I just came back here after years of being off this site and this thread is still alive.
Wow, I'm really glad someone is saying the truth about those crappy sentimental i'm-afraid-to-grow-up insecure overemotional angsty freaking pictures. I know people who post stuff like this and they are the type that is so caught up in themselves that all they can think about is how sad/happy they are. They think they're so different and abused and isolated from everyone else. I had a period like that, but do you know what I did? I got over it.

Thanks for the laughs everyone.
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The first test was better, the second was easier. I pretty much match all of the Pit.
Check the alley before the evidence is tampered with. Call Larry later.
Has anyone seen 3 Idiots??
He's great, man.
Does anyone else have lag problems, or where you can't see decisions and whatnot?

It's virtually unplayable without seeing this stuff.
Rick Springfield for free at some water park in Arkansas.

But my first REAL concert was Rush.
Well the show might be 18 and up, but I know that "Adult" means different things. In movie theaters here, adult is 11, so everyone over 11 (mostly anyone who buys tickets) has to pay the full $9. At CiCi's Pizza, it's the same, just so you have to pay more. So unless the show says "no under 18", I wouldn't worry about it.
As a Bond fan, I was impressed by Quantum of Solace when it first came out, but I didn't quite understand the story. After finally seeing it again yesterday, I now fully understand, but the filmmakers really need to think about that next time. I know that you are trying to make a classier Bond film, but when I don't know what the hell's going on (compared to a Roger Moore facepalmfest that I get totally) it kind of cheapens the film's fantastic action scenes. Maybe the people should talk louder.

Also, I've been a Potter fan for a long time and I'm sad to not have seen the last one yet. My family is having some money and health problems and it sucks. Whatever. I'm ecited to see it whenever.
i CAN read music, but I can't sight read and I really don't care that I can't. What's the difference between knowing but not being fluent?
Let's get some pictures in here, Pit.
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Well, I'm rocking an SG one of the larger guitars out there. I'm nearly 6 foot, but not exactly built.

It does look a little big on me, but only when I play with other people who have more "regular" sized guitars. Doesn't bother me.

I hope you didn't just say that an SG is one of the larger guitars out there.
Wow, it's been a while since a good shoop thread.
I think we all can joke a bit about them, but there's no harm. Also: nice penis poll.
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It was me or her buddy. Also the spider was the one to break into my home so I had every right to act on account of legitimate defense.

Because spiders understand the human justice system.
She wasn't typecast in Bridge to Terebithia, as the music teacher who (kind of creepily) takes a student to the art museum without his parents' permission, which accidentally causes the death of his best friend.
I read the books this year during school (not for school). I've actually amazed myself by how fast I went through them. Fantastic novels.
Neither of them look their ages.
Why does it say that Bam's Mom was in the crash too?
From the way you all described it, I thought the video would be a lot worse. The parents do seem concerned at first, but then they probably realized that they're in a zoo behind a glass wall. Harmless.
I used to love Conan on the Tonight Show, but since his new show, it's been kinda boring. I voted Fallon because he's always got something funny going on. Craig is great, especially last night. I like Letterman but Paul talks too much and Dave himself is a bit condescending at times. Leno... well the only time I liked him was when I was a kid who was too excited to see Conan after Jay to pay any attention.
Yeah, a lot of Texans don't like him. And even if he does run, he won't be elected. So what's the big deal?
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Woah, the beat of the song in that video is at the same tempo as my washing machine right.
Even though people can play well, don't take their word on everything. Think for yourself, usually people who have been around have very strong opinions on things that maybe you don't agree with.

Also, if you are trying to make the guitar sound like a voice, let the note ring out, and then start shaking the vibrato more and more as the guitar "loses breath". Anyone who's been in a choir knows that that's exactly how it goes, and the slow vibrato is pretty tough stuff.

George is covered by icons, though.
If you watch his "AC/DC Style Shredding" video, he argues in the comments whether his guitar is out of tune or not.

Damn, after I saw him, I wished I played the drums.
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I gave him his first "like" for his youthfullness. At least he's having fun instead of sitting around watching the tube and ordering from infomercials.

Where do you think he got all the Dale Earnhardt stuff?

edit:^ DUUDE! What you are saying makes NO sense whatsoever to what this thread is about! We get it, acoustic is more honest. No need to back it up.
I've met a couple of people with the same opinion, and it seemed that as well as they could back it up, they had never actually touched an electric guitar before. Sure, think it's more honest, but just know that no one is fooled when the guy in the OP says that he is "shredding" because he isn't. Unless you pile on some serious "The Edge" effects, we can hear every mistake, and even then it all turns to rubbish if what you're playing doesn't sound good.

Just sayin', if this thread was about Acoustic vs. Electric, then you'd be perfect. Not trying to be hard on you. I can see you are new, so welcome.
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i agree that the only way to play guitar would be to practice and play music that you enjoy.
for the sake of music not trying to get laid/famous etc.

all i meant was that with an electric you get amplifiers, effects, pedals etc. and with acoustic its just you and the guitar. albeit you could hook your acoustic up and use amps, pedals, etc but i dont.

the sound that i get out of my acoustic is the sound that i worked and practiced for
not what some machine allows me to do.

no offense to the electric enthusiasts. once again i completely respect any guitarist who can shred on an electric and i dont think either is better or worse. i just enjoy acoustic thats all.

I don't know if you:

1)Know how the Pit (or the rest of UG) works.

2)Have watched the godforsaken video we are talking about. If you would have, then you wouldn't be telling us how you think the acoustic is more honest.
High Schools are full of idiots. If your friend wants to have a career in music, he will. As for the other guy, **** him. He'll be somewhere else, maybe operating a business with his charm and knowledge of how to screw people over. He might be very rich and powerful, but he won't be a musician.
Really? It's not a big deal. He probably isn't there every single day or anything.
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"Give, me, diiiiiiiick"

There really isn't any other answer.
You'll get pushed, innocently hopefully. Yes, wear earplugs. If you don't like the band, I wouldn't go if I were you, becuase metal live sounds pretty much the same unless you really know the bands music. It'll be fun, TS. I'm 15 too, so as long as you keep your head on straight and don't accept the drugs from the guy in the bathroom, you'll do fine.
I don't know what it is, maybe it's the fact that these past 3 years I haven't listened to much but rock from our olden days, but I really enjoy the techno/electronic dance pop that is popular right now. Of course not all of it, but the creativity that goes into that stuff is really refreshing, especially compared to the crap that passes for rock nowadays. I feel like I'm actually getting to know my generation now, although all of that hip-hop mess is just nasty.
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Fuck you, I'm a lazy bastard.

Baskets? Those fill up in like, 2 seconds.

I mow our front and back yards every time I mow, and I've only got to change it once every time.
It's funny that you can see Pete Townshend throwing his Les Pauls and ramming them into the ground and they barely come out of tune. Nowadays, it's kinda scary to drop one.
They should put him up there in a tuxedo. That'd be tight. While the rest of the guys are freaking out playing... whatever Slipknot plays, he'll be keeping the bottom down more solid than John Entwistle.

edit: ^To the guy above: He's probably okay with it considering, you know, he's a professional musician and realizes that he has to play to get money. He probably doesn't give a crap whether he's onstage with the band or not, unless he's a big fan or something.
In my opinion, this just shows that it's all about the show and not about watching musicians play the music. So what, their bass player dies, too bad, have another guy play his parts. In a huge band like that, playing metal too, the bass parts can't be that hard or "special" that only the original player can be seen playing them.
Because she's totally irrelevant. We were introduced to her in 2008 and ever since she's decided that she has to be in everything. Right now, she is nothing important, and yet she still feels like she has to put in her word. If America actually considers voting for her (which I'm sure won't happen, as she's universally ridiculed here) then it would only show how much we as a country have been retarded my the media.