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Honestly I think only 90's mogwai and godspeed you was any good. I feel as though soft loud soft post-rock is dead as ****.

Tortoise, Toe, Enemies, Don Cab, and other shit in that vein to me just feels right.

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Definitely. The first wave of post-rock > all other bands.

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Tunnel blanket is top tier along with brave young

Hey guys, been away from the TPR thread for a while, what's new in here? I've been slowly trying to sort my life out, finally being out of school is a strange feeling.

I went to see a sick local show last weekend, was right in front of the stage and got my face melted by an original Model T halfstack from Nü Sensae and a Twin in stereo with a Jazz Chorus from White Lung. Total intensity for my earholes.
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yo dudes here's a video of a song stay here played a few months back at a show w/ code orange kids

Watched the vid this morning, loved it! You're pounding the hell out of those toms, right on.
It's too bad that you can't hear the vocals very well, but you can't win 'em all.
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That's so cool! Does Andy actually work at the store or does he only do video demos? haha

He just does the demos AFAIK and doesn't actually work at the store. I remember reading that people have seen him there in the past though.
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John how can you turn yr V4 up so loud!? I turn mine to like 9 oclock with 2x12 and I drown everyone out.

Room acoustics and amp/drum/etc positioning play a huuuugeeee role in volume/balance. You'd be surprised how much the sound changes by just moving stuff around in the room.
I went on a short trip to Portland earlier and ended up in Pro Guitar Shop by accident. Sooo many awesome pedals, the GAS was strong!
Just saw that Raein is playing one of my fave venues in town, the back of a small record shop. Is it good skramz/emoz, worth seeing?

I have the las final exam of my degree in four and a half hours. So excited, but worried. Blarg!
Deniz, metal is dope, why the shame? Beats the skramz. Sorry, skramz bros, it's true.

EDIT: I saw that you're into the new Ash Borer LP! I've been diggin' it for the last month plus, it's wicked good.
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ah ok definitely sounds like good thing to hold onto then. who else had one? was it deniz? i know there was a couple floating around.

I gotta say, man, Reba's accent ****ing annoys the living shit out of me. I don't even have anything against the southern accent thing, but something rubs me the wrong way with her and that stupid show.
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Why though?

I used to watch a lot of daytime TV in highschool and Reba's show was always on. It had the most annoying laughtrack of all time (yes, even worse than The Big Bang Theory) and every single character on that damn show pissed me right off for some reason.
I despise nobody more than Reba, ugh.
Korey, your Traynor 2x15" looks very similar to my Traynor 2x15" . Nice! If you want loud and clean as ****, then you should totally look into getting a vintage Traynor head. Either the YBA-3 or the YGL-3 will do both of those things in buckets. The YBA-1A Mk.2 will also fit the bill.
I see four things - three amps and one girl. There's always room for one more amp, one less girl. Right?
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My school allows you to rent books for 35 bucks a semester and it is included in your semester fee statement

My school started doing the same. Except that instead of charging $150 for the average book, they charge $75 to rent for one term. Eff that noise, download away.
Who the hell actually buys textbooks for school? Just download that shit like every other college student.
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we just played the loudest show. I ran my v4 into my 2x15, bassist borrowed a 8x10, other guitarist used my mesa 2x12. both of them used my acoustic heads.

My 140 sounded delicious into an 8x10. So you're liking the mapz then?
Fun fact - you have the same Acoustic 450 as everyone else who has a 450.
RE: Mesa Rectifiers
I extensively played a triple channel dual rec (as well as some other ones briefly) and I never liked the sound very much. The pushed setting did sound very good, but the heavy gain was always yucky with that compression.
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As of now, I'm getting the head and cab.

I love how I infected this thread with Acoustic Control Corp love.

EDIT: I also got hooked on some Pinback today. I remember one of you guys being a big fan, maybe Ryan or West. Can't remember...
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Two weeks left this semester here too except that I'm finally finished with my degree then. So stoked!
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I don't even play anymore. I just collect.

Funny, pretty much the only time I really play anymore is at band practice (or any shows that we may do once in a while).
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New album's up people!

Listened to it the day it came out and I loved it! Really good stuff man, you've progressed quite a bit since the first one.
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Listen to this band, thank me later.

Started listening to those guys over a year ago now, good stuff! I was really into their first album for a while, haven't heard the new one.
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I like very much!

I am really interested in doom at the moment. But I have had a hard time finding bands that I can really get into. Usually vocals are what ruin it for me. I like Conan's vocals though. Can anyone recommend more band like this?

My absolute favorite doom that I've heard has to be Buried At Sea's Migration. It's just perfect, so much raw aggression with slow and crushing riffs. You might not dig the vocals, but they fit perfectly. Listen to this, it gets effing awesome after the break at 4:32 and my absolute favorite part kicks in a 8:15:

Strongly recommended!
Finally got around to listening to the new (2012 anyways) Conan album just now and had my ears blasted out by some serious doom metal. However, I just found this and thought that you guys would like it:

Watch it from 2:42 onwards. Fuck...
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What should I offer for the 450?

If it's in good condition and everything works well, $200 is actually a pretty good deal AFAIK. I'd do it.
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just ran my jc60 through 9 speakers.


Yeah, how so?
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do you think it would be loud enough for guitar with a 2x12? and should I go for that or this:

and what should I offer?

Wait, are we talking about running it as a guitar amp or a bass amp?

EDIT: Yeah, it should be loud enough for guitar. Absolutely. As loud as you'll get with a 2x12 anyways. The 150 is a great amp too (Ryan and Rasik have one and I have the tremolo and verb-less 140 version), but $200 is too high. Try to get it down closer to $100.
You'll usually be limited by the amount of speakers and your cabs. Anything in the head range will be enough as long as your cabs can push air. To give you an example, I once played a friend's 45 watt YBA-1 into two old (i.e. efficient) ported 15"s and I was much louder than two guitarists and a loud drummer. Now I play my ACC 300 (~200W @ 4 ohms) into a single 18" and it isn't very loud since the 18" can't push that much air. I've also played my ACC 140 through an Ampeg refrigerator and it was ****ing loud. Your cab will be much more important is what I'm trying to say.

EDIT: What bass cab(s) do you have?
The 450/470 look cooler . They are apparently also somehow load independent (I'm not sure how since they're SS) which could be good. The 370 is a great head though (I own the power amp half of a 370) but due to its cult following it is much more expensive. You could get several 140/150/150b, 220/230 or 450/470 heads for the same amount as a single 370.
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I kinda want this, but I think I'd rather hold out for a 370

The 450 is a kickass head, I would totally get one. The 370 is cool and all, but I would rather have a 450 or 470 TBH.
$4000 will buy you a lot of cocaine. Just sayin'...
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Just listened now, totally rad! It's an improvement on your first EP I think, you guys are sounding great here. The songs are more "coherent" if that makes sense.
I saw someone selling a Model T reissue for $650 recently, good deal rite?
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We're putting this up tomorrow at midnight!

That's my buddy Kev, we've been playing together for a long time now. He is probably the most talented guitarist I know, I can listen to him sit around and noodle all day. The guy simply loves playing guitar, no GAS or any other bullshit like that, just really likes playing music. That's how it should be.

My one friend works (although probably not anymore soon ) at a studio and is gonna hook us up with free studio time when we're ready. We have seven tracks down, just need to iron out the kinks. Planning to record an EP sometime in the near future!
We recorded two demo videos with my band two weeks ago, I finally edited the videos and the audio. Not very TPR, but you guys might like a little jazzy stuff, right?
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American football is slightly mathy music for pathetic sad people.

STill ok though. Kinsella knows hat sup

i drunk

Well, then they should be perfect for me.
Happy drunk time, John!
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I saw Converge again last night. Was awesome, but the other bands were weird. Kvelertak is a norwegian metal band that is intentionally cheesy. They were cool, but I would have preferred a hardcore band. And Torche was so lame. They sounded like 40 Watt Sun playing bar rock. Not into it.

Booo, Torche are rad! Shame on you.

EDIT: I also finally listened to the American Football LP today and it was great, but I was expecting just a little more.
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>band changes name
>people bitch and tell us it's bad no matter what
>can't win

>greentext on UG
>pick a name that doesn't completely suck
>people won't give a crap if it doesn't totally suck
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band names are dumb anyway. i play in a crust band called GLOOMLURKER, who cares

That's actually pretty sweet. There's a sweet local sludge band called Mudlark, pretty similar.