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**** gibson

they should be paying you...

Whoever Lynyrd Skynyrds guitarist is
I'd be the guy who falls asleep during English and would wake up again for lunch.
St. Anger- Mettalica
Behind Blue Eyes-Limp Bizkit
Kamikadze looks awesome

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grab the 535q. i have one and it has everything covered. i love it, its perfect.


I'd go for the telecaster as well. Don't really like the stratocaster or the SG either. love the les paul though
This was just supposed to be like an interlude or something. I can't think of a good rhyme for these:

You expect me to tolerate this crap,
While you're out there having great fun.

Need help!!!

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pretty good

Totally agree.
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With ears.

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With my ears.

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with my ears...

great. thanks a lot.
the lot for me.

if you can't read this please consult your optician
a gibson les paul goldtop
personally I'd go for the les paul.
i like UG

if you can't read this please consult your optician.

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That no matter where life takes you-
As you try new and different things-
They can only kill you once.
i think it's is a gibson les paul plugged into a marshall stack (with the gain turned up to 10).

if you can't read this please consult your optician
probably feedback. have your guitar facing away from the amp. hope i helped
Guns n Roses-Appetite for Destruction
I've no experience with any of them but i like epiphones (and like gibsons more)
don't have a clue. if i tried to modify a pedal i'd probably blow up the house.
Mario Galaxy. no, actually i don't know what your talking about. i never heard of it.
what are you talking about?
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Because it did.
how come the pit changed from the pit to the game (for a few days) and then back to the pit. why? i don't know if that happened everywhere but it happened here.
great! zappp found 5 whole dollars! its a miracle!!
thank god it didn't happen in Ireland or I would've died.
an epiphone les paul if your looking to stay under $
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download the LAME encoder my friend

then export your stuff as MP3

for the moment though you can get WM converter to convert the tracks you've already done

good luck man

I'll use that too. thanks!
the thing thats pissing me off is that everyones advertising there gear in the forums. STOP RIGHT NOW!!!! (im not trying to sell)
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Why the link? Quit trying to sell ****.

why would i be trying to sell. i just like gibson guitars.
welcome to the jungle. i have a six year old brother and if you came to my house...
i never heard of brang.