Not my type of music but surprisingly, I liked it.
Its a local band
why am I not surprised....
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you will either do this

1) as a famous person and no matter how good you are at what you do, youll be "that guy"

2) you will do this when you are not famous, have no talent, and be "that guy"

I say go for it (no joke, if you want to, do it)


well... thats some weird idea....
consider yourself special hehehehe
Epica- Cry for the moon
Iron Maiden - Fear of the dark
Chelsea will win yaaay
Frances the Mute The mars volta
Lateralus- Tool
the widow- The mars volta
ride with me- the vines

which is my fave color?
A skull full of maggots- Cannibal corpse

what day is today?
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ok *cuddles*
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Hehe, *tackles Mel and licks her .... face*

I wanna lick someone 2!! *licks Shelby's arm*
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ok ill get up then
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im sorry... but I was just sayin hi
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..... I just don't feel drunk, I might as well just lie down....

oh Hye Melody
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Thank you.... *drinks*... this ain't vodka is it...... oh well *drinks more*

u jstu dirnk
*gives almario vodka* oh............ im dizzy
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*Gets pants back*

booo im feelin a bit light-headed...
*gets back up n keeps running* oh wait *takes another shot*
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*Chases more*

*Trips, gets back up*

hahahaha u fellllllllllll!! *trips* oops
*takes another shot*
u cant get meeeeeee!!! *runs faster*
*takes 2 shots*
heree!!! *shows pants* u want em...come and get em *runs away*
*takes shot* yummmyyyyyy
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Tequila really does make her clothes come off.

maybe we should try... Im still sober
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*Wakes Lulu up*

y did u do that! I was havin an amazin dream with Aero....
*falls asleep*
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You know what I want?

somebody give her banana rum plz
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*takes Lulu to the corner of the bed for some one on one *

be right back people
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*takes another body shot*

Thsis is afucckin gpartyy, o rwaht??

*takes away the keys* u're not drivin either
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That and mah sexy voice

*sexy voice*

ur sexy voice makes me hawt
*takes shot from Shelby's bellybutton*
*bites Aero*.... hihihihi
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I just know what you like like that

thats y I married u
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*does shot of Lulus belly*

*pours and repeats*

hahaha aww i was about 2 call u