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try a hardware or electronics store if you dont have luck that doesnt look to difficult to make
Alright, sounds good. Thanks.
I need to replace the 9-Volt terminals on for my Ovation. I can only find the clip ones which would require me replacing the whole terminal assembly rather than just soldering the wire to the new ones. Where can I find these?

Okay, I'm working on exponential growth, the question goes something like this:

This dude starts off with 1 penny. Every day after, he gets the previous days amount tripled. On what day will he get 1 million dollars in one day?

I'm sure there's some easy formula, and I've looked it up, I'm just not sure how to input the numbers, exponents, etc.
This is what I got, in standard tuning.

It sounds close, but I'm not sure about that first run and the F chord. Also the G sounds like bottom two strings are open.
The main acoustic part of this song that's played throughout. Thanks.
I went to school once..then I killed 32 people and wounded 25 others. Everyone thinks I shot myself afterwards. Loldecoy.
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3rd wave ska or what they turned into?
RX Bandits.
I don't see how that makes sense, but sorry for not paying attention to the rules. Feel free to remove or whatever.
Feel free to offer.
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I know this is the drug thread, but I'm drinkin. Somewhat depressed actually. I hate drinking alone. No one to talk to, Skyrim is full of NPCs so it's not the same.
Somehow managed to get my money stolen two days in a row trying to experiment with ice. I'm going to take it as a sign and stay away from it.
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Something is terribly slightly out of tune. Solid tone though.

Do me a favor, count how many open C notes you played. Just curious.
It's in drop B# normally, my guitar is in drop C, I'm aware of this. If I drop the tuning of my guitar in Audacity to match the song it tends to muddy it up.
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Them's some good lookin' nugz you got right thur.
Thank you sir. Home grown! Not by me, unfortunately.
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would appreciate some crit, i'm really not sure how close to completion this is
I'm diggin it a lot, really. Just needs a little more depth.
Taken with my phone's camera, not bad. Zoom in for yummy goodness.

No flash

Are we allowed to post pictures of sexy as weed in here?
Smokin some danky dank with my bff in the morning. I don't smoke much anymore, so I'm excited. He's got some home grown that looks like reg, but hits like a truck. 10 am, hurry up and get here bro.
That's awful. What a piece of shit.
Hot or cold, sweetened, but not too much. I literally was ingesting some tea as I read this thread title.
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I dunno about the 'natural'ness of them dude, is what I'm saying, they're all labgrown chems aren't they?

I mean, when I get offered herbal high pills, i doubt there's a single herb seen the pill .
Oh, no I'm not saying any of what I'm talking about is natural. I know there are some more natural ones, but the ones around here are just ****ing chemicals sprayed on neutral plants.
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afaik, k2 etc are just as synthetic? They're not a plant, the active chemicals are synthesised in a lab then pressed onto leaves...
Well, I know there are some more natural ones at smoke shops, I'm just not sure what their names are. Probably because everyone gets the synthetic shit because it's so much more potent.
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I ****ing hate those things man. I've tried a few at a few different times, a couple have gone alright. However, doing too much is not like doing too much weed, (which I don't smoke much to be fair, I'm probably not the best commentator) - they gave me some (horrible) closed eyed cartoonish visuals which were all intense and agitating, one lot made me lose about 6 hours of my memory during which I was apparently almost catatonic...

they all feel distinctly different from pot, and it's not that pleasant a high - for me, i feel like they're usually a really strong body high, and very 'spiny-prickly' all over for the entire duration.

I know which I prefer.
Exactly. I've had 3 trips that were similar. In all of them, my eyes remained open while I would make one or two intelligible words every 20 seconds and otherwise would be flailing my arms. I've also noticed that everyone who has tripped on this stuff have all had some sort of power struggle. For me, I'll be in a tunnel full of people who I've seen throughout my life. I'll be trying to move forward, but people will be holding me back, yelling my name. And to get out, I would have to yell peoples' names that I knew were in my current reality, as an effort to get back to reality. As I yelled for them, they would appear and help pull me away from everyone else. And as these people around me in real life would yell things at me trying to get me to stop tripping, I would see them in my head yelling at me. Then eventually, I'd fade back into reality and everyone would be looking at my like, "What in the ****?"

During every time this has happened, I honestly thought I was going to be stuck in this people filled tunnel in my head for the rest of my life in some sort of vegetative state in a psych ward. ****in scared me man.
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Are you guys smoking the synthetic or the more natural types? I don't know much but my friend said something about his being either natural or herbal or something, just looks like weed kind of.

I smoked a little and at low doses its alright but what youre describing he refers to as "spinning out" and apparently it happens quite often
Well, things like umm I think K2 and a few others are the more natural herbs. Black Magic, Fire, Kush XXX Extreme, Bob Marley, and all of the other ridiculously titled ones are the straight bullshit. And as for the ones I'm referring to that everyone smokes around here, it's the crazy bs ones.
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I've smoked some before and it was really nothing like you're describing. It just felt like weird weed, very strong though. Like being extremely stoned the first time mixed with a slight feeling of opiates or DXM in a way.
It feels like that, yes, but when people trip on it they go from feeling like that and then they doze off into the experience I described.
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^I don't like them legal smokes. One of my friends went on a bit of a binge on them where he smoked them constantly for a week and he came to hang out with me and another friend later on. He was really agitated and kept talking about how he wanted to smoke more but he didn't have a piece. We offered to roll him a joint but then he decided not to, but about 5 minutes later he came up to us again and asked us to, but then changed his mind again. And then he drove off all pissy
Man, people around here are becoming addicted to the legal smoke like it was meth. Their #1 goal all day is to go get some. It saddens me. And they do it so much that when they're not high on it, they're slow as balls.
So, all the dudes around here have been getting in trouble for being dumbasses and are now I'm probation getting weekly drug tests. As a result, everyone went from being a pothead to a, what we call around here, legal head. Have you guys heard of this shit and how relevant is it where you are? Gas stations and smoke shops basically sell it as 'incense' or 'potpourri.' I'm assuming it's some neutral plant sprayed with chemicals. The amount coming out is ridiculous. They have names like Godfather, Blue Dream, Relaxanol, Mr. Nice Guy, and about 30 different others. This shit has gotten illegalized several times, but companies just remake them a little different and start selling again. I've tried it several times and I've noticed that since this stuff has first started showing up, about a year ago, it's gotten way stronger and weirder. It literally has made myself and other people I know trip balls. You go into some state where you're in your head seeing weird ****ing shit and your body is flailing or you're yelling stuff out. One of the scariest experiences I've ever had. The kind that made me trip was K9 and the newest, Diablo. I'll never touch it again, I swear. It's got to be ****ing terrible for your body. The newest thing now though is called Daylights and Nightlights which are essentially legal ecstasy. I've tried it a few times and it did feel just like ex, if not stronger. It's sold as a sexual stimulant. My buddy said it's like one molecule off of MDMA, said it was MDME, but I don't think he knew what the **** he was talking about. I'm not going to do it again either, but it was an interesting experience.

On the bag for the legal ex it says don't exceed more than one in 24 hours. This ****ing fool showed up to my friends house on 2 1/2 of them and I swear to Jesus Christ, he repeated the same questions and shit, basically switched between like 6-7 phrases, for 12 HOURS ****ING STRAIGHT. Not only that, but he had straight up 15 second memory. It was a horrifying experience and it literally haunts me. He was so ****ing dumb. I stole all of his shit.


I can't find much information about the legal ex online. Someone said it might be MDVP, but I really can't be sure.
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Go back to the future.
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i dont know why but i fought the law, and the law won
Probably because the government owns this mother****ing country. Pathetic.

Okay, I'm back from the future.
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Probably should have paid your ticket.
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Why the hell wouldn't you wear your seatbelt anyway? Fancy death?
Honestly, I'm very, very good at wearing my seat belt. I was driving, literally, less than a quarter mile around the corner in my neighborhood to my friends house and a cop happened to be chilling.
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They might actually let you slide without the record then. "I'm getting a job and becoming a contributing member of society" is generally considered to be about as good a character reference as you can get. Law students do this with surprising frequency because they do stupid shit at parties and then can't write the bar until they get their record wiped.

You'll probably still hafta pay the ticket eventually though. The "I need a clean record so I can get a job and help my family" line will probably be your best bet. Good luck man
Yea, I'm really good at sweet talking. I probably would have gotten my petty larceny fine reduced had I gotten a chance to talk to the judge, but he made it too quick. Thanks a bunch.
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as opposed to figurative answers?
I suppose I meant serious*.
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Depends on where you're from, but they probably won't throw you in jail over $250...that being said, $250 is a pretty difficult amount to argue as being unaffordable. They might just put a dinky interest rate on it while you go and dig up the money. If you belligerently refuse to pony up for $250, they might give you community service, but you'd spend 3x the amount of time than that than if you'd just gotten a job.

tl;dr = get a job ya bum.
See, that's the thing I'm going to explain to him. I've had a lot of family issues going on, my dad doesn't even have the money, and I just went yesterday to take a drug test for my new job. Shit, my new job is doing a background check too. I'm going to be ****ed if they see I have a warrant.
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If you can't pay it all off completely I believe you have to work it off through community service.
I have a petty larceny fine from like a year ago I'm still paying. I'm going to make my case to the judge, which I think is pretty compelling. I just don't know if he'll reduce it like $100 or back to the original amount and I don't know if the larceny charge is going to be a factor in what they do.
My friends said they slowed down on smoking cigs then switched to smoking black and milds on rare occasions and they said it helped a lot. I understand blacks are worse, but with how rarely they smoke them (2 over maybe a 3 day period) it's actual less nicotine intake. Then I assume they'll slowly cut back on blacks until it's eventually no nicotine. What do you guys think about this method?
So, I got a $25 seatbelt ticket and I somehow forgot to pay it. Letter in the mail today, big fat letters, says arrest warrant. The fine also went to $250. I called and they said I could talk to the judge about getting it reduced. My question is, if they don't reduce it to where I can actually pay it, because I definitely don't have $250, are they going to expect me to pay today and if I can't, are they going to stick me in jail? What the ****.

Literal answers only please. I'm seriously stressing.