It all depends on how your wallet can handle it...Do you know in what condition the guitar is?? If you don't have a problem risking that 100 bucks(if you don't know the condition of the guitar) go for it!
Damn!!!!!!! I was really happy for a moment.... I thought she died!
I use both ways and i find the 2-finger way more heavy and dark and the 3-finger way more full...
Not in order:

1)Eric Clapton
2)Ritchie Blackmore
3)Mark Knopfler
4)Jimmy Page
5)Matthias Jabs
6)Paul Gilbert
7)Jason Becker
8)David Gilmour
9)Eddie Van Halen
10)Michael Romeo
Wow i think this can really work!
Anyway i wanted to suggest that after you add the bands in the first post you delete all the replies so that you can keep track of what you've already added and so that you keep the page number small(more chances to get a sticky from what i've been told )
Dude seriously this won't work...Many ppl tried it! Sorry for the spamming though...You can delete my post after you read it!
Quote by MrFlibble
You are indeed terribly mistaken. Some Epiphones are worth tens of thousands, and have been known to go for hundreds of thousands occasionally. Original early 50's Epiphone archtop guitars are considered to be some of the best semi-hollow and hollow body guitars ever made. They're considered to be right up there with the old Gretsch guitars in terms of sheer build quality and pure tone for jazz, blues and country. Some older Epiphone acoustic guitars are also considered to be worth several thousand.

Gratz MrFibble once more! Epi were top quality in the 50's!!! They were even better than Fender and Gibson for many people...
I started with a Yamaha myself and i can say that it's a better choice than the Ibanez. It can do easily metal. Plus you get good clean sounds with the single coils. Decent guitar and it does last. Be carefull with the input jack though cause i've had some probs with it and i've heard other people saying this thing as well. But it's an easy and cheap fix anyway.
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I don't anymore

Who needs cash when you have two beatiful guitars...
HNGD dude!!!!
Tonelab looks really good I'll take a more close look to it.
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No versus threads.

It all comes down to personal preference. I'd recommend trying both guitars and make a choice based on what you like.

Frankly, I like Jacksons better FWIW

I know...That's the first title that came to me though

Anyway it seems like most people here would choose the Jackson. Truth is i've never played a guitar with alder body...I've heard it gives a bright tone. What about the Floyd rose special?? Is any good? Thanks for the help so far guys
Thanks for the input but seriously what's wrong with it?
I'm using a 5watt Blackheart tube amp. Mainly FX but it'd be great to have amp modelling also...
Well i like both but the fact is that i know nothing about the trem on the jackson and the neck. I have experience with ESPs except for the floyd special. So plz any more detailed answers?
Come on guys need some help here!

P.S. Sorry for the double post
Hey UG,

Need some help once more

So i need opinions on 2 guitars.

First guitar is JACKSON DK2S BK

I need to know about the Jackson neck profile, the tremolo, pickups and how they sound with the alder body.

Second guitar is ESP LTD MH401QM STB

Here I want opinions about the Floyd special mainly. I suppose they have the same necks as the deluxe series, too.

Tnx for any replies in advance
Well i don't really need a drum machine since i have a drummer
Don't really want to go used so that's out of the question...Anyone else with experience??
Ok guys so I haven't posted anything in a while but i'm back again :P

On topic, it's time for me to buy a multieffect. I did some research and got some good results. My budget is around 200 euros but i can stretch to 250. Didn't have a multieffect before so i don't really know what i'm looking for here.

Anyway, links to some i've seen:




I'm of course open to other suggestions too. Also i want you to give me some reasons why you'd choose each one.

P.S. Owned english, i know! xD
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One's on clearance, one isn't.

That...The expensive one has pretty much all the info you need. The description on the second one is really general.
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Which website are we talking about here?

ESP! The Official Website maybe...
Try some Scorpions...It always worked for me, though I don't think that this is any close to Mexican music or anything. Also try some rainbow? Maybe with Ritchie Blackmore...Anyway I hope you make it and get your guitar
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So much better, actually. I don't even know what's the deal with Schecters, everyone is so obsessed about them.

I've only played one Schecter in my whole life and it felt really cheap, at least compared to ESPs of the same budget. It was a Hellraiser or something. Plus i don't really lik their necks.
Quote by MeLodicDethMTL
Schecter > LTD

But ESP > Schecter (except for pricing)

Actually the Deluxe LTDs are better than Schecter or at least that's my opinion...
Quote by CKYIbanezParker
getting a FR for looks is very stupid.

the special and ofr are the SAME thing, but just differnt materials.

Same operation.

how come people who have been playing longer than me don't know **** about what I know?

look **** up. research.

Yeah but the material makes the difference in Floyd bridges...There is a certain type of metal that has to be used...Licenced Floyds are exactly the same just of lower quality metal. Also the 1000 series FR is just like the OFR. Don't really remember what their difference is but it's not really much. Their quality is the same.
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G aswell! High five!

Mine is in hot pink...Really love it!
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I don't think so. Buy the game. Reported.

Why reported??? Did i break a rule or smt?

PS: I was pretty sure nobody would answer I love this site...
Ok guys so a friend of mine asked me to find him a CoD 2 key code and first place that came to my head was ofc the pit...If someone has the game and he doesn't play or for some reason he won't use his key code plz pm me!
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I got $10 off when I bought an amp

Hey the guy said NO lies...
Fret buzz might be there because they put lighter strings on...As for the intonation my old strat copy had the same problem maybe it's not fixable
Well my strings are on my guitar for 2 months now and i've changed the tuning at least 8-9 times...Then again i use daddarios
Yeah...It's a guitarist "thing"...It doesn't happen only for one day to me though. Sometimes i don't feel like playing for 3-4 days and then for a week i sleep with my guitar in my hands xD
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An Ibanez ORM-1 might be a little better suited then the Mustang.

It costs about half, it has a hard tail, the body is smaller and the neck is slimmer and a little wider, extra room for fretting.

Either are really great and will suit him well.

This guy just owned the thread...
A 7 year old kid that just started to play will need playability...Hard tail is also better for the tuning stability(not only begginers even advanced players need this:P) As for the sound, there is no big difference in such low budget, plus with the extra money(not a fortune but w/e) he saves he can replace anything he doesn't like on the guitar with something better or get a better amp. Both the amps that were reffered( Roland Cube and Peavey Vypyr) are great at least to get him started.

P.S. I'm really happy that so many parents come to UG for help!
Well i've been playing for too years too and all i can say is that i have calluses too...Well only a small one actually on the thumb of my left hand But for the last 4 months i was playing for like 5 hours a week and now i'm playing for like 5 hours a day so that may be the case!
Ok guys thx for the help I got it
Ok I get what you mean but that's "easy" when descending... I can do it when playing upstrokes too??
So guys, I need help with sweeping...I'm fairly new to the technique, I can do 3-string sweeps pretty good and I just saw this among some other exercises. So my question is: How do I play the 14s?? A friend of mine told me to kinda roll my finger so that i'm muting the string at the same time but i'm not sure about what he means with "roll"(scientific terms:P). If someone could post a pic or something or even explain I'd be gratefull!

Quote by SOADriff
You seem to reccomend the classic everywhere, which isnt a bad thing

you know i think the hellraiser neck is absolutely perfect, ill look into the classic aswell though.

btw, doesnt the classic have jb/jazz?

Actually you should be more suspicious by the fact that he recommends it everywhere
I had this problem too...I think it that my input jack was loose but i don't really remember!
I don't think so...It's about the frequencies actually. The bass damages the speaker mainly. I think that there will be no problem with one more string...I'm not sure though since I know nothing on the subject.

P.S. My post may sound extremely retarded so don't quote it ppl!
P.S. Seriously don't!
What he means is that on your right hand there are some spots from which you don't get a harmonic but instead a dead note...Just keep hitting along the lenght of the string(end of fretboard to bridge) to find them and avoid them.