My first song on guitar was Bad Moon Rising by CCR, just three chords, but man was it difficult to get the rhythm right
Thanks for your effort Besen!
Hmm, slides and/or legato sound as if every note is picked.
Thank you so much Edward Teach

and sorry for the late reply
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I miss the ability to tab out drums using the numbers. I could do that so quickly and even my drummer friend got used to it.. somehow its quicker than notating.. i'd at least like the option. I don't think they should remove features like that.. especially considering you could turn off the tab if you wanted to in GP5.

Why remove a feature a lot of people obviously found useful?

Agreed, I noticed that it is very common for developers to remove good features...

....and as "killergege" said, the RSE needs way to much tweaking, and the vanilla settings are....uhhm...not so good.

I stick to GP5.
I'm currently tabbing it in Guitar Pro

Edit: Finished, file attached ....maybe it's not 100% accurate but I think it's damn close to the original.
...since I've started playing guitar, that was two years and few months ago. It will always be my first choice
I own six, three are electric guitars, two are acoustics and one is a classical guitar.
The Fender Super Champ XD has some nice cleans for blues but for playing gigs I would recommend changing the speaker, thats what I did.
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There is no best overall brand, all guitar companies occasionally make piles of shits no matter how prestige the name is.

Good Point.
Try this 'Got Those Blues'
Note: That's NOT me playing...

I've learned it from the video, it's not hard at all and real fun to play.
Oh and I've been playing piano for one year now self taught.
I'm afraid to tell you guys, but I haven't changed my strings for a year now. Dunno why I don't change them...really, I have no clue.
Dan Kroha's Fender Jaguar


Robert Johnsons' Gibson L-1....I know it's acoustic but....

I love Jaguars' but what I love even more is a vintage Jaguar

...yeah I'm a vintage fetishist...
How about the Boss CS-3 Compression's a good pedal. I sold it though...I had no use for it.
I'm using my hollowbody/archtop guitar for blues and garage rock with my big doesn't bother me....I LOVE feedback
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mason williams,chet atkins,eric claptons version of classical gas the most epic song ever

really?....I always thought it is just a myth that Clapton did this song???

...anyways, it's a fact that Mason Williams wrote it
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Country Joe and the Fish - Fixin' to die rag, live at woodstock =)
Definition of epic!

YES, my favorite performance ever
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Haha, I think that's awesome!

haha, yeah me too^^.......50's style
My brother got a Stagg HollowBody guitar...sure it's cheap and no compare to high end guitars...BUT I love f***ed up sound and the feeling of cheap guitars....don't blame me
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Same here, my problem is that I try to perfect parts when I should first just get the song down decently and then work out the kinks.

Don't worry I got this problem too
I tabbed some easy songs, tooke me one hour maybe. A song with a hard to hear solo took me few days.
Crunchy and Fuzzy with Reverb
When I'm finger picking I'm holding my pick with my middle finger; pressing against the palm of the hand.

lol, I love your messy "pedalboard" in the briefcase

Oh and your Strat is gorgeous!!!
I started playing guitar when I was 17 back in 2007; I think it was October or September. So I'm playing guitar for over two years.
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I like the mess in your room.


....oh wait, what we got here?, is this a Ramones CD

nice gear btw
I also had this problem once, but in my particular case it was a malfunction (Preposition???) the amp. I returned the amp, got a new one and voila everythings working again. Maybe borrow an amp from a friend, or take your guitar to a music store and test the guitar on other amps.
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tbh...lthe 200 squire...

im not that selfish and if you look deep into your chest (through the nipples and ribs into the heart itself where all goodness lies) you will see that you will most probably feel bad if your parents bought you a really expensive guitar for nothing

i wante to pay most of my squier...but then again it was so its mine...all mine

Wow, you're expressing exactly what I feel
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Just play it with the middle string muted. You're not going to hear the muted string anyways.

That's the way I would play it. A string with index finger, D string muted with index finger and the G string with my pinky
Or you just do finger picking. This sort of chord shapes are called 'ocatves', I think.
Man, I love vintage stuff.
Any chance to hear some clips?
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My thoughts have already been expressed for me.

"A competent and self-confident person is incapable of jealousy in anything. Jealousy is invariably a symptom of neurotic insecurity." R. A. Heinlein.


is it really necessery to post this everywhere

edit: lol nice edit, mod
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A Major. its just in the F major /finger position.

You're talking about the F major finger position 1st fret, right?

Don't want to sound like a guy who completely has no clue.....damn it..I don't even know why I'm asking; maybe because it's nearly 3:00am here
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the mg15's tone is based on the african honey bee, while the mg15fx is based on the european honey bee. the mg15dfx's tone is based on the bumblebee. This is quite the upgrade.

Ironically enough, I hear the AVT's tone is based on the africanised honey bee, which itself is a hybrid.

made my day.....thanks
I play guitar, drums and a some piano.

[quote="'[VictorinoX"]']Sure thing, Hoyt.

Yeah, Deliverance
Quote by im_bored I only person that thinks it's awkward that people put their guitars in their lawn to take pictures of it?...

I don't like it either, but that's just a matter of taste, isn't it.

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Btw, do you think i can take this review and submit it in the main site? (With the proper adjustments, of course.)
I put a lot of time and effort into this, and i think it's not bad at all...
Or since it's already here, i can't do it?

Sure why not?....I mean, if there isn't already a review submited you should be fine.
Buy buy buy buy buy...oh I mean tarde trade trade trade