Well, obviously there's Squier (Fender) and Epiphone (Gibson)...I would suggest an epiphone personally. Squiers tend to get laughed at. Especially the strats. But there's always the minor brands to consider too. Just start playing and see what you like.
I heard that Billie Joe's Junior has a smaller 60's neck, compared to regular Juniors that have a bigger 50's neck. Is there any other Junior with a neck like Billie's?
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Personally I'd get a regular Junior and pop in a Seymour Duncan STK-P1. Pure P-90 tone, no buzz and less expensive than BJA's, plus personally the regular pink Gibson lines cases with has always held a soft spot in my heart, so I'd take that over Billie's leopard-print case.

I actually love a leopard!...but I looked it over, and it just doesn't have very many controls, and I would like to have a little more variety. I think its down to the Junior or Fender Mustang, which I also like. I know some people don't like Fender, but it's not like the Mustang is a little cheap $200 guitar. What do you think? :/
Does anyone have this guitar? What do you think of it? It's on my list of guitars that I might buy. I do love Green Day, but is it worth paying for a signature guitar rather then just getting a normal Junior?
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What genres of music do you mainly play?

Rock/ alternative crazy solos or anything; mainly just power chords
I am new to electric guitars, and would really like to get one. I have no idea what to buy though! Whats a good 6-string guitar in the 500-1000 dollar price range that is good for smaller hands and is pretty durable? I don't have a brand preference...
Thanks. I am not used to capos, so I'm not sure about these things.
My friend was messing around with my guitar and left the capo on the first fret. I didn't know and then went and stayed that night at her house. So then yesterday I came home and found the capo still on. So the capo has been on a good 24 hours, which I hear is a bad thing. The rubber on the capo seems to be fine, considering I just bought it. I am concerned about the strings though. I jut changed the strings two days ago and I am just wondering if this damaged them. My guitar is electric-acoustic, and I currently have D'addario .0095 electric strings on it. Please help! I don't want to go buy and change strings again!