I was really excited for Doom. Then I played a match and it was gross. Uninstalled, not gonna buy it. Felt like a sped up Halo rather than Doom or Quake or anything else id has done multiplayer wise in the past.

Oh well. At least Unreal Tournament still kicks ass <3.
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I can't tell if this is a real pic or not.

I could totally believe they would do something like this, but their heads look weird.
I got my brother to watch Attack on Titan once.

He said he didn't like it because "they spent too much time on story stuff."
Depends on what kind of scary game. I'm a pretty jumpy person so jump scare focused games are super stressful and I can't go very long in them. Atmospheric horror is my jam though and I get all up in that.
She sounds pretty dope tbh.

OP where you at and what's her number?
There's Bidou tech now. Don't be a bitch, bitch! Learn that shit.

inb4 bidou tech gets taken out next patch

But yeah, go on Smashborads and look up guides for you main. They should teach you all or most of the known tech specific to that character.
Sonic 1 and 2 are good IMO, but I think nostalgia plays a big part of that. I've gone back to try Sonic 3 and Sonic CD and couldn't get into them.
If you want a desktop, build one yourself. That rig is hilariously crap, way too expensive, and it looks bad.

EDIT: Also your laptop will probably be fine if you swap out yhe hard drive I bet.
The N64 controller was good for games that were designed with it in mind (first party Nintendo games, mostly) Most everything else ranged from passable (Rocket: Robot on Wheels) to super awkward (Megaman 64).

Gamecube controller is dope. Feels great to me, but I've spent hundreds of hours with it playing Smash Bros.
Yeah, but I have no interest in Dark Souls. Forgot about Pokemon though. If I can power through White/White 2/Y/Omega Ruby, I'll be interested in that.

Seriously though, XCOM 2, Street Fighter V, Pokken, Stardew Valley, Twilight Princess HD, and Gen 1 Pokemon have already come out, along with DLC for Smash Bros, Street Fighter, XCOM, and (probably) Pokken, this year is already stacked for me.
Too much has already come out this year. The game industry could take the rest of 2016 off and I'd be totally happy.
Racing games are gonna be awesome in VR. Even more so if you have a wheel. That's what I'm looking forward to most.
If history is anything to go by, than the old console version is the superior version.

Or just wait 10 years for the inevitable HD (4k?) re-release on the console after the console after the NX.
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You suggest this like I don't genuinely want to be a sex worker in some capacity

Unfortunately I'll never have the looks for that

Took a gander at your profile, and you're pretty cute. I'm sure there are tons of dudes out there who fetishize trans girls and would happily shell out for you (or even be your sugar daddy, but I saw you're not into dudes, so... )
Well, there's always the ultimate fall back...

Apparently it's official, I am Kensai now.

Another terrible one. I should really learn who2shoop one of these days.

I hope I'm not the only one who gets this...
Depends on which Zelda you're playing. I can totally see that being true in Wind Waker and Majora's Mask, but Twilight Princess' dungeons are the only thing it really has going for it.
The new XCOM DLC gets the ok from me.

Wawa's coffee is dope af, but every time I get one of their hoagies it comes out as a big soggy mess.
Never said I bought into it, but I want to hear some more details and see some screenshots and video.

I know they can do good stuff if they apply themselves, they've just been all over the place these last few games they've done.
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Pollen is the first game that's really made me want to buy a Wii U.

It's pretty dope. The fighting is fast and fluid, but it's not hard to wrap your head around. Feels like it can be enjoyed by both button mashers and fighting experts equally.

I've seen some people complaining about the phase shifts, saying that they change the flow of the fight too much and stuff, but I think they're pretty cool. Helps to keep things interesting IMO. Can't wait to see some high level play at EVO this year.
Got my copy of Pokken Tournament in. Gonna try streaming for the first time. Come watch or something, IDK, if you want to see me scrub it up.
I think it's time to pick Charizard back up.

And Mewtwo's speed.
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life is strange episode 3 spoils

There is no love more pure than a man and his beans.
Dare I ask what cupcaking is?
Quote by Ichikurosaki
black desert is not on steam tho so there is that to consider

surely there is a better thing to use than this tho
fucking korea

for more giggles i found a list of confirmed things that will flag xigncode

Avast Anti-Virus, BitDefender, AVG, or Avira
LogiTech Gaming Software - these are expressively inclusive to those that have macro's/auto click/multi-key settings/auto hot key, etc.
MSI Afterburner
Setpoint mouse software
Daemon Tools (any virtual drive, really)
NVIDIA Interfaces
Browser Extensions and Toolbars (Plug-Ins) - Any of them. If you're going to run the game, you may have to manually disable any extensions and toolbars on all of your browsers, if you are using them, though it wouldn't hurt to try disabling them when you're not using them. Google Hangouts sometimes causes the error.
Team Viewer
Most Macro, Auto Hot Key, and Auto Click programs.
EVGA Precision
Net Limiter
Any malware/trojans on your computer (even if you don't know that they're there) can cause it.
Any Program that causes an overlay (ex. Curse/Mumble)
Google Drive
Some VPN's
Sometimes Skype
Microsoft Security Essentials
Steelseries Engine 3 (mouse software)
Wacom Tablet Helpers

biggest load of bull is that by logging into the client you waive any rights to refund too

I have 10 of those things on my PC right now, and I'd have to disable or uninstall each one just to play some mediocre MMO?

What a joke.
This is my first time being in this thread since you did my drawing with Metagross. Damn man, you've really stepped up your game
Tagalongs yo. Peanut butter is my weakness. Adding chocolate to it just makes it even better. The cookie bit in them is just gravy.
I was under the impression the PS1 ports of Square's games were pretty crap, mostly for the long load times. The new anime cutscenes are cool, but you can watch those on YouTube.
I've taken the bus a few times when my car was in the shop.

One of those times I got on the bus on the correct loop, but going in the wrong direction. Didn't realize it until it was too late. Had to ride the whole loop around to get back home that day.
Lapras is too good to be down that far.

Also, fuck the Safari Zone.
Didn't they also re-record the dialog in the HD collection? I remember people making a big fuss about that.
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Doom multiplayer looks cool.

I am painfully erect right now.
Yeah, but you can drink those beers and eat those hotdogs OUTSIDE! It's amazing. That, and a little bit of char makes hot dogs taste better. (Propane be damned.)
But what if I love women every day already?