Wow, that's horrible. I tried to OD in the past but I changed my mind half way through and didn't get anywhere near the lethal dose. I think 20 is supposed to be fatal and can cause liver damage, so I hate to think that 60+ could do.
I won't be able to make it, don't have enough money
Quote by Pencil Man
No, you need feeling for anyone with more brains than an angst-filled teenager to enjoy you're playing. Like I said, metal is good, but there is a reason it is not taken seriously by most non-metal musicians. I don't know why everyone here is some jerk metalhead that thinks that playing with soul is stupid. If they are enjoyable to listen to, and you can get down to them, they are good enough to win you over, and hopefully anyone else who hears them. I would rather listen to someone because they sound pleasureable to my ears, rather than because THEYRLIEKTHEAW3SM3SHR3DMAST3R! BOWDOWN!

Mate, you're talking out of your arse.

Did I any point say playing with soul is stupid? No, I didn't. Buckethead plays with what you call soul, and he's my favourite guitarist. What am I saying is that of the musicians you class as having soul/feeling/whatever are boring.

And metal isn't taken seriously by most metal musicians because they're all up their own asses discussing how much better they are because they play with the gain knob turned down.

I listen to shred because it sounds good, not because the guitarist is technically superior to anything you listen to.
Quote by dethead666
That was retarded shut up please. Stevie>whatever mother****er you listen to...good day.


I love irony.
Quote by chipmunksurfer
no one made comments like that... everyone who posted about preferring "feeling" respectfully acknowledged skill in shredding and all that. No one assumed metal has no feeling, but i really dont enjoy the metal that doesn't have feeling. However, i love to shred when there is feeling. Saying that feeling means "one bend every 20 seconds" is pure ignorance, honestly. Its one thing to like the incredible speed of a guitarist, but personally i love when a guitarist is soloing WITH the band. Sounds better as a whole.

i hate to push froosh on some of you haters, but it certainly isnt a bend every 20 seconds.

I got bored after 30 seconds. It was pentatonic crap with a wah over it, it's boring and lifeless. In all honesty, I think the only member of that band with any real talent is the bassist.

And you say some metal doesn't have your precious 'feeling'. It doen't matter. It if sounds good, it sounds good. A guitarist isn't measured on how much emotion or whatever they play with, they should be rated on their ability to play their instrument well and sound good.

Does a sound engineer have to take the band out for a pint and have a heart-to-heart with them for each member to be good? Hell no. He does his job and nobody gives a shit because the band sounds good live.

Secondly, you say some metal doesn't have feeling. Name it so I can tell you you're wrong and laugh at you.
Quote by xChristgrindeRx
^^ lulz.

Guitarists with "feeling" bore me. Quit sh**tin' your diapers because you can't play the Stabwound solo, and can only hold a vibrato for 5 minutes and call it "soul" or "feeling".

Exactly. Listen to one bend every 20 seconds while the guitarist pulls a stupid face or listen to Micheal Angelo Batio? I know which one I'd do.

What's more 'feeling', doesn't mean shit. Maybe metal players try to convey emotions like anger or desperation through their playing by playing fast? Didn't think of that before you started making stupid comments did you?
Quote by Pencil Man
You know what? Who says you need to utilize crazy techniques to be a great guitarist? Music is less about scales and arpeggios, and more about feeling. Jimi Hendrix is a great guitarist. Yngwie is arrogant and tedious to listen to. Ask any non-guitarist and see which they like more. Feeling or scale runs at 234657786765445709064359576790 bpm?

Also, Steve Vai and Satch are good at putting feeling into technique.

0mfgZ, u n33d t3h f3eling to b Gud!

Shut up.
Being Buckethead. Best guitarist alive, no doubt.

Quote by silversoulcage
For real, just caz Via uses one everybody thinks anyone has a floyd rose is automatically a god, when it's pretty much the exact opposite.

Vai doesn't use a floyd rose.
Quote by Vauxite
I think Tom and Elz are going through on their way.

Who is this Tom? I've seen his name down, but he hasn't actually posted in the thread has he?
Sounds alright to me. I like Korn, I love Dragonforce and Devildriver aren't too shabby either.
Quote by Vauxite
So am I sticking you on the red list?

Yeah, you can do. We'll see what happens, but put me down as a maybe.

Is anyone else travelling from Brum?
It has been proven that bolt-on necks actually have better sustain. However, the amount is so miniscule, it really doesn't matter that much. I prefer the feel of bolt-on anyway, provided the joint has good upper fret access.
Quote by Oujou
What is the reason >_>

Big stretches?
Quote by splamron
wait, aren't edge III's the trems that everyone hates and are supposed to be really bad? if so why is it on his signature

Because Sam barely uses his trem, so the put an Edge III on it to lower the price. He hardly used his trem live when I saw them and they record the solos on the album with Herman's guitars...
And here I was, wondering why the Pit is so useless with girls...
Quote by Yngwi3
...In that case you mean the Marshall 1960AV

Whoops. I stand corrected
Quote by kennel
does anyone know how much the iceman retails in the us

im interested in ordering one

Google is your friend.
Not available in Australia then.

They've bought out 2 new 7 strings- a white RG1527 with a Maple fretboard and an RG7321 with a flame maple top and neither are available in Europe, they're only on the US website.
Get a used Marshall 1960A instead. Vintage 30s= win IMO.
Quote by _KurtCobain_77
Eh, ty, but can get some answers about the Dimarzio pickups?

Well the best way for me to recommend you something is like this-

Quote by _KurtCobain_77
I need a new set of pickups (H-H) for playing various forms of Metal. I play a lot of Megadeth and Metallica, along with Children of Bodom, In Flames, KsE, LoG, BFMV, At the Gates, As I Lay Dying, All That Remains, etc. The pickups will be going into a Douglas Fulcrum (mahogany body).

All of these use EMGs of some description.

Dimarzio are more versatile than EMGs in general. More variety, better clean tone... go on the website and check out some of the models. They show you what EQ each pickup is set to, recommended position, soundclips and users etc.
Quote by AngusIsMyHero
I can understand that. I was talking more about the occasional acts of kindness.

If the guy is just telling you over and over again how beautiful you are, or throwing out crappy cliches (lol @ the second one), then I can certainly understand how that would be considered creepy.

I don't class general acts of kindness as being a gentleman really. But most guys when they're trying to nice, just try too hard (as shown in my above post).

Seriously guys, you have more of a chance if you ignore a girl than if you're nice to her all the time. Keep your distance but be friendly when you speak and the girl will come after you.

God, you guys are hopeless
Quote by AngusIsMyHero
How is being nice seen as being creepy?

Stuff I've had in PMs-

"You, O Jewel of Brum, have taste"

"I say, where are you working? I would ask if it were a modelling agency but cliche had never been my thing xD"

"What hope is there for the rest of us when such beautiful women become utterly awesome so quickly xD"

"Still achingly pretty? ... Yes :p So not all bad. "

All intended to be nice, but it still made me pretty unformfortable.
Quote by CodySG
I know, I didn't mean it sucked because of the pups, I was just stated he uses the passive EMG's.

Sorry, the post was mostly for TS's benefit. Didn't really make that clear
Most guys who think they're being gentlemen are actually being smarmy and a little creepy. Just be nice, but don't try too hard.
Quote by CodySG
To be fair, Alexi's tone sucks...

He uses passive EMG's the majority of the time.

To be even fairer, only about 20% of tone actually comes from the pickups. Alexi's amp choice isn't the best, that's the bulk of his tone. It's not like you can put new pickups in a guitar and turn a shit tone into a good one. IMO pickups are more about fine-tuning a sound. If you have a good amp and you aren't still satisfied, then it's time to mess with pickups.
Quote by bloodsugar
Girl here.
I'd personally find it a bit forced and awkward.

I don't really care.
Got an Ibanez FL9 for £20, that was pretty cool. And a Danelectro Milkshake for free.
I think Dean are milking it for all it's worth. All the guitars are hideously overpriced because they have Dimes name on the headstock, and I've failed to be impressed by every one that I've played. Plus Razorbacks are ugly as sin.
I haven't tried either of those pedals, so I can't really comment.

But I have to ask, if you want a metal sound why are buying the Blackstar? Couldn't you just save a bit and get a used 5150 combo or something and eliminate the need for a pedal altogether?
Quote by EvoLancer211
Well Alexi Laiho uses Symour duncan active blackouts...well just one, so maybe try those, or EMGS are kinda similar

No he doesn't, he uses EMGs.
Quote by Ziggy936
Good call. Yeah, I would like 24 frets and good access. No, i'd like to avoid the neck dive as much as possible. I'd like the darker sound preferably. Neck size really doesn't matter to me much.

Looks like the Schecter. I don't think you'll regret it, they're very good quality guitars. I just never got one because my lady hands couldn't deal with the thickness of the neck
Quote by JimmyBanks6
mt-2 = bad

Quote by JimmyBanks6
ppl just dont kno how to use mt-2.. its good for screaming solos, for deep power chords and barre chords not so much.

My friend bought one. I played with it for an hour and could not get a good sound out of it.

It's fizzy, trebly, no bass or mids at all. It sounds like box full of bees. Please TS, do NOT get one. They are a waste of money.
Behringer tuners are good. Blatant rip-off of the Boss TU2 in a plastic case, but it works.