3 Doors Down
Kim Mitchell
Blue Oyster Cult
The Trews
Great Big Sea
Moira Darling
Today I Caught The Plague
Protest The Hero
Protest the Hero
Machine Head
Scar Symmetry
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I guess I could add a few more serious ones:

According to a survey by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, the average Canadian home has 2.5 rooms per person, the highest of all 34 OECD member countries, where the average is 1.6.

Business bankruptcy rates in Canada are lowest in over 30 years

Canada's space industry is "the most commercially successful in the world", with over $3 billion in revenues in 2009 alone, over half of which were in exports, according to the Canadian Space Agency.

Canadians play more golf than anyone else in the world. We spend over $13 billion on golf each year, and played more than 70 million rounds per year during the recession. Saskatchewan has the most golf courses per capita of anywhere in the world.

Out of 212 cities in the last Mercer Ecology Study, Calgary was ranked the world's most eco-friendly city, with Ottawa placing third, and Montreal and Vancouver tied for 13th.

...I just happen to have an issue of MacLean's in front of me...

Holy shit. I just read that issue and story today at the dentists.
Watching House right now.
Hell yes do it. THese are the opportunities in life that if you pass up you will regret for the rest of your life.
BLT on Monterey Cheddar. No cheese. Not toasted. Lettuce, tomato, both olives. Hot sauce and southwest sauce. Parmesan cheese. I went to the Subway next to my school so often last year that i didn't even have to say anything when i walked in they ladies working just knew what to make. :P
3 Doors Down this past summer in Belleville
You guys really were the best. Good Luck.
Weekly in public school math class? Teacher actually asked me to teach one day when a supply came in.
Most of the time i just out it on shuffle and let the music play cause i have it on as background sound. But when i do sit down to pay attention to the music i will pick a random album i haven't listened to all the way through in a while and listen to that.
Voted. Good luck man.
Guns N' Roses
Rage Against the Machine
Between the Buried and Me
Alice in Chains
One time i woke up lying on my floor. Comfortably with pillows and a blanket. Facing the opposite way i had been lying on my couch. Wierded me out then i just went back to sleep.
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The end of Blindfolds Aside by Protest the Hero.
4 pounds of potatoes and 2 enormous pork chops. With dessert. It was delicious.
Bruce Dickinson, Ivan Moody, Rody Walker, or Robb Flynn
Theory of a Deadman, Three Days Grace, 3 Inches of Blood, Finger Eleven
I'm 6'3" and still growing
It was such an awesome movie. all the action scenes were done really well and it was a good balance of action and comedy throughout.
Protest the Hero, Machine Head, In Flames, Dream Theater

Blindfolds Aside-Protest The Hero
Bump. Awesome guitar. If i had the money i would buy it.
Mastodon and Machine Head
I have done the 30 Hour Famine at our school twice. All it involved was raising money, not eating for 30 hours and staying in the gym of our school. really easy actually. Played Xbox all night and listened to loud music the entire time.
I'm shocked no one has mentioned Protest the Hero yet. They are from Hamilton and are amazing. All of the members play the shit out of their instruments and kick major ass. Go check them out now.
I got a small beard on my chin
The chorus of Not Falling by Mudvayne
Give It All - Rise Against
Push It - Static-X
Corseting - Atreyu
2 X 4 - Metallica
Stupify - Disturbed
Protest the Hero, Kataklysm, Rush, The Guess Who
I would be absolutely fine with it. They would be my child and I would love them no matter what.
God Washington can't get their act together.
Complete dick move
I like being able to see the physical manifestation of my music collecting so i tend to buy the cds unless i'm feeling really lazy then I download the music legally.
We don't have a uniform but we have dress code. Navy blue, tan/khaki?, or white with absolutely no logos of anything. Its quite annoying.
Wow. I just heard about that before I logged on here. I live down the highway past Kingston and its crazy how much stuff like this happens. I'm glad they got caught.
Smells Like Teen Spirit. I'm still not overall good at guitar but I can play it.