not at all. next time ask emad or matter
all the tabs are under your credits now!
That's been fixed! Thanks for letting us know
I don't really know what has happened to it, but I've just restored it:
please PM me the edited version and I'll make the necessary changes
you should just refresh that page and everything would be fine. now you should start all over again if you haven't saved your review on your HDD
has been requested before and turned down because:

1. it requires a vB hack
2. it's useless
3. you could search for your username and find all the posts that include it if you really need to know who and where has quoted you
4. read AeroRocker's post
we're planning to make something like "my requests" page where will be the statuses and whatnot
hmm, it's very odd... I've checked it by myself and everything worked just fine. please let me know if this happens again.
we're thinking of implementing this
Quote by aig91
I did submit quite a few as "unregistered user" because they weren't my work (exported power tabs/guitar pro). And when they were approved and put on the site I checked the tab requests and the same request (same date, same amount of votes and everything) were still in the tab request system. I also subscribed to them and I hadn't gotten an e-mail saying that they were put on the site. But for some reason, it seems to be working better for me now than it did before. I could continue to keep an eye out for that and post back here if there's a problem if you'd like me to.

Annie, I need to know which tab submit option you used. was it a common "submit tab" page or you used a green submit link from the Requests page?
check it out now please
what browser are you using?
taken under consideration
we didn't get your review. sorry
or just press ctrl + F5 on the page that appears after the page with "Thank you for logging in: click here..."
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Shouldn't it be too?


They also say "Pund" in the review section but it doesn't really matter.

fixed as well. thanks to everyone
did Annie submit those tabs from TR page?
Quote by aig91
From what I've noticed, it seems as if requests aren't being removed from the request system after that request has been fulfilled? I've come across a few today that have been fulfilled and added to the archive over the past few days but were still in the tab request system.

do you mean you submitted the tabs that's been requested, then them were posted on the site but the requests are still here?
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you should allow us to change the name of our profiles but still have all of our friends as well,cause i really wanna change my profile name and like you can't even delete my account as i was told.please help

NO!!! wth?!?!
try it now. if you still get that error - try to visit
make it perfect and it will be posted on the site!
will be fixed asap
will fix that problem asap
you could visit users' profiles to learn what instruments they play
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....Annie's a tab mod.

yeah, but she can't remove tabs
both reported tabs have been removed. thanks for letting me know.
do you still have this problem?
what?!?! where did you get this page?! o_O

here's your fav artists page:

Click "Manage my tab subscriptions »" to view your fav artists!
really? everything still works fine for me
do these things work for you in other browsers?
I've just checked it out and it works fine in both IE and FF. as soon as you change something in the status' text field the 'save' button becomes available
you should ask the original tabber to post his works on our site before. in case he won't get in touch with you -- you'll be able to post these tabs with his credits