i remember you, you were lonibal right
didn't end up playing league but i don't want this thread to get locked cus history
just got my appendix out, so i'm off work for at least two weeks, then i'll be going back to work on modified work. so that leaves a lot of time to do a whole lot of fuck all. so maybe i'll try and get back into this game.

either that or just play a lot of NHL or something. 

my second day being back at home and i'm already bored out of my skull
what, is that it pussy why not 100k
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Hi Skyler,

This is the first time I've been on UG for several years and I saw your post and couldn't help but sign in and respond.

I work in exercise rehabilitation and will give you the best advice I can without being able to give you a proper physical exam. From what you've described it sounds like you might either be a candidate for nerve ablation or a spinal laminectomy (which will widen the spinal canal if the narrowed pathway is the root cause of the problem).

1) You have the right mindset with wanting to exercise - if you don't use it, you lose it. Even if surgery becomes the most viable option to relieve whatever pain you are in, doing exercise to strengthen the musculature around the joints will lead to better post-surgical outcomes. Surgical interventions NEED to be coupled with physical rehabilitation to have any chance of success.
2) Even though the scan you have received is full of medical jargon it is important to remember it is simply a guide used to help a clinician make an informed decision about how to best deliver treatment. You are more than a scan, and trust your own judgement with what you are experiencing. Your own pain levels are the best way to monitor your situation. Dessication, bone spurs, bulging discs etc are actually completely normal and occur in everyone - they become a problem if a particular nerve becomes hypersensitive or irritable as a result. 
3) I have no idea how much you weigh, but if you are overweight then losing excess body mass is one of the absolute best ways to improve your health, it will reduce the amount of force that your joints are experiencing and will help with improving mobility. The easiest way to do this is monitoring your food and drink intake and increasing your physical activity throughout the entirety of the day. Do this properly by tracking it using a step counter/MyFitnessPal. Resistance exercises to strengthen the muscle around the joint and increase joint stability are also necessary.
4) You will not hurt yourself with exercise if it is graded properly - the only way you will hurt yourself is if you expose yourself to a load way greater than your capacity to handle at the current time OR if you perform the exercise without proper technique (this is most commonly manifested in having a bent spine, which will put excess pressure on one localised spot in your spine rather than distributing load evenly).
5) Ask your physiotherapist for appropriate exercises to do at home.

I am reluctant to give specific exercises without seeing you or knowing what potential aggravators and movement deficits you might have but bodyweight yoga and pilates style exercises should be an appropriate place to start.

Cat cow, child's pose, cobra, bow and arrow stretch, simple neck rotations. 

Glute bridges, supine toe taps, bird dog, theraband row.

There should be plenty of online guides to appropriate coach these. Do them in front of a mirror. NEVER exercise into pain, trust your body. Go slowly and control each movement. Good luck

I'm a bit late replying to this, but I really appreciate the help.I will try the things that you recommended and take it from there. I'm still waiting for my physiotherapy appointment, but yes I am definitely lacking in mobility especially in the neck movement. I cannot look far left, as it sends shooting pain down my neck/back, and I cannot look up very well, and I definitely cannot look up & to the right, and up & to the left, as it also sends shooting pain down my neck/back.

I've got some muscle relaxants which help sometimes, but the pain is still there.

I'll try the exercises you've mentioned and also do some research as well to try and do my best to alleviate the pain.

Thank you very much
it wont' die

i wonder if ichi is still alive, and momie, cors, mango, soap,sticky, omni,chuche, spoon

may have missed some

i play a couple games every few months but it's kinda different now and i have no idea what i'm doing anymore and have no idea what the meta is or whats good
everyone in here sucks too no worries
oh wow it was like 3 posts before the second one that i noticed you were a mod

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still waiting for karlsson to "click" with the team

i think he'll pick up soon.

meier has been doing pretty darn great

jones hasn't been having the greatest year.

just hoping for a slow start, and hoping they'll pick up soon
Alright, so obviously none of you are doctors so just to clarify, i'm not looking for medical advice lol

I am still looking to exercise though, as i've been out of commission for quite a while.. I had heart surgery in, I think aug 2016, and then I've had chronic joint issues (knees, elbows, wrists, etc you name it) so essentially I've taken it fairly "easy" the past while. my heart still gives me a few small issues but it's not too bad.

I've got some spinal/vertebrae issues, and I've been referred for a few different things (referred for some kind of nerve electric stuff testing, similar to what they use to test for carpal tunnel, as well as referred to a neurologist and a neurosurgeon) 

I've been given two options: do physiotherapy and/or take medication to deal with the effects of my conditions for the rest of my life, as well as the option to have spinal surgery.

the pic in the spoilers is what i have, i had to google a lot of the words cus i didn't understand lol

basically, bone spurs, disc desiccation, bulging discs, disc extrusion, and nerve root irritation 
the health system is canada is fantastic, but i am going to be waiting for a long time just to see a neurosurgeon/neurologist. and i'm not sure the timetable on the physiotherapy.

once physio happens, absolutely nothing but very basic healthcare is offered in my small northern town, so i'll be driving 400km/248miles there and back, each time.

the doc has given me stretches and stuff (which I do often) but i would still like to exercise and work on my body, while not completely fucking it up

i have no idea if any of you guys have any kind of experience with this, but i mean hey i might as well ask and see if i can find anything useful.

i won't ask for you to make up an entire routine and all that bullshit, but basically i'm looking for stuff to strengthen my joints (primarily ankles/knees/wrists) and strengthening my back and my neck, while trying my best to avoid damaging it even further

TL;DR - I'm 23yrs old, and ready to be taken out back in the same vein as a horse with a broken leg
I've dealt with this for 10 years already, so i'm sure i can make another 10 more probably

any help is appreciated

bonjour i did not die i am still here

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definitely sauce over pasta.

i'm starving now.
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Pretty upset the sharks didn't get Tavares but if Toronto doesn't win the cup in 2+ yrs they are gonna have some big cap issues, more than they had already. So it'll be interesting to see how that plays out, and what they do.
yeah can i please be changed to skylerjames instead of skylerjames13

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wonder what they're up to nowadays, only keep in touch with a few
one of these days i'll download the updates and play

i keep saying that

but one day i will actually do it
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Grey Dynasty Oh so i'm assuming only electronic music so my acoustic stuff isn't allowed then
Haven't been around for quite a while. Is this the thread you come to when you need advice?
I'm in need of some unbiased advice (preferrably with some psychiatric experience or knowledge but I'll take what I can get)

Issues include relationship advice but problems run deeper than that, into mental health problems.

If you have free time (I'm working nightshift right now until 7am CST) I would love to have somebody to talk to about this stuff.

Obviously a medical professional is ideal, but I work a two week, 12.5hrs per day schedule and there are no mental Heath services in my small town.

You can PM me on here, or you can text me on snapchat (it's far easier to talk on there, as I can notifications instantly and I will definitely forget to check UG)

My snapchat is skylerjames13 yeah I know I'm very original lol
Shit i missed out on this one. Have barely been on UG lately. Anyone know the time frame for the next one?
One of these days I'll update and play... 

one of these days
it was apparent and mutual so nothing is new
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Blitz was b0ss

I don't even know League anymore
ali and rapture were banned? so all the regulars are getting banned lol who's all left alive now

also i can't believe that theogonia is an elected moderator, this place has spiralled 
i'm not on here enough to be relevant anymore so i'm just j/k lol

one of these days i'm gonna try and get back into league

one of these days
can't believe Ins didn't make me a birthday thread
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