Jason Becker
I Just Wanna (Rock N Roll) by Steelheart sounds like Wild Side by Motley crue
One lunchtime we went round sticking notices on all classroom doors saying 'emergency assembly after lunchtime, main hall, all must attend' so after lunch, all the teachers believed it so chaos ensued as around 3000 pupils and teachers were crammed around the main hall.
The local bank was robbed! The front page of the paper on my birthday has big pictures of hostages crying all over it!
guns dont kill people, rappers do
"Robert Plant came up with so many great guitar riffs"
Well...That was dissapointing
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yeah pretty much sums it up!
Well w/e happens, I sure as **** hope I dont get reincarnated, I'd have to do school all over again!! christ
He creamed on your bike!?I thought that only happened in movies =S
A Mattocaster like his dad
Micheal Jackson got a haircut?
Sorry about that
I know f' all but it probably expands into 'dark matter'
Now, get some sleep for God's sake
I dont know much either, but its probably not complete on audacity cus its such a basic program. I reckon the tracks should show up corectly on something more advanced like Cubase. Just a suggestion though, I know jack all lol
Charlotte Cooper!
Yo Gabba Gabba? Please dont tell me they copied a kids show title from Ramones