The various bomb tutorials in Revelations last about 5 days so good luck with that one.
Romancing characters and then recruiting them as part of your ship crew is the fulton of AC: Odyssey.
Diesel is making a triumphant return to gaming after DMC2 by partnering with Days Gone for some tryhard apparel.
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statements from reliable sources about liberation lead me to believe its one of the better ac games

Ichi is a bad influence.
Liberation isn't good. The setting had potential and it's clear they were trying some new things but it feels dreary to play.

I forgot Chronicles existed. I started playing it and liked the style but it's not great. You should play Rogue though, especially if you like Black Flag because it's that with a more interesting character and world.
I envy the naivety of somebody who says Unity is the worst AC because it means they haven't played Liberation.
The Viking one is 2020, right? I think I need a year off.

I like the boat stuff in Odyssey more than the previous games, feels a bit more streamlined. Not having a summary screen after each boarding is a massive improvement. It can also be largely ignored if you're not in the mood, which I appreciate.
AC: Odyssey is kind of consuming me. I'm nearly at the original level cap only 3 chapters into the actual story. I still have a lot of the map to reveal too. Shit is too big. Will need to play some linear was games to cleanse after this.

Also if anybody wants an easy plat with Conan Exiles, HMU for the one online trophy.
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Didn't they even get Sean Connery to do the VA for that game

He actually did the VA and I'd need to check but it might have been his last role before retirement.
Best Bond game was the one which re-imagined From Russia With Love with robot spiders and Natasha Bedingfield.
I made my bad username decision over a decade ago and I'll stick to it. Doesn't really bother me now.

Also there is a pretty big list of games it causes issues with and that includes pretty much all PS3 games, which I doubt will ever be fixed.

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You doin Odyssey? Hope you picked Kassandra

Yeah but I chose Alexios. Thought it was kind going to be a Syndicate type thing where you could switch and glossed over the warning text. I don't regret it, still a fun character.
Removing fall damage is the best improvement to the Assassin's Creed series.

Shame it doesn't extend to the horse because I've rode him to his death like he's a fucking Yoshi so many times. Even had a Never Ending Story moment where I jumped him into the ocean and he was struggling desperately to keep his head above water.
Tempted to get Enter the Gungeon or Hollow Knight. Both on sale for like £5. Neither are on Vita though which is a shame.

Going back to play the remastered versions of Prince of Persia. They're some of my favourite games of all time but the sound mixing is awful and every in game cutscene featuring Farah seems to centre the camera on her breasts to the point that her head is often out of frame.
I've been playing AC: Odyssey and although I quite like the soft RPG-ification of the series I really need an option to just clear all menus of notification icons. I don't care that I picked up 10 new spears I will never use. Also cosmetic armour slots so my character doesn't look like a mish mash of leather and kitchen ware.

Give me minor quality of life updates, Ubi.
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Might actually download Conan. If nothing else it looks like good fun to dick around in.
PS Plus games for April are Conan Exiles and The Surge.
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Nice, it was on PS Plus just now wasn't it?

I think it went on like a year ago. Trying to actually play some of the PS Plus games in my backlog so I can justify subscribing. Keep redeeming the games but never play them.

Think I'll give Apotheon a go next.
Just completed Rime. It's really lovely and one of the best examples of the game being an allegory for something. On a scale from 1 to 10 it's neato.
The trend of sending the basic game plus an extra steelbook is weird.

I just got the plat in Bastion and it's a cool game. Feel free to come around to my house and talk about an 8 year old indie game if you're not playing Sekiro and can't relate to the imminent barrage of Sekiro chat in this thread.
I've never played it but "Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines" is such a clusterfuck of a title that I'm a little surprised the sequel doesn't add "Revelations" as a subtitle.
The amount of hidden object and mahjong games on PSN is insane and I'm convinced it's part of some money laundering scheme.

Also replaying Bastion so that's fun.
I will buy Left Alive the moment I see it for a tenner because I fully support the return of middle tier dross.
Quote by matt bickerton
I found Yooka-Laylee really depressing bland and devoid of any kind of actual identity.

And this coming from someone who generally adores collect-a-thons more than most. 

I get what you mean about identity even in these early stages. It's throwing out a lot of jokes and characters at a rate that it seems like they just want something, anything, to stick. Also Shovel Knight is in there for some reason.

I don't think the core gameplay is awful though but it doesn't feel nearly as tight as it should given its pedigree. Speaking of which, I just ordered Rare Replay.

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Have you not played them before? If not, you are in for a treat. I mean I am sure they aged horribly but playing Shenmue on release for the Dreamcast was one of the most mindblowing gaming experiences I have had.

Nah, missed them entirely because I have never met anybody who owns a Dreamcast and I'm honestly sceptical that it was ever a real console.

Started playing Yooka-Laylee again and it's decent. I like the reference to the best Official PS2 Magazine misprint with "Kartos Returns". I feel like I'm not charmed by the conversations and characters as much as the devs think I should be though.

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Speaking of Sleeping Doss, I forgot we lived in a world where Shenmue III exists and is being released

I should pick up that Shenmue collection considering how much I "love" those sort of games.
I feel like I've talked a lot of shit about Shadow of Mordor here but I went back to finish off the DLC so I could give my friend back his copy after like 2 or 3 years. The DLC itself is whatever but the trials are kind of cool. Having to plan out how to take down the entire board of boss orcs in under 40 minutes was fun and one of the more satisfying trophies I've got recently, even though there was a lot of cheesing happening.

I might go back to Wolfenstein: The New Colossus. Remember being so excited for it then bounced off it because it was honestly pretty difficult and that messed with my headcanon of BJ Blazkowicz being a sentient fridge. So I might just lower the difficulty for a chiller time.
Mankind Divided's DLC is pretty good. The one that puts you undercover in a prison is especially fun because of the added (optional) challenge of completing it without your augs. Not being able to defuse a sticky situation by going invisible like a hunky chameleon takes some getting used to. I do wish there was a bit more of the bartering between prisoners and factions but it's still fun and a cool map to explore.

Just the permadeath run of the main game to go before 100%.
Started the Mankind Divided DLC and, like Sarif in the main game, Pritchard just

Quote by institutions
ok i bought sleeping dogs for the millionth time, hitman go, and lara croft go bc PSN sale
sleeping dogs is just what i need right now, and now i can get trophies while playing it so it's not just a waste of time

The GO series is really fun. Still waiting on Deus Ex GO to come to PS4.

I've been playing that breach mode in Mankind Divided and it's actually kinda fun but it's weird going from a fully upgraded Adam Jensen in a NG+ run to this weird nerfed Porygon bastard. Some very messy "stealth" happening.
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Mankind Divided didn't appeal to me as much as Human Revolution but it was decent I guess. My interest in it sort of fizzled out

It's not as strong an all round game and I remember having a "is that it?" kind of feeling when I first completed it. Also, as much as black and gold was used in Human Revolution it made the environments look interesting where as Prague is just kind of drab and doesn't really use the potential of a beautiful city. Gameplay wise though it's more of the same with more polish but I do wish some of the new augs were more stealth based.

Real question for anybody who is more into Deus Ex lore than me. Why so many accidents involving the loss of limbs?
Left Alive looks pretty uninteresting outside of some connections to MGS.

Going back to Mankind Divided because I'm going to Prague next month and it seemed appropriate. I don't think it's accurate to actual Prague at all but if it is then it's going to be very easy to burgle everybody's flat. Cool game though.
PS Plus games for March are Modern Warfare Remastered and The Witness. Two bangers but I own both and with PS3 and Vita now cut from the line up I feel like there will be nothing for me a lot more often now.
Resi 4 coming to Switch.

I like to think that nobody actually ports it but it just keeps showing up on new consoles.
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Apparently Anthem is getting worse reviews than Andromeda. Wonder if EA is going to add another skull to its serial killer trophy room?

That implies EA Sports and all related microtransactions have not already sufficiently funded Andrew Wilson's volcano death lair and lunar super laser.
Been jumping about games a lot today.

Started with No More Heroes. The actual game is kinda fun even though the combat is clearly limited by being a ported Wii game. I stopped because I got quite annoyed at how slow everything was in the open world. The little transitions and how things like retry screens are all drawn out for a few seconds more than they should be was not something I could be arsed with at 7am on a Saturday.

Then played Just in Time Incorporated which is a cool PSVR puzzle game. The controls are pretty janky but dodging bullets and being able to pluck them out of the air and fire them back is fun. I was standing playing it though and it just lead to me being turned around a lot. I'd wonder why it wasn't registering what I was doing and then peek out the headset to realise I had turned 180 degrees and moved 2 feet to the left.

Moved on to Zombi which is kind of therapeutically boring and seems like a good podcast game. The perma death thing is a neat idea but when you get gibbed because of an exploding zombie that was shot by an NPC then it can get to fuck. One of my favourite thing about zombie games though is being able to chuck a grenade into a crowd of zombies and it actually explodes in a satisfying way instead of having every enemy automatically dive out and rob you of a multi kill.

Kinda settling on The Mark of Kri which is a jank as fuck PS2 thing.
Quote by soundgarden1986
you picked two bizarre ass sude games to go back to tbh

like if anything you shoudl have done killer7 or the silver case

I picked them because I had like 80% of the trophies for them honestly. Would rather play Killer7 but I can't be bothered busting out my PS2. Will probably pick up The Silver Case at some point.

Started No More Heroes last night and even on the PS3 it's clear how much of a Wii game it is. Do not appreciate shaking my controller ever.
Lollipop Chainsaw is full of absolute bangers.
For some reason I went back to some Suda 51 games. Topical discussion prompting incoming.

Shadows of the Damned is a decent Resi 4 which makes every single enemy trivial with the single most OP dodge roll I've seen in a game. It's fun but it could use some weapon variety and better set pieces. There is a bit where you walk across your girlfriend who is 100ft tall and also naked so some pretty good set pieces there if you know what I'm saying  (seriously though it made me deeply uncomfortable). There are like 3 good dick jokes in there but I won't praise the game too much for a 0.5% success rate on those. Also the difficulty trophies don't stack and cutscenes can't be skipped so get fucked.

Lollipop Chainsaw is a bit more fun but it only gets fun when you buy the upgrades that make your chainsaw feel like a chainsaw and not a foam bat. I like how the game is structured around music genres but I wish more of that was apparent in the general level design and not just the boss design. The jokes are better but there are a bunch that are kind of embarrassing to listen to.

I think I'm gonna play No More Heroes next.
You want jetpacks and guns? Get fired into Dark Void.
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naaaah it was great in a kind of annoying way

there was something special about that one Orc coming back over and over because you didn't actually decapitate him (although the game was apparently bugged and there was a chance they'd come back anyway) and he'd just get uglier and uglier and more difficult

I think the execution isn't great though. Fights just become a cluster fuck when they're repeatedly interrupted for intros and several guys are completely untouchable unless you happen to be fighting near explosive objects or one of those warg things.

I also agree with WaterGod that the orcs weren't interesting or unique. It's also annoying that they just keep generating. It's kind of cool to have a back and forth with a specific enemy but when you finally kill Thungar the Fuckworthy it's not that satisfying because he is immediately replaced with Thorgorak the Demure.
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my cousin had the 360 version and it looked and played like anything i tried to play on my pc beyond Half Life 2

textures turned all the way down and still stuttering like crazy

I didn't have a PS4 at the time and I was a #thirstyboi.

All that chat about the nemesis system needing to be on next gen was bollocks though. I thought it had been nerfed for PS3 but when I played the PS4 version I realised the whole thing is just orcs with WWE intros.