I went through the last two albums, and damn, thats some good stuff. Im preemptively apologizing for my submission on this one
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You do realize that he's the dude that popularized the Irish tuning, rght?

just postin sweet tenor players bruh. But he does use a 19 fret, which is what matters.
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If you're drinking 2 beers a day then you need to get a job.

Thats how I afford my beers
Coffee, Bacon/eggs, and peeps
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Traditional or nothing. If anything, I just capo the 2nd
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sorry wrong tuning

or should i say

you're using the right tuning

but the right tuning is the wrong tuning

and the wrong tuning is the right tuning

Aint about that "irish"tuning. Ill play gdae on my mando/octave
I would, but something fun, like carpentry or blacksmithing. Anything that lets me build. Id never go back into a service job or office or anything like that
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tfw people don't know what a banjo is

like I've had people straight up ask what kind of guitar that is

by the way do you use the right tenor banjo tuning or the wring tuning

CGDA 19 fret

Fight me
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To people that don't know what a musical instrument is, everything with strings looks like a guitar.

I play mando and tenor banjo, and have had people ask many many times, what kind of guitars they are. The best was calling my five string banjo a "drum guitar"
Facebook groups, being in a band, meeting/making friends with other bands, etc. mainly just networking at shows and shit. Theres also "ask a punk" kind of shows out here to find addresses for house shows. Works well enough.

Booking yer own shows is the best too. DIY bruh
baritone ukes are the only ones that dont annoy me. I think I just know too many bad uke players, and theyve ruined them for me.

A buddy of mine had a sweet resonator baritone. Sounded crazy nice
Awesome. Hope y'all dont mind banjos and accordion and shit like that

edit: submitted
If youre still accepting submissions, count me in
Yo, been a long ass time since ive been on this forum, traveling and settling down and whatnot. Thought id post a new(er) project ive been working on. Dont know if any of y'all like folk or folk punk, but my band just released a free EP

What have the UG punx been up too? any old faces still hanging around? *-)

my band always has a tradition of covering an ajj song when we play shows, kids dig it more often then not
Havent been on here in ages
G for tuning, B7 because I like it
Hey guys, we finished an EP, you can have for free if ya want. Any of ya that heard our shit like 3 years ago, i apologize for that.

We had a gig with lower class brats a while ago, which was cool. might be retiring this band

a taste if ya want
Punk is dead. I play it for ironic purposes
The first time people sang back to our band/got on stage sang into mics and shit

Eating burritos with the guys from The Mob, on their first us tour ever. They were amazed at real mexican food

The first time people applauded me for music I created(busking)
Hey guys, long time no see. I was hoping to get some feedback/criticism on my bands new shit. We reformed for the millionth time and were finally happy with our sound/line-up.

A ska sorta song we threw together(spanish)

and one of our regular songs

Let me know what ya think.

Also, is this forum dead as always? Whats new with you folks?
just gonna c/p this from an old thread

>get booked at a bar that has banned us from playing
>play under different name
>get too smashed before we go on
>get into bar fight with tweaker skinhead
>gash wrist on a broken bottle
>he gets kicked out
>i have to play bleeding everywhere
>we make up songs, play covers we dont know on the spot, do a 12 minute version of "starshine" by gorillaz, and generally piss everyone off (were a punk band by the way, so slow music isnt that great)
>another band drops out
>we play 2 sets harassing everyone
>pass out for a minute
>get booed
>start more fights

we got banned again from entering the premises and they didnt pay us...

I got a fancy pic of the wrist gash too, but idk if thats allowed
I have the choice of an open back banjo or backpacker guitar. Im ****ed
Im doing this on the 30th

Dropping pretty much all my shit and heading out with an anarcho folk collective, playing music and seeing the country. Were getting a short bus in north dakota then heading to new orleans for a while. Just a group of 8, our packs, instruments, and a few dogs of theirs. Luckily for me I can always come back and pick things up again, to an extent. Its gotta be tough once youre older
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i have huge nipples for no reason

youll find that reason out when the time comes
The 6'7 dude on the left. haha we can never see our drummer in pics cuz hes 5'2 or 5'3
Marfans syndrome

Shitty heart, shitty connective tissue/muscles, super tall/thin, at risk for detached retinas
Gig pic cuz im camera shy and dont typically like my picture being taken

my coworkers actually tell me to cut mine, cuz they rip our gloves and shit gets in them all the time

I work in a deli so yeah, my gross long nails are in your food
im 6'7 and everyone hates me at shows. Be happy you can be up close and no one tries to fight you
usually 1-5 at the most now that I have an ecig. I cn go days without but the ecig, while amazing and tasty, isnt always as satisfying. At shows or when I playing a gig/busk, I find myself chaining through a pack in no time. Shit habit
I was as an infant(was given goats milk instead), and now am again after being vegan for quite some time. I was on the road(about to be again), and had to eat whatever I could get my hands on, and everything agreed with me but dairy.
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Ik what u mean. haha but tbh, when i go to a music store, its for one of three reasons,
1. To buy a new guitar/bass
2. To buy some strings
3. To help a friend buy a guitar or something like that

The only time i actually play in a music store is to test an instrument, and like so many others have said, the other people could care less! haha EVEN though sometimes it is fun to mess with those >16 year olds that go in there, and just plug in, make TONS OF F***ing noise, and then leave, and they all think they are just amazing. I WILL from time to time sit down by them, and say, hey lets jam, and they will be like, oh well im so great haha and then ill be like, oh ok, well lets play in C major, haha and u can tell they have NO CLUE! So then they usually have some excuse and leave. Its fun to mess with people there. BUT really, no one there cares at all what u r playing (Well, usually. One time in a guitar center, i was jamming with a friend, and some drunk/maybe high dude, like powerslid right in front of us, throwing the devil horns, and then offered me a job at a panera bread XD (Seriously, true story XD (AND YES I SAID WTF dude, and walked away XD)) I have so many interesting guitar related stories haha Anyways yeah, people dont care, ur just judging ur playing too much.


on topic: I only every really jam out on they banjos, which are never tuned
My mom loves-us-but-doesnt-like-us us both equally

Im my dads favorite, since im the only one who gave a shit about him after the divorce. Love that mother ****er
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No, the black veil brides was just a poor example. My issue is that metal bands have non-metal names, or "core friendly" names.

Why does that matter? I always choose silly names for bands just so people get embarrassed to talk about us/listen to us/wear ourshit. If the music isnt what matters to you, youre doing it wrong
Go for folk punk. Harmonica always sounds good in that shit

Also check here