Agreed about the headphones. Biggest thing is consistency. You want to have an identity. The classical theme in b/w should be a staple if you go through with it.

EDIT: Adding to what Celestial said, you can definitely have you and the guitar remain in colour while the rest of the environment is in b/w.

Band image really depends on what you want out of your band. It's virtually necessary if your goal is to attract label/promotion attention.
Make sure to comfortably stretch your fingers before playing. Make sure you're not putting too much pressure on the neck. Practise string bending with it. Start with the higher strings to get a good grip. Last resort: get lighter strings.
Well you got me to listen. You dick.
I want more about that Fuel Tank actually...

Oh yea grats, have fun, etc.
Pulp Fiction. Citizen Gangster. In a row.
Google how to change your DNS.

EDIT: Sorry about your gramma. I enjoyed the song.
Better technique for your wrist is behind, but it won't kill you.
Thicker strings. Do it.
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No. It's closer to Angel Dust.


OP sounds like he's got midlife crisis...
No poll = no answer, but clearly you've been suckling too much cawk.

EDIT: ****. Now there's a poll. Fine. Nose.
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OP, Are you saying athletes should be more responsible for their actions? Do more community work? I'm not following. This is silly actually. They're making a shit load of cash by playing a ****ing sport. They should be swimming in Scrooge's Money Pools (tm).
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that is not an option.

What he said is a synonym for "we're gonna have the most outrageous sex EVAR."
Just send them a postcard. Apparently you're too much of a wuss to kill, maim and destroy the Cartel's families.
Vivaldi - The Four Seasons. 'Twas magnificent, son.
Focus. Tune out everything except for the rhythm. And pick songs that follow an easy melody played on the guitar/keys or a drums' beat.
You want a scary/creepy metal sound, listen to Nile and some of their slower riffs and try to play something like it. A common one is called a heptatonic scale or something.
If it's just for acoustics, just save til you can get a pretty little condenser and get an SM57 as the distant mic and record through both. 1 mic isn't enough to capture the true acoustic feel (unless you record in a special acoustically treated room or whatever it's called)
Don't know about etiquette but the currency would have a set of tits with a dick in between with the head sticking out. Then people will look at it and say "Great tits! Your leader must be a DICK HEAD."

Trust me. It's all part of the plan.
where the hell are you in Canada?
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If no one here has seen the film Teeth, I'm about to look pret-ty silly.

Hmmm what's that movie? Click on trailer.. Haha that's awkw-- OMFGWTFISWRONGWITHAAAAA.... Thanks for ruining my outrageously rampant sexual life. No really thanks...
A wise man once said, "A weekly bleeding is part of a healthy lifestyle." I don't condone it, but if you do, good for you.
That's a little cheap for both pickups if they are new. Fishy.
Who hacked into the Russians' database?! Dammit >

Can we get an update from an admin?
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I've been in this situation before. Some psychotic bitch just kept instigating so I gave her the back of my hand. She literally never talked to me ever again. And this was the absolute craziest bitch you've ever seen.

Wow even his son is a psycho. ****ed up folks.
It might also be the wood's tone. Some guitars are made cheaply that no matter what, it still sounds like ----.

To answer your question, look at the first 8 from the list on their website that you linked us to. Then google some clips of these pickups, narrow it down to 3-4 that you really like and head to the BK seller. They're likely to be helpful if you know what you're looking for.
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I'm in Calgary, and sorry, I'm not interested in V's, explorers, warlocks, etc.

I missed the "not" in there. Yea, Calgary won't work. I like to try out my guitars first.
Interested. Where in Canada? PM if you don't wanna disclose it here.
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oddball body styles like V's, explorers, warlocks, etc.

I've got an Epiphone natural wood color 'Korina' Flying V. Well-built for an Epiphone. A pickup swap would turn it into a phenom. Pics on my page.

Why I'd part with it: simple. $$$

Offer: V + $200.
They probably recorded it themselves if you can't find the lyrics.
Are we talking in Weed Dollars or what? (What's with the bud icon?)
Gig bag? Combo amp?
For what it's worth: Half the price of a brand new one.
3D was cool when I was a wee lad and I went to this dinosaur mini-movie show thing and they tricked me with silly glasses and made me shit my pants because I thought the dinosaurs were going to crush me in my seat. Fuck you, 3D.
No djent.. til waaaay later. I'm disappoint.
Boring 1:40 minutes, imo. From there it sounds ni--- wtf Caribbean jazzy thing.

Overall, I'd take out the pre-djent part. Is it drop B?
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Indeed, nighttime is always a very special atmosphere, very inspiring. I often want to create things before sleeping.

... like babies?!
Get beginner lessons from a teacher that you feel comfortable with. Honestly these baby steps are important.
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....the......Avs? I didn't pay attention to hockey at all for a few years, came back last pre-season.

Ah, welcome back then!
I was impressed with the Av's play against the Habs with so many injuries. Now go grab the first spot in the West.
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highest rated comment just owned you there.

It's alright. We'll serve you waffles (and a loss) next time we play you

Steve, just out of curiosity, who were you cheering for last year?
I took the test, but it realized that I'm actually floating in 3D above the graph and it couldn't process it. Take that, socialists and capitalists!