The viper symbol upside down looks like daffy duck. I would post a picture, but I'm much too lazy.
Shawn Milke. I have no clue how to actually pronounce his last name, but he has a Godly voice.
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Buy her a PS3/360, that way she can be addicted to a decent system.

Please tell me you're not being serious..
Flipped an ATV 3 times while going 45 miles per hour, breaking my back and my right leg in the process. About 7/10. It wouldn't be as bad if it hadn't taken nearly 2 hours to get me to a hospital.
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If anyone needs a little mixing help i can help with that, i use a bunch of Waves plugins and decently know what im doing, just as long as the recording is pretty clean i can add effects and compression and such. If you want an example listen to my Free Fallin Cover or my (DEMO) More Than Anything on my UG profile, just hit me up

As soon as I'm done recording mine, could I send it to you? Just to see if you could do anything with it?
"What do you call a black pilot?"
For some reason, as soon as the vocals picked up, it reminded me of the song on Shrek two that plays right before he finds the little diary XD anyways.. I really like it. Singer has a nice voice, and it was very well written. Nice job.
I listened to faces, and honestly, I really loved it. Usually when I listen to something somebody recorded and put on UG, I think it's mediocre. But I liked yours a lot. Two thumbs up.
Now that I've figured everything out, I'm in too.
Well I guess I'm gonna go with Audacity, or Reaper. I'll go check out both. Thanks.
That's the thing, I have no clue. My laptop has a built in webcam, and I've used it to record videos before. I'm kinda retarted about this subject
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Can you get it to sound somewhat decent? I don't expect professional quality, but I don't want it sounding horrid either.

It sounds decent, I just don't know how to get it in the right format to upload it.
I would LOVE to be part of this, but the only way of recording I have is the little webcam on my laptop Is there any way I could make that work?
Well out here in Utah, it can be snowing one day and then the next day we'll have a heat wave. The highest I've seen it is like 112 Though I believe.
I'm interested too. I like the song, by the way
I know I'm a bit late, but I would be interested in this. If you like, I could upload a video of me playing an acoustic cover for you to hear.
Chelsea Grin. They played a new song off their upcoming album at a live show I saw them at and it blew my mind.
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You are amazing, and you mean the absolute world to me whether you know it or not.

And on that day a few months ago, you saved my life. I can't thank you enough for that. Ever.

This is how I feel about you.

But you need to quit lying, and you need to quit keeping secrets. I've told you everything you ever wanted to know. And I've never kept a secret. You're acting like you're better than everyone else, and I'll lose interest in you soon if you don't quit treating me like shit. Sure you say that you love me, and you always will, but you don't show it. You never show any actual affection. I'm confused why I even talk to you anymore. You really are an amazing girl and you mean the world to me, but I don't know if i can take you're bullshit anymore...

After Reading through this thread, I found so many more things I wanna say to you. Too bad you'll never read any of this.

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Why didn't I meet you later in life? We could have been happy.
the first riff in fredriks fantasy sounds like Enter Sandman.

Find a singer, and you guys could get somewhere.
Clear everything out of the room, paint all the walls white, and once they're dry get paintbrushes soaked in neon paint and flip paint all over the walls. Then put in carpet.
yea, that's true. I get to hang out with her tomorrow, I'll talk to her about it. I'll get back on here and tell you what she says.
nope. I'm just trying to give her a little more time before I stop hanging out with her because I really like her, and maybe she's just playing hard to get. Or maybe I'm just convincing myself she's playing hard to get because I don't wanna believe that she doesnt like me.
she said that she only views us as friends because she's not 16 yet, and that she would consider becoming more than friends before she's 16.
I don't want to hurt her feelings. She's going through a tough time in life right now, and she needs her friends. Plus she told me that she views us as just friends right now which I'm hoping to change. And I'm hoping that once we become more than friends she might like me more.
Hey guys
I was having some girl problems and was wondering if I could get some advice. so I like this girl, shes 15 I'm 16. She knows I like her, and she says she likes me back, but she doesn't act like she likes me all that much. I would ask her out just to see if she really likes me or not, but she believes that it's wrong to go on dates before she's 16. We hang out sometimes, and shes says It's ok if I hold her hand, but she acts like she's repulsed at the fact that were holding hands. Another thing that bothers me, is that she says I'm the only guy she likes, but she's constantly flirting with other guys, and every time she talks about one certain guy she refuses to tell me who he is (the only reason this bugs me is because I'm the jealous type, which I'm trying to stop being so jealous ) When she first found out that I liked her she constantly wanted to talk to me, but now she doesn't talk to me so much. She said she would still like me in a year when she turned 16, but I dont know if I believe her. Does anyone have any advice about what I should do? I'm really confused here...

Sorry for the long post
Me and a friend had a band going, but our drummer and bassist skipped out on too many practices. There are a few requirement to join though. You must be near the age of 16, have enough experience to play semi-advanced music, and you must be serious about being in a band. P.M. me if interested.

EDIT: we only need a bassist now.
I personally like Bullet for my valentines cover of creeping death better than original, but then I don't really like metallica.
hey sweet dude I'm going to BFMV when they come to the great saltair (in Utah.) It will be my first concert ever and a few questions I had were answered reading this, thanks guys.
it all depends on the genre of your band (in my opinion) though i could definitely hear rise against using those lyrics. I like them.
metallica. if they had a different vocalist they would probably be my favorite band.
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This band.

And any band that has the following setup in their songs:
Br00tlz Riffing in Drop C - Screaming unhearable lyrics - Some more br00tlz riffs - Clean singing section (Usually lyrics about someone's girlfriend and stuff) - Br00tlz riffing - Solo - More Unhearable screamed lyrics.

I discovered this band yesterday and I love them. especially this song.

on subject:
I cant stand Aerosmith, AC DC, Metallica, or Motley Crue.
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Metal wouldn't stand a chance. War would require the angry 14 year olds to actually leave their mom's basement.

this poop is ours
sound of poop
lost in the sound of poop
love poop
from under the poop tree
lead poop and paper anchors
teasing to poop
poop for you
crazy poop
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Scream Aim and Poop
Poop Magnetic
City of Poop
A Poop You Don't Deserve

EDIT: My addition: poop of blood (hand of blood)
senses fail
cute is what we aim for
dead by april
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Oh too bad angus young is one of the WORST guitarists of all time. Who do you like, nickelback?

Fixed. and yes, I do like nickleback.
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I feel that could not be further from the truth.

A group of alcoholics, a band with multiple songs about hitting on men that look like women, and a bunch of guys recording the same song a hundred times over.

Not exactly my definition of badass.