EDIT: That is supposed to be in caps, and that is surprisingly good quality for a belched ABC's
i used a capo on a bass before. works fine
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I couldn't find a better way to give this to you guys, so I hosted it on file dropper as a download.

This is a 32 page collaboration of all of my snuff film stories that I wrote a few months back. Ive gone through them all and made a lot of grammatical and wording corrections, but none of the plot has changed. Enjoy the carnage.

I think the shadow organization may have given up?

Also, i may download it later, but right now i don't want something on my download list called snuff film story series, considering I share this computer with other people.

Thanks for all the hard work though!
My brother and I were having a fight, and the threw a BROOM strait at my mouth. Blood starts coming out from my mouth at an alarming rate, he makes an "oh shit" face, and runs upstairs to his room and locks the door. I nearly break the door from the hinges from banging on it before my parents stop me. Keep in mind i was 12 at the time.


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"All you had to do was follow the damn train"

Bad things ensued.

lmao I HATED that mission

F.E.A.R. Is moderately creepy.

EDIT: There is a face in the door window. Didnt notice it before. Brix were shat
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I hate encores. Every goddamn band does it now. I would actually love it if a band just came up before the last song and said 'this is our last song of the night, no really it is' and then just finished and left. I'm so sick of bands saying 'this is our last song' and then playing three more.

i can't believe that they would do such a thing!! Giving a crowd what they want?!?! It's absurd!
Some songs are in standard, some half a step down, some a quarter step up (For whom the bell tolls i think), and St. Anger is in Drop C.
If the USA didnt have moral rules, theyd be the best. Iraq and Afghanistan would currently be radioactive dust, and they probably would have taken over Canada just for the fun of it.
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Have we... won?

Chinese people can't get to work!!!??? The prices of cheap plastic toys must be skyrocketing!
i buy cds occasionally, but also download alot of music.
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I am 19 and I still love Family Guy like I did, uh, I dunno now, 5 years ago? I really can't remember when I started watching it which is odd...

It's still one of the best programmes out there and it's better than most stuff, personally. People always say how American Dad! is miles better than Family Guy, but I just can't see it. American Dad! bores me...

maybe because the jokes arent as stupid. And thats saying something.

Anyways new American dad episodes are fairly good while new family guy ones are horrific, with a few exceptions. Also the cleveland show is the worst piece of shit ive ever seen.
i dont like it, but i also dont promote hatred towards it
that would probably happen to me. Either that or i would remember this and turn down the $200 and not win.
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Not the people in this thread.

true. Forgot it was the pit
let's compromise and just say God created the big bang and everything afterwards was evolution. That should satisfy most people.
I've literally tuned to ABCDEF once. Except the high e nearly snapped and the A was incredibly loose. But i can say I did it now!
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I woudn't say that their taste is worse, as that's subjective, but I WOULD say that most women have extremely BORING taste in music. As in, they hardly know anything about it, and only really listen to things that sound the same.

I've only met like, 3-4 chicks in my whole life who didn't have a mind bogglingly boring taste in music.

thats also subjective
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idiots, all of you.

DADAAD, Db Gb Db Gb Gb Db, DADADD, BEADGB, Drop D and of course Standard
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I say "Ant" and "Aunt" the same way.


who doesn't? People who say "Awnt" are just...gross.
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In Canada, we say "zed". Although I've caught myself saying "zee" on a few occasions.

I live in Canada and over half the people here say zee. I guess southern ontario is basically an extension of the states. I can't see any differences except the flag.
so how do you play pinch harmonics? Have been playing 2 1/2 years and never learned
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Don't do this. Your ass tissue keeps your spine from being sat on. If you lose your ass tissue for whatever reason it cause extreme nerve pain in your tail bone and you have to wear these fake ass pads. My grandpa has to wear one because he got shot there in Korea, I don't know how it took so much of his ass but it did.

lol like that episode of king of the hill?
Ok, I don't care if you think Muhammad Ali is God, but how is she the perfect girl? She literally wants to devour you. It'll start with a hand, and if she likes it, and if she's insane as it appears, lets just say you'll end up getting shat into a toilet within a week.
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Disrespect towards veterans (protesters at funerals as just one example.)

I literally want those people dead. Then protest at their funeral. How's that for irony?

No seriously, someone kill those people and i will actually go through the effort to do that.
man this thread is old. But how awesome is possum kingdom, am i right?!
imo that is an awesome song
In my opinion it's not really that good. I'm a big fan of the old stuff like Gish, SD and MCIS, and a couple songs from adore and the machinas. But i don't know about the new stuff. I tried to like the zeitgeist but i couldn't. All the new free songs aren't that great either.

So what's your opinion?
There's alot of bastards on UG.

Im real sorry that this has happened TS, hope shes going to do ok.
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Just set your gain to SETTING THREADS ARE BANNED

having a bad day i assume?

well anyways, thanks for your help Dio10101, sounds pretty close to what i was looking for.
Hi, i can't seem to get a good basic southern rock sound. I'm not looking for anything to do with new amps or pedals, just amp settings like gain, treble, bass and middle.

Any help would be appreciated!
any nickelback song. It does not need to be covered due to genericness. Even though theres tons of bands out there that sound like they are covering nickelback.
I HATE CERA SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man every single movie hes in he's like "oh my god. oh no. im just so awkward. this situation is hopeless. oh man what do i do guys? i just cant do anything right, except at the end of the movie i will finally get some confidence to man up to the final *insert final lame point of them movie here*.
i got caught downloading halo, but that still makes for a good downloading record. Wont say more because i still am on that provider
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and also don't you hate it when you are scrolling the page fast looking for stories and you bump into a scary picture? it makes shat shat loads of brix.

haha i know. every time that happens i shit a shitload of bricks then try to scroll down as fast as i can. Except it sucks if the page is only loaded up to that pic and you cant go further down.
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my parents rented that when i was younger, thinking it was a kids movie. It scarred me for life
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I thought it sounded familiar
if I find one I'm sure hasn't been done before then I'll post it

EDIT: 3rd time lucky? not scary but still...

The End

On his way home that night, as he walked through town, a man stepped out of an alley in front of him. He tensed to defend himself, but the man just stood there. Looking him over, he realised the man looked like a hippie. Something of a comedy caricature of a hippie, really. Long unwashed hair and beard, sandals…and a sandwich board reading ‘THE END IS NIGH’. That, he thought, was unusual, even for a hippie.
“You want something?” he asked.
“The world’s ending,” said the hippie. “I need your help.”
He stepped around the hippie and kept walking. High as a kite, he thought to himself. The hippie started walking after him, and fell into step beside him.
“Please, I need your help,” said the hippie.
“Look, man, I’m really not interested,” he said, and kept walking.
The hippie leant against a wall, watching him walk away. The hippie wasn’t all that disappointed; lots of people gave this kind of response. Another skeptic, he thought to himself, fingering the ragged holes through the middles of his hands.

i read it before, but not on this thread. creepypasta right?