high school in north america (Canada and USA) is from 14/15 till 18/19 depending on when u were born
all long as ur in it for the same reason then it wont matter
and i hate kids who are defensive about the genre of music they listen to.
Girl : I LOVE rock music. Avril is my FAVOURITE XD
Me: Yeah but you know she's pop.
Girl: NO SHE"S NOT! Her music is hard rock.

and i argued with her for a bit. then i decided it was hopeless

its hopeless to argue with most ppl about music ... especially if they say they really like one type.. i hate how ppl say they absolutly love music but will only listen to one type
yea god damn pencils. outta ban that stuff from schools. kids could get seriously injured

i know eh i get stabbed with one at least 2 times a week its F*UCKIN hurts
i just finnished too my grad ceremony is the 25th its great cant wait ...
goin into the trades
not sure if its been sugested yet but u could also go throught the lessons on this site to help u out
Blairing loud rap music out of your mom's Buick.
Hearing the same songs on the radio every 5 minutes.
Gangsters in the suburbs

Skate shoes are now 50% used for fashion, and the other half for actually skateboarding.

Skateboarding always gets wrapped up in trends. As a person who is serious about skateboarding, it is extremely annoying.

i enjoy skateboarding but not extreme about it ... and the shoes are pretty comfortable
happy birthday good lookin
with enough power the pinto can stand on its bumper at 90 degrees .. ive seen it and thank god for wheelie bars that im not gonna do it
hey the car is light and im throughing a 347 stroker in it so its gonna fly
im looking for parts for a drag car im putting together... if anyone could help me out that would b great.

im looking for fiberglass parts for a 73 pinto
true enough
and going to the movies isnt that bad .... i like stayin home if ur gonna watch a movie just do some illegal downloading and get a new movie thats in theaters... snuggle on the bed or couch and go from there
watch somethin that'll scare her a bit ... works out for everyone
power iso is good for just DAA's so it would be good to get it
told yall it was a metro
it looks like 53 - 54 international metro cant be completley sure on the year the the body looks like a match
its an international metro im not sure what year
i can tell you its not a ford... the old ford vans were more of a box
gran torino ... best clint eastwood movie yet
lol... when was the release date for Gran Torino
name your favorite movies from 2008
it depends with drinking .. i know i have come up with some pretty wierd ideas but the only thing is when ur drunk and u write the stuff down it doesnt really make sense when ur sober
common ppl the beatles changed the world ... the beatles and Elvis
anyone know any concerts comming up that they're playing?
yea i wanna see them in concert ... any comming up??
who listens.. who likes... who dislikes?
its when you gonna wake up and fight i realized that after a bit... and ya they dont have the best grammer eh
oh crap eh.. u listen to shinedown??
take the day off and stay with her all day
i know thats where i started looking but couldnt find anything.. thats why i posted the post
oh yea completly magic i see wat ur talking about lol
thanks peeps