hendrix, page, srv in that order, i think.
oh btw picked it up off craigslist for $400! Im tellin everyone check your craigslist.
i love my Fender hot rod deville 212 probably not the best for punk but god its awesome.
Ok go on whats called Craigslist. Check out amps on there. Its like an online garage sale. ALso i recommend the Fender Hot Rod Series. I got a Fender hot rod deville 212 and its ****in evil. Originally $800 got it for $400 on craigs. If your dead set on Black or orange go with orange, they got a better 70's crunch tone especially the terror.
PLaying at Arlene's Grocery in Feb. Got tickets to John Mayer at MSG. Its an exciting month what can i say.
bought a squier gold strat and a american made strat. Difference is one kicks the **** out of the other one. ya squiers are descent, there fun to play. they do have a tendency to fail internally. any secondary brand is gonna lack the time in building a fine instrument. idk just go american made so you can never complain again ha
hmm i had similar problem i just took it to the shop, if love it so much dont risk touching it yourself. it really could be a pickup problem which shouldnt empty your pockets.
who would want tom's sig anyway common, btw rage is coming to jersey which could be semi-exciting
ya looks like an iceman but still looks oddly customed, idk never could dig ibanez anyway
pretty much the gt10 is everything you need in a pedal. i play a lot of live shows with this and has yet to fail me. Heat, cold, stomping this thing is a tank. the ez tone feature is pretty much your key to getting the tone you want. having a mesa rec with a marsh cab or a crate combo, it doesn't matter. this thing molds around with what you want. read up on it and check some tube videos, other than that my friend and i use this pedal religiously.
i got that on my charvel neck its a pain in the ass
Your bringing on the heart break!