :p. I would say in that sense it has some CFH-Era Pantera Influence but ya'll can be the judge of that.

Note that I'm unfortunately no producer... This was made in GarageBand, and you'll notice the count in has some clipping. Also its best heard through desktop speakers or headphones... Laptop speakers make this sound alot crappier than it is :p

EDIT MARCH 02 2010 - The song can now be found in my UG profile to clear up the confusion If you would like to still visit the myspace, please do so

Thanks for listening, and ill do C4C if requested
Dude, i really really like this.
I love how it morphs into another song.
The progressions and riffs were very simple, yet the way you timed it was excellent.
No real crit. Great work man!
Ive actually played with those settings to turn the song off, but for some reason it always resets... Which is weird. (Probably something to do with my crappy computer)
But the point is more over that having everything open in one program would reduce the amount of ram its using, and cut loading time i would assume. Though i do kind of think that with all the new features, the original loading process may take a bit, but thats cool with me, as long as my computer doesn't freeze when im on a tabbing rampage
After a long wait, the new Guitar Pro is on it way out from Arobas Music.
The new version of the program was presented at NAMM (of course), an Arobas have posted a preview video of the program on YouTube (here ). From watching the video its pretty easy to tell the program has underwent a massive overhaul, in which the only con it seems to produce on first look is that long time users will have to get "re-used" to the new setup. However, the share of new features and conveniences seem to be worth it.

Probably the biggest update is that RSE offers many more instruments that were not available in the previous versions. Also, from the seems of the video, effects seem to be more available on the RSE, and easier to control. For advanced songwriters, double dot notes and slash notes will not be available to program into scores. Sadly, my favorite update to the new version is that you can open multiple scores in one window... You don't have to hear the opening song every five seconds, while clogging your computer ram and start bar (Windows users) when your listening through lots of tabs on the internet

There is no official release date set for the new program yet, i believe it may be in testing/debugging still.

More videos
GP Tech Preview 1
GP Tech Preview 2
GP Tech Preview 3
GP Tech Preview 4
GP Tech Preview 5

Discuss your hopes, concerns and such... Aside from getting used to a new layout, im pretty excited for this, as i use Guitar Pro for all my drum and sample pre-programming

P.S. I performed a search on "Guitar Pro 6" and saw nothing before posting. I apologize if this has been posted.
It is indeed a GWAR signature model

Thanks for the info. Im honestly not that big of a warlock fan, but i think the paint job and the inlays stick out to me.
The green one on the left...
I get the impression it isn't released yet, seeing as it isn't on the official website, but does that model have a name?
I haven't really liked the Schecters ive tried thus far, but i must say that design nearly compels me to at least find and try out that guitar sometime.
What does the song/progression resolve to? Theres your answer.
Really like this. I think it could have been longer with a solo, but thats more of a taste kind of thing. Would love to hear this recorded. 8/10
I actually really like the potential this song has. I think its a little messy to listen to in GP for sure, but imagining this being recorded for real actually sounds really really good.

Very little i would necessarily change in the song. In Spur 4, bars 10-13 i feel octaves may be better than Power Chords. The 5ths added in there makes it feel dissonant in a bad way. If i had written the song i probably would have given it an ending as opposed to a fadeout, but thats a matter of personal taste. Something i would suggest for your GP guitar tracks, if you are using more than one "distorted" track in midi form, is to use both the Distorted Guitar and Overdriven Guitar - Its much more pleasant on the ear IMO than if you have all of them set to "Distorted".

"Groovecore" - Love the term and idea. Its funny because i was actually about to start referring to my own music as "Groovecore". Lets form a couple bands and start a new genre
Painfully simple, but it actually wouldn't be bad in a movie where the serial rapist killer approaches (of course in B-rate horror fashion). Cool
Alright let me try and redeem myself here since i was a little too blond to see that Alan's post was pretty much pure sarcasm.

The move i am making doesn't just have to do with me not finding musicians, it also deals with financial other mistakes that i didn't take into consideration when i moved out here, so im moving back to my small town in New York to regroup, get some better finances, better gear, get a car etc.

I was hoping for some real answers, but understandably from the point of view of this forum whoever is having problems with there area simply isn't trying hard enough, and therefore a topic worth jesting. I could give some more input on WHY i feel Vegas isn't exactly the best place for me, but its all relative to ethic i guess.

But anyways, the idea is that im moving back home to regroup and then im going to go "city shopping", and i was wondering if anyone could make suggestions on cities.
Just going from whats posted at the front, sorry if someone covered these

EADGBe [Standard]:
3 Doors Down

Eb Standard [Half-Step Down]
Alice In Chains (about half of their material)

DADGBe [Drop D]
Dog Fashion Disco (Most songs)
Shinedown (Most songs)
Soundgarden (Many of their songs)
Creed (Most songs)

DGCFAd [D Standard]
Life Of Agony

CGCFAd [Drop C]
Seether (Finding Beauty)
Nonpoint (All albums excluding To The Pain)
Ill Nino

C Standard
Acid Bath
Queens Of The Stone Age (Songs for the Deaf)

Drop Db
Seether (All of Karma and Effect, and parts of the other albums)
Alter Bridge
Bloodsimple (Red Harvest)
Puddle Of Mudd
Sevendust (Certain songs)

Db Standard
Pantera (Trendkill)
Machine Head (certain songs)

B Standard
Five Finger Death Punch
Fear Factory (Early albums)
Flaw (Seven string)
Ra (Seven string)

Drop A
Bury Your Dead (Newer albums)

Drop Bb
Bloodsimple (A Cruel World)
Nonpoint (To The Pain only)
Bury Your Dead (Early albums)

Tool's "Prison Sex"
Soundgarden's "Rusty Cage"
Audioslave's "Gasoline"

Staind (Early) - Ab Db Ab Db F Bb (I think...The F could be Gb)
Filter's "Welcome To The Fold" - A A D G B E

Im sure i have a ton more but its wayyy too late for me to think..