So, I made this song today. Give it a listen.

Unchained spirit of a chained loop
Always on time, always on point
7.62 printed on the chest
In this world we don't disappear
I know your footsteps, I know your face
Prepare to be baptised in grace of fire

Pull me back, I'm on the edge
And cover every open space
Tell me when you've got my back
I'm safe in your sights, bullet sister

Behind every corner another lost soul
Behind every mission a bitter taste
We came here as heroes, now it feels so stale
Does anything matter? They just come again
I know your footsteps, I know your face
Prepare to be baptised in grace of fire

Pull me back, I'm on the edge
And cover every open space
Tell me when you've got my back
I'm safe in your sights, bullet sister

Another sunrise, another race
It all burns to ashes
Can you see the end?

Pull me back, I'm on the edge
And cover every open space
Tell me when you've got my back
I'm safe in your sights, bullet sister
Started doing this guitar track yesterday. Still haven't mixed it and I'm planning on adding some keyboards -- maybe chiptunes.

There ya go. It was made for FAWM2014 so it's just demo quality stuff. No need to comment the sound quality, performance, or production, because it's really poor in many place.
Ok here are demos of a few songs I made this fall.

True Crime

Dreams of Better Days

Rain of Judgment

Levelling the Playing Field


Why Don't You Make Me


Signs (That Give You Away)

Summer Storm

Life is a Game

Fortune's Favor


Last Sunrise

Last Defense

Giant Shark Robot

Frost Line

No Essence

This Time

Another Time


Swan's Journey

Remove the Blindfold

Kurkien tanssi (in Finnish)

Song in My Heart

Wild Berries



Perfectly Alone

Fire Engine

Unseen Future

Facing Yourself

End of the Line

Two Worlds
I tried to recreate the sounds in Aces High to a some degree but couldn't get the guitar tone sit at all. One guy suggested that I need to double track both of the guitars in that harmony section but I have never heard anyone doing that. He even said that it's a common practice when recording that sorta lead guitar lines.

Then why does nobody ever talk about it?
So I did a couple of new songs this week. The production and playing might not be anything special. Just putting down some ideas.

Chrome Beach Sunset

New Giza


Empty Barrel Field

The Flagship

You may also comment on my page if you want.
Ok... listening on: Loud

Damn. Nice production, man. The singer is a beast! Guitar tones make my ceiling ruble. This is the kinda blues I can get into. Hell yeah. Damn that guitar solo is goood! I don't know, man... really made my head bop along. Sounds nasty in a good way. Haha.

C4C? Pick out anything from my page and comment there, thanks!
Hmm, I've never really noticed anything major with using different mics. At least any demos I record at home I just use whatever mic and then force everything together on Reaper. Nice to know that there are people interested in the workings of different mic, tho.

Nice sort of rain-like feeling to the song. Not a thunderous rain, just a soft, warm, and wet summer rain. Just gives me the same feeling. Funny thing about singers, I usually listen the melody and voice more than the lyrics. And I've no complains about your delivery. Very nice, actually!

Tonally the guitar and singing are quite far apart. Other one is bright and brilliat and the other is dusty and gloomy. I wish there was something the bridge them together. Maybe piano, harmonica etc. Or just fiddling with the gtr tone? Anyways... it's not bad, just noticed as I listened.

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Hey bro, cool video!

I like the way you slam that guitar! Really shows who's the dog and who's the master. Sort of reminded me of something Eric Johnson would play if with a different tone. I don't listen too much blues, but I can appreciate a full armada of Z licks when they fall on my head. Nice!

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Wow... you know your shit, man!

I'd buy an album of this... or atleast listen it a shit ton on Spotify! I love the pace of the thing. Usually acoustic stuff is the sort of mellow whimpering, but you go balls to the wall with this one. Really cool! There's some real energy behind the playing. It's constantly kicking, even if you play a bit softer. Respect!

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Nice playing! Really sounds like something that'd fit on Dark Side. That sound is very good. I can hear that you've played a lot of this style. I didn't hear any mistakes. Maybe you're just too tough on yourself. Great job!

C4C? Pick out anything from my page and comment there, thanks!
Interesting sound in the intro. It's sort of chilly, but then the chord progression brings some nice contrasting warmth to it. Drums sound excellent! I agree with Aaron, this could definately use VOX! It's good as it is, but sort of background music vibe to it, which I kinda try to avoid myself. Vocals would kick it up a notch.

That hard rock part round 2 mins was MASSIVE. Maybe... you could free some sonic space round low mids, but it's really ok as it is, too.

The song flows quite nicely, but could use some variation in the progression. It's descending all the time, which makes it... umm... kinda flat. I don't know how to describe it better. The stuff at the end really make things more interesting. Maybe you could add some of that in the middle of the track? Just a suggestion tho. I'm just trying to come up with things to do, if you really think it needs improvement. Sounds cool tho, as it is!

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Yeah, awesome acoustic sound! I really love the movement of the song. Makes my legs move... haha. The vox echo is sorta disturbing at first, but then it fades to the background. Very 50s sounding that.

I like the production. Everything seems to be very well balanced. The verse is nice and static and when the song decides it's a time to get moving it really takes you with it.

There seem to be some slight problems with some instruments staying in the same tempo here and there but might be I've just trained myself listening for that since I do quite a lot of recording. It's not that bad, really. Really cool track!

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So no C4C? Sorry that I bothered you with my comment.
Pretty damn well produced. Awesome vox and everything going on there. The guitars are well layered and I like all the differend textures created by those different playing patterns. Really cool 1:10 switch on drums. I really appreciate that.

What I'd maybe change if it was my song, I'd try creating a little more nuances between the different sections. Now it's pretty much on eleven throughout, except that 5 second portion near the end. It's not my business to say, but if you want a pointless opinion, try lowering the energy level of verses to about 5 and then go to 11 on those choruses.

Awesome track, nonetheless. Just figure out how to signature each of your tracks. Now this is pretty generic. Making them stand out means taking risks. Sometimes they don't pan out, but when they do, it's amazing. Maybe someone else thinks this is exactly what they've been looking for... in which case, ignore everything I just criticised.

Closing thoughts... I wouldn't mind hearing this a few times on the radio. Very nice job!

C4C? Pick anything on my page and comment there:

So here's a little bit of listening for anyone who wants to give it a go!

I made all this in one month for our crazy little indie war shooter game... so it's instrumental soundtrack stuff, but works pretty well when you're running around shooting crap! Pre-emptive THANKS for anyone who bothers to comment.
Wow, that's a punch to the face! Really nice overall sound!
Well here's the thing. I'm listenin Muttations. The track isn't really going anywhere. It just runs in a circle. The melodies constantly sound somehow off. Is that the point somehow? I don't get it. There isn't like a real structure to the song. It's just riff after riff all played at 11 and it gets kinda tedious because nothing stands out and like I said the melodies sound off. Maybe it's the weird chord progressions. I hate to sound like this! Shit. Maybe it just sounds good to someone else.

But why such a weird chord progressions and melodies?!? Why? Like this part that starts at 0:55. That just sounds offputting! The bass somehow falls somewhere that's not on the scale and then it just repeats that. I'm not trying to be mean but just seriously does that sound good to you? This is weirding me out.

The drums are somehow incredibly noisy. They're constantly hitting everything. Is that what punk is?

Damn. Now I feel like asshole writing a comment again. Well, to me no part really sounded good in that track. There were few that were 'ok' but that won't really carry the track. In addition to that everything sounded VERY similar... almost like one riff repeated 4 minutes. There were the HITS in the middle there (where the guitar sounded incredibly like MIDI wtf?) and that's really the best part of the song... because I can actually recall it. I can't remember anything else that really happened in this song.

VOX would definately do A LOT here but I'd try to pace the song somehow more clearly. Keep some heavier parts and then have quieter parts... you know where the drums aren't going psycho! I can't concentrate on anything on this track and everything sounds weird and distorted (not gain distorted but writingwise). Man, this is a hard one to crit.

If you think the song sounds good, then please just ignore everything I said. Because in the end YOU know what YOU like and that's all that matters. I'm just trying to make sense of this in my own limited worldview. Glad you understand.

Hey if you wanna C4C after that check this out:
Hehee, nice video!

You guys can certainly play. It's pretty basic song so I'm not gonna write too much about it really. I think I've heard this one 50 times already all from different bands. You can play, you can sing, it sounds nice, nothing wrong with it. Does it make me wanna listen it again? Not really. It's good background music for romantic dinners... but there's really nothing characteristic about it.

Sorry if it sounds kinda harsh. :/
First of all, bumping is not allowed on this forum so.... STOP IT.

I don't really know what you were trying to do with this piece and that's what makes this a bit of a guessing game for me. Maybe you were just trying out some strange measure trickery? D:

Well, it all sounds bloody amazing what comes to tunes etc. I don't know how to do that so... kudos. I especially enjoyed all the talking and ambient noises in the background. Really liven up the track.

Compositionwise... it sounds... nice. I wouldn't go searching for this song but if I heard it playing I'd go: "hey this sounds cool!" But there's not really anything going on. You said you might turn this into something bigger... PLEASE DO! Because it really needs something. This is very atmospheric music and there's a nice drive to it that you accomplished with that exquisite mixing and tones. BUT there isn't really a signature to this. That drive gives this some character, but it needs more. Definately some more character!

But it's a good start. This could be an amazing B part of some song. Good job.

Well, it sounds bloody amazing what comes to tones and sounds etc. The intro guitar is like angels sucking your... uhm... so about the song...

It's got a clear structure, which helps it immensily, but there never really comes like really energetic part. It's all pretty much on the same level energy wise. The rhythm guitar changes from time to time and it would do the track a lot except the vox just ****ing DOMINATE everything and they pretty much stay in one note and in one shouty voice the whole time.

Well I might've spoken hastily -- there are some great instrumental parts that pace the song somewhat and the ending solo is ROCKIN'!!! All the same, what I would try to do, were it my song, is try to balance the vox a little bit. When the guitar action gets smoother (apeggiated chords etc.) then smooth up the vox like a boss and let the song breathe. Also, it might be just this style, but the song doesn't seem to move anywhere. There aren't like melodies, different parts... and even the vox stay, like I said, in one note throughout the song. I might be exaggerating a bit but you know what I'm talking about.

The playing is ****ing perfect! Don't know how else to put that. Man, you guys PLAY those instruments, let's get that clear. Every note comes out like pros. Makes everything sound enjoyable, even if I can't quite grasp the composition. Maybe it's just not my style'o'music. The thing is, if this popped out randomly while I was listening radio, I wouldn't go: "hey, what's that song!?" Probably wouldn't even remember the whole track half an hour later. And imo that's kinda shame because you guys know how to play. :/

What I was looking for, some melody, some risks... you know... something that might be really good or really bad but at least you tried. This whole track is so damn SAFE. that's what it is. It sounds pleasant but that's just it. It doesn't try to do anything special... just the things that you KNOW will sound nice and draw the line there. I'm not trying to put you down or anything (especially since I do this all the time) but when you write stuff that makes you feel embarrassed... THEN you're making some good stuff. THEN the music's got some CHARACTER. Now it's just nice sounds. And to a lot of people that's enough. I'm not telling you what you should do, just what I would do. Maybe you don't even whant that... who knows. Okay...

Ok, I listened this once and I can't really say anything sticked. There were few cool sounds and tones... so you've got that going. Let's play it again, shall we?

The intro is nice and moody and I can sort of get into it. Just that it's so damn safe, you know what I'm saying? I've heard that same sort of riffage a million times and it sounds... nice... but that's all. It's like people who write lyrics only use words like "rain", "autumn", "darkness", "life" etc. You know? There's no character to it. You hear it, you don't react to it, and then you forget it. It works as something atmospheric; to serve as a ground for something worth noticing to rise up. And I kinda have this nagging feeling saying that... because not everything has to be more than atmospheric. It's just that I must comment it as how I would've done it, right? It's my subjective view. So, as an intro, sorry to say this, but that's quite bland and doesn't really amp you up to the rest of the song. :/ Try to come up with a melody or maybe just something with character. Something that isn't so damn safe and nice. You have character, right? You just need to give something of yourself.

What to say about the drums. Interesting, I guess. I never heard anyone playing anything like that and I can't really grasp any sense of beat or rhythm. Damn this is negative. Uggh. Listen, if you think your song is good then please just ignore anything I say that you think doesn't serve you. My purpose is not to try and make you feel like shit and show off my somewhat existing songwriting skills. I'm just writing about what this song makes me feel...

And even so I have this... nagging damn feeling. Because when I started listening Dream Theater I just could NOT grasp their music at all but I just kept listening and then one day it started sounding AMAZING. So maybe I'm just wrong with anything I say here. Oh shit, well here goes...

The chorus(?) that starts round 1:25 has a sort of characteristic guitar riff if I could make any sense of it. The thing is that it kinda just sounds like you came up with chords and then forced yourself to rip them apart. I might be projecting because I definately used to do this. I thought it was PROG, but now I listen to those recordings and just gringe.

The thing is... I can't imagine hearing any of this in my head really. I mean when I make songs I listen and then play it back. The thing that comes from my head ends up to the recording. I used to write songs by just playing around with guitar and adding notes and breaking things apart an fidgeting around chords because I needed to somehow make it sound not so generic. But that never sounded good to me. What sounds good to me is what sounds good to me and that's what I write down... so to speak. Damn that sounds cynical.

Listen, there is a part where I can clearly hear you had a thing in your head that you though sounded cool (and it does) and you wanted to put it there... the CHORUS. Not the guitar nonesense that's going on there, but the VOCALS. And this often happens with vocals, because you sing in order to come up with the melody. You don't generally write vox melodies with guitar. And the rest of the song just sounds like you're trying to intellectualize the music too much. You're trying to think what would sound proggy and make that work. I might be waaaay off with this one but that's how I sometimes work! And there's nothing really wrong with that I mean that's basically what Meshuggah does and they've got their niche and some people love it. It's just that I don't.

The vox are really what ties everything together in this song. They are the glue. Without them it would all just fall apart for me. The solo sounds nice and different and melodic and very thoroughly thought thru. Umm... got some very nice things going on there.

The drums just baffle me through the song. I actually think I would enjoy this track more without them. It's just some random noise at the background that doesn't really improve the track in anyway. It doesn't support the other instruments and it doesn't even really drive the song onwards. Normal beat or just silence in the drum department would benefit this track GREATLY!

Now I'm thinking if I should even post this comment. Ugggh... please just don't take this the wrong way. I hope you can handle some subjective criticism, because I certainly can't, haha!

Wow. I'm kinda having a real hard time trying to hear the guitar. Did you record it through your singing mic?

This is a cool song tho. For some reason I immediately though of Panic at the DISCO, tho I'm not sure if it's really like one of their songs. The same vibe tho! That TICK TOCK feel of the chorus is friggin' amazing! A great idea! And great job taking a risk and giving the song some damn character! (Many people don't do that.) I love it.

Oh ****! Sorry. But that B part really sounds like something from an adventure NES game! Amazing. I'm talkin' like Duck Tales or Little Nemo or something. I just want to hear that part with full orchestration and a guitar playing the lead. That progression MELTS FACES! > Damn nice job!

Oh definately PatD feel with those layered vox. And friggin Spock's Beard! The outro is great. Haha. A bit different. But GREAT!

I don't know what else to say. I mean it's got some problems soundwise but it's a draft so why to hell would a waste my time yapping about that.

A nice progression as a song... and there's an arc like something's actually happening. It's kinda basic structure, but there's a reason why basic stuff is basic... it works! Even with just onee gtr and vox I can really grasp the different energy levels of the different parts and that's a nice feat. Please make the B part longer with the same sort of NES feel and drop me a message when you do the final version!

I'm picking up a Shadows vibe. Very awesome! Also I guess not the best bands to compare to, but those slides at the end really remind me of Led Zeppelin. Just popped to my head. What can I say.

The verses have a heavy blues sound with kinda moody undertone. What's the song about? Free Fall sounds kinda interesting but I can't really tie it to the track. Maybe in a bluesy way "my life is falling to the ground". I generally like the tune and there are some friggin' heavy nuances there. Bluesy stuff just never hit me that hard. I just can't say I'm walking in the shadow of the blues. You are definately walking in some bluesy Shadows here! ;D Oh that was bad...

The playing is damn excellent. Wouldn't change a thing. And I love that you always come back to the E5 chord. It somehow ties the whole song to this really grave feeling. It has got CHARACTER. That's what it is. The song is like a dude telling his life story. You can just feel the different undertakings there.

Listen, I keep thinking this song should be longer. It SHOULDN'T... but I can't get it out of my head. What I'd do... because I generally do longer songs... I'd come up with completely different B part with maybe the happiest day of his life (maybe still with kinda moody undertone)... and then tie it back with the beginning in like 4 bars at the end. That's how I'd make this more like one of my songs. But it totally works as a shortie. I just hate it that when I start to get into a song... it then just ends.

Oh well. Great song!
Ok Isolation, here we go...

Hmm, very weird sounds and kinda weird composition. The piano for some weird reason starts to bring it together. It's actually the CYMBAL samples that really take me out of the experience. And I guess it can be hard for people who have less experience with drums to make like... authentic drum tracks so I GET IT, but those crash cymbals just going out over and over out of nowhere is friggin' driving me nuts! haha

Crash sounds for me really serve a purpose of accenting the important parts and some people use them to drive the beat in heavier parts but here they're just accenting everything that would just be fine on their own. Like completely fine! No problem at all. Those quiet ride samples... are... ok. They're not distracting tho they're not a substitute for a real ride cymbal. Ride is pretty much the only percussion you can't fake with samples. Just not gonna happen. And it SUCKS cos I always do my drums with samples and I love a good ride beat. But like I said... it's ok.

I would also maybe recommend trying out some amp sims for the guitar because the room reverb the mic is picking up kinda destroys the spacey feel of the other instruments... especially the piano. They just don't mix together because they're from different worlds. Like Darth Vader in Lord of the Rings! It's ok to try and bring them together but the other option is finding a good spacey sounding acoustic instrument that ties them together. Just recording the guitar thru ampsim can be a lot easier.

The first minute of the song compositionwise is fine but then like at 0:55 there starts to come out some very dissonant piano sounds... and then the rest of the song the instruments kinda play different songs (which I guess can be interesting for some people). I liked those swelling guitar sounds at the end! They could've done a lot in other parts of the song too!

Insidentally I liked those random ambient sounds in the song the most! I don't know where you got those, but they really make the song stick. Without them pretty much none of this could've worked. Oh apparently you did have those swelling sounds in the middle there. Yeah, they really bring a great atmosphere to that part if only the piano wasn't messing around so much!

DAMN... I just can't grasp the second half of the song. It's the bass, piano and guitar all playing a different song, really. And I can appreciate trying something really weird because it takes guts to try even if it doesn't quite work. What I would SUGGEST is to... try and write a couple of those instruments to go very well together and then one of the instruments can kinda take the whole thing off the rails a little bit. That, I think, would be a lot more enjoyable to listen to. But hey, I only write like friggin' pop tunes! So maybe take what you think is usable in my comment and trash the rest.

Hey, kudos for trying something new!

Hmm, I liked the atmosphere immediately. The rhythm guitar is kinda quiet compared to the vox tho. Oh sorry it seems you said I shouldn't pay attention to the mix. Here we go... The lead guitar gave me the Opeth vibes right away and after that the rhythm gtr started playing very Opethish chords too.

The vox melodies are friggin' inventive, bro. I like how they soar away and the male vox sound very nice too. The female ones are... ok too, but sounds like she's not quite grasping the atmosphere of the song. Hmm. This was nothing I really expected. The bass has got some nice anecdotes in the middle.

Ok, so third listen... now about the actual concept. The beginning stays very much on the same page for about a minute which is quite acceptible... then you've got the little twinkle there with those 6th and 7th degrees which brought some nice nyance to the composition. Then a minute of sorta the same feel and for the last minute the drums come in -- a NICE way of upping the energy and tho they give a very sorta dry sound to the song the synth balances it out like a BOSS.

So not a lot of change in the overall energy al tho there was an arc. This gives the song more of an interlude feel... am I wrong? Overall I enjoyed it quite a bit. Sorry to point this out again, but the only thing that kinda left a bad taste to my mouth (as I think the song back) were the female vox parts. :/ They just didn't fit or were on par with the rest of the performances. And I can see they could've fit if they were... so it's kinda shame. :/

I've always like the acoustic stuff of Opeth and the first Diablo VG musics and this definately poked those avenues. Really great atmosphere!

Oh, you wanna C4C, check this out:
I commented in the video. Thx for your comment!
When I go rate some tabs the info texts always give me headaches.

***** Excellent
**** Accurate
*** Worth learning
** Not so good
* Poor

I don't know if this was copied straight out of some template, but it doesn't help much when deciding which rating you're gonna give the tab.

Now what is the difference between Excellent, Accurate and Worth learning when you're downloading a tab? To me those all mean the exactly same thing. If the tab isn't accurate, it isn't excellent and not worth learning. How more excellent can a tab be than accurate?

Instead the info text could say something like...

***** Accurate (because that's the best it can really be)
**** Few mistakes
*** A lot of mistakes
** Complete sections wrong
* what the f***

You get what I'm saying.
Quote by boratian
By putting it on Guitar Pro do you mean literally tabbing it out? This all seems crazy tedious

Yeah, that makes no sense at all.
Well, there are like 7000 forums here. Maybe someone who knows where this goes can fix that.
I'm doing 50/90 again this year and I decided to get clever and start doing a webcast about how I approach songwriting, recording and producing. I'm not a pro by any means (I'm sure most of you can poke my techniques full of holes ) and am in general doing this just for fun.

However, if you'd like to watch a heavily music-related show every now and then and maybe come and chat some crazy shit during the live recordings then this might be for you.

The archives can be found from
And the show is on tomorrow 17:00 UTC at
Check for your city.

Again, this is not a heavily professional show but rather something light-hearted and fun, so don't get offended I'm doing something in a stupid fashion or just plain wrong!

Some symphonic metal sorta thing again.

Down pleading from the mountain passage
Leads an old, crude stairway
Mirror Lake in the open valley
Rests in silent stillness

Leafless birches hush
As he moves down the last stairs
No eyes could see the tension build
When he heads for the bridge across

Soon as the fading evening sun
Bows and paints the landscape in the tones of gold
Inside he can feel the urge to turn his eyes on the surface
He shakes and hurries over to find the nightfall
To where he'll flee and disappear

A try for some sorta symphonic metal, tho it's mostly acoustic.

A chilly morning waves her hand
Pines iron gray the spectators of the slopes
The movement creeps closer
The road whispers empty tales

In the Raven's Crossing Inn
He's been waiting for the sign to move on
The gorge rests in silence
And the old bridge no louder speaks

Go and you shall see
How the world treats an uncautious man

The taker of darkening versts of deep striding
The winter treats even boys like men
And the wind it brings a taste of a clearing weather
Movement takes you by the hand
Hey, thanks for the comment! Too bad this REALLY isn't my kinda music.

I don't care for the growling at all. I would just cut it all and replace it with some clean vox, maybe still sung low, but very moody and clean.

I like the part around 1:50 as far as the instruments go. The solo that follows is pretty disturbing, idk if you were going for that. The clean part at 2:30 is very nice and really balances the track a lot and I like the idea of keeping that clean guitar til the end.

Hmm, if I was writing this track, I'd probably try to think a bit stronger ending as now it just seems to run out of juice and fall to the ground. That's ok, if you're transitioning into another track, but what I'm saying is just that compared to the rest of the track the ending didn't have my jumping up and down in excitement.

Nice track, but get rid of the growling! ;D