Not me, but I know this kid who was born without a right arm, so he strums with a pick duct taped to his little nub. Haha

Sukkafish - The Grates
This is a good idea! I've lost about 30 pounds and I have 15 more I want to lose. Ugh, it seems like the last 15 would be easy...but it has been SO HARD! Major plateau going on. GRR. :\
haha, 9/10.
i haven't seen it before but i'm pretty sure that i'll remember it.
dear valerie,

do NOT tell pedro you like him. you think since he moved you will never see him again and so you say whatever the heck you want to him...but he returns and moves back into the same house in 8th grade. everyone is going to make fun of you... and pedro still rejects your love.

and don't be so sad that eliza moved, you still hang out with her a ton and you also make a bunch of other amazing friends.

- future you
it's about 14F.
lots of snow.
-beast. (my brother calls me that...jeez.)
-val (i really hate being called val)
when people poke my sides.
not only is it SUPER annoying and seems to happen to me a lot for some stupid reason... but it HURTS. my ribs really sensitive so it kills for like 10 seconds after.

boy: yeah they just threw it around willy nilly.
girl: who's willy nilly?
boy: *laughs*

psychology teacher: so yeah, different things in dreams can represent certain things. snakes, hoses, hammers, etc., can represent the male genitals.

girl: wait, so what does parker's dream about a bunch of snakes squirting poison on him mean?
okay, i'm really sick of you making everything SO dramatic. and i really don't want to hang out with you every freaking day. i get sick of you. and it really pisses me off that your life goal is to impress every guy in the world and be better than me in everything. and PLEASE stop copying me ALL THE TIME.

and YOU, don't think I don't know what you say about me.
you need to lighten up and not be such an uptight, stuck-up, judgmental jerk.
i've been NOTHING but nice to you, and you treat me like freaking dirt.
one time i was swimming with some friends, and had a chicken fight and i came up from under the water and my friend screamed "BOOBS!" apparently my swimsuit went down when i went up and i accidentally flashed a kid in my neighborhood.


what's a good historical fiction book?
i have to read one for my english class.
Quote by geanes
one word. nickelback.

Ohhh yeah.
That band sucks so, so, much.

Anyways, I really hate "Boom Boom Pow".
But...that song pisses me off for many obvious reasons.
this i heard tonight, actually:

"um, what's the difference between England and Britain?"
pretty good. besides tonight when i went to a friend's house for dinner. we sat around and said what we were thankful for (i know thanksgiving is over) and i just said something short and sweet: "Life, Love, and Laughter" (haha) then the conversation went like this:

her mom: "yes she does! she's loved that Pedro kid for 10 years!"
her grandma: "is pedro that one school janitor?"
my friend: "no! pedro's our age, but she also loves the school janitor, scott!"
her sister: "pedro?!? the guy from napoleon dynamite?!"

*sigh* they acted like i wasn't even sitting there.
one time i was talking to this girl and she told me that she wishes she was schizophrenic so she could talk to the voices in her head.

i just laughed awkwardly and looked away.
Carol of the Bells - Thrice
sales person: "hey we're selling newspapers to help raise money to educate children about the dangers of drug use."

my brother: "haha, drug use eh?"

sales person: "yes, to help them know the dangers of drug use."

my brother: "haha screw you man, get off my porch."
1. when i blush in front of a guy i like.
2. when i subconsciously pull up my bra strap that fell down.
in my high school in utah:

-twilight isn't cool, but it IS cool to make fun of it.
-large fake "nerd" glasses (i've seen a lot of 3D glasses with the lenses popped out)
-lots o' drugs in happy valley
-to walk around with your guitar everywhere you go (that bugs me so bad)
-go to random crappy shows for bands you've never heard of

For Mom - Buckethead
high five, you have 5 fingers and you put them high in the air.
hah...figured that out like a year ago...

i also got the afternoon one a couple months ago.


actually i really like this album cover...and album.
i think everybody has the right to celebrate christmas, no matter what they believe...
AS LONG AS they at least respect what the holiday was originally meant for.
ha, i went to the midnight showing with a bunch of friends. it sucked because for like an hour of waiting in line i was left alone with the guy i like and the girl he likes and they just cuddled the whole time as i sat awkwardly to the side.

hah, anyway, the movie wasn't that good, but the audience's/my friends' reaction to certain scenes were hilarious.
elliott smith, radiohead, and sometimes....enya, but only sometimes!
haha oh my gosh...wonder balls.
not really a snack but...

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Kids Will Be Skeletons - Mogwai

Calling All Skeletons - Alkaline Trio
hm.... i've never been told i looked like someone famous.
wait, once; they said i looked like ginny weasley (bonnie wright):

i don't think i look like her very much:

haha, crappy pic, sorry. it's the most face on photo i have.
in my 9th grade art class the guy i liked came and sat on my lap. i kinda freaked out... and stood up and pushed him off and he fell to the ground. (very dramatically, i might add) i then tripped over his leg and my arm accidentally swung and hit him in the face, and a few minutes later his nose started to bleed.

i am so stupid.
ha, no way! chugging syrup is perfectly healthy.

brand new on january 29th.. again...the original date was in october, but it got canceled because jesse lacey got swine flu. my heart cried. :'(
hmm... it depends, i'm usually pretty chill about it.
no sense arguing, i mean, who cares if they don't like my favorite band?
but if they're like baggin on them and just being obnoxious i'll stick up for my favorite band.
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What's you cat's opinion on Michael Crighton? I personally think he's a really good writer.

I just finished reading Jurrassic Park, and am planning on checking out Timeline.

OH yeah. He's great! I have Timeline, but haven't read it yet, I want to soon though.
I just finished Sphere...awesome book. Gonna check out the movie soon.

Latin Female Strong; healthy.
French Female Brave.
English Female Strong; valiant. Feminine of the Roman family clan name Valerius.

Has anyone read Life After God by Douglas Coupland?
I thought it was way good.
haha, if a movie was based off of my love life...
it would be quite boring.
unless someone was interested in me actin' like a fool in front of every guy i liked.