Loaded into Horizon: Zero Dawn and there were 4 or 5 bandits with half health surrounded by about 20 dead geese. Some real shit went down.
Aw shit, Disaster Report 4 is getting localised.
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I have never tried VR

is it good

It's a really fun toy. There are a bunch of good games for it now and even though I don't use it super often I'm glad I have it for when I want to play something completely different. Can be a good refresher that way.

Can't speak to how glasses friendly it is but I can see it being a problem. You do need a decent sized play area too. Tracking with PSVR has mostly been solid for me as long as you set it up well. The only time it's a problem is when some games have you teleporting around and turning and you can end up facing away from the camera without realising, which fucks with the tracking.
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also this whole sitting in one spot for the better part of the last 10 years thing has really wrecked me
downloaded a C25k app and couldn't even make it halfway thru week 1 day 1
by the time i got home my legs were numb from the knees down and i was ready to vomit lmao

You really just have to keep at it. I didn't use an app when I started but I planned out a distance and just made sure I was always moving, like slowing to a fast walk instead of stopping if I needed a break. I'd focus on stamina over speed.

I need to get back to running more. Still do 5K a few times a week but I was regularly doing 15 miles without stopping. Wanted to move up to marathon distance.
That FFXV beat em up they released for free was actually pretty solid. Got me to buy the actual game which I still haven't played.
I like that her detective mode equivalent is an actual thing that makes sense in the world.

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Really? It reminded me of Mass Effect in that almost everybody looked stiff or wooden.

I think their faces are quite expressive. It still does the shot/reverse-shot that every RPG does, which can make things feel a bit stiff, but the voice acting and facial capture seems to be good enough to compensate.
Started playing Horizon Zero Dawn. It's very good and I didn't expect to care about the world or characters as much as I am. It's rare for me to not skip through dialogue as soon as I've read it but all the performances so far are great. Already bought the DLC on sale.

After playing as much AC lately, not being able to climb everything is taking some getting used to.
A lot of my early gaming experiences were on my brother's Game Gear. For a 5 year old it's basically like holding a medicine ball with your arms outstretched because that's the only position in which you can make out anything on the screen.
I'll wait for the full saga on PS6.
Looking through PSN sales and saw that Life is Strange 2 is usually £33. Like maybe there's a reason it's selling poorly, guys.
Going to finally start The Evil Within because Ghostwire Tokyo is maybe the most interesting new E3 thing. My PS3 sounds like its struggling so much already and it's not even installed.

Also Tango Gameworks have a very cute logo splash screen considering.
Disappointed by the Avengers reveal and fairly worried about sentences like "the game will take players on an epic journey delivered over multiple years" and "definitely not pay to win". I'm not convinced it will be a complete fuck up or anything but I'm not really excited about it anymore.

Also annoyed by Ubisoft continuing to recognise Sam Fisher with appearances in other games and recognising the love for the series but not actually doing anything with it. Like I can take Prince of Persia being a dead series because that character isn't popping up everywhere but still having no word on an actual Splinter Cell game kinda sucks.

On the more positive side, I'm really interested to see what Ghostwire Tokyo, Deathloop and Elden Ring all are.
Tonight's prediction, Sam Fisher walks the dinosaur as part of the annual Just Dance parade.

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Did Bethesda announce anything good

Only two proper announcements I think.

Ghostwire Tokyo from Tango Gameworks, which is some kind of horror game based around some kind of rapture event happening.

Deathloop from Arkane Lyon, which is some kind of shooter with some kind of Groundhog Day shit going on.

No gameplay or release date for either. Also that shitty Elder Scrolls mobile game is coming to Switch so get hyped.
Where is the chat then?
I want the Avengers game to be good and I want something cool looking from Rocksteady and/or WB Montreal.

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So when is everything my time, Google is below me

Elder Scrołls VI from Bethesda?

I think they've said that it definitely won't be there.

I'm expecting a 10 minute segment where they apologise for the state of Fallout 76 then Todd Howard presents a slideshow of all the cool things he bought with microtransaction money.
Debating whether I can be arsed staying up for Bethesda tonight but I'll be in the chat for the rest of them.

Except the PC show because eyes can only see at 1080p anyway.
I used to post in here a good bit. Haven't in a long time because I struggle to commit to watching a film. Well this morning I decided to throw something on in the background this morning and for some fucking reason I choose Transformers: The Last Knight.

I'm a prick, I know. It was about as bad as I expected. I feel like Michael Bay has got more competent at directing action while getting worse at directing humans. One of the most chaotic and hard to follow scenes is legit just two people at a table talking. It feels like two people having four simultaneous conversations. If there was a hint of self awareness Michael Bay would be hailed as an artist.
I couldn't watch with sound but new Star Wars game looks okay but potentially quite dull. Holding out hope because I'm choking for a decent single player Star Wars game and because I have some faith in Respawn after the Titanfall 2 campaign. Will see.
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Well the EA thing is in 10 minutes if anyone wants to watch half an hour of star wars before ditching the stream

I visiting home or I would. Will have to catch up on it later.

I have to give props to EA for letting the people know just how bullshit their E3 whatever will be.
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has i am mayo addled your brain

Yes but unrelated. We are all mayo.
Yeah, Detroit is actually good. It still has it's Cage-isms and you can pretty much tell exactly where it's gonna go if you've ever seen a film or a civil rights movement before. Doesn't mean it isn't fun and the variation is very ambitious. I'm looking forward to going back and getting the plat at some point just to see all the possibilities.
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proper proper?

because the original games aged so poorly i gave up on them\

Yeah, like an actual remake. Seems like there might even be some new stuff in there and it's not just a 1 to 1 remake in a new engine.
Destroy All Humans is getting a proper remake. Neat.
I literally don't remember a thing about Spirits Within.

I remember Advent Children being impossible to avoid if you listened to metalcore on YouTube in the mid to late 2000s.
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E3 hype

I’m kinda holding out for some sweet “and you can get it right now” drops since I’m off next week and all I got to do is E3 and new guitar. Bit more game to play than just more FFXIV would be nice.

Yeah, I'm off from Tuesday to Saturday so I'm down for that shit even though this is meant to be backlog clearing time.

Still holding out for Legacy of Kain revival. I don't think the Eidos side of Squeenix is up to much other than that Avengers thing so it's possible.

Ice cream is my downfall when it comes to trying vegan. It's my go to treat. There are some really good vegan ice creams and sorbets but the options aren't as good and it's also like double the price for the good ones. Vegan cheese is super variable. The only stuff I've had that's basically indistinguishable is from restaurants. A lot of the stuff in supermarkets can have a weird texture or it doesn't melt right or they overcompensated with cheese flavouring.

I imagine it can be difficult going vegetarian in a living situation like that but even eating less meat is pretty great.
Where the fuck is Metal Wolf Chaos already?

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apparently the walmart neighborhood market i always go to has the "beyond meat" patties, and i've been wanting to try them for a while since i stopped eating beef & pork & whatnot (the only meat i still eat is chicken)

I think they just started doing them some places here but it's over £5 for two burgers which is obscene.

I was in your position for a good while but I've been full veggie for a few months now. The chicken alternatives are quite cheap and spot on for processed things like chicken burgers or nuggets when you feel like eating a good trashy beige meal. For other stuff, like curries or stir frys, I tend to just bulk up on vegetables. Sweet potatoes and aubergines have been the fucking MVPs of my kitchen.
Despite my backlog I'm replaying Darksiders, this time the Warmastered Edition which feels like a clumsy excuse for a pun after Deathinitive Edition.

Cool game though.
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i pre ordered collectors edition yesterday

You have to let us know what kind of jack it is and whether it's an input or an output.
If you want all your house guests to ask "the fuck is that baby?" then take a look at the Death Stranding special editions.
Yeah I might just go back to it on easy honestly. Not like I'll get the plat anyway with that no save/permadeath mode trophy.

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Demon Wolf Wasn't Timesplitters one of the licenses that THQ Nordic picked up? I thought that was one of the many things they had in development.

I'm interested

THQ Nordic have swept up so much that it's hard to keep track. They have enough to really put some OOMPH into the return of middle tier games.
As far as I can tell it's still Crytek but Deep Silver bought them and changed the name during development. It's a Ubisoft in how it feels.

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the first Homefront was trash

i swear i beat the whole thing in two hours

thankfully new Wolfenstein has America under occupation done well

I need to play The New Colossus. Was really excited for it. Bought it on release and bounced right off it not long after that sick ass wheelchair opening. I might need to bump down the difficulty honestly, jumped right into the highest like I did with The New Order but I was getting insta-fucked so much.
Damn, why everybody in this thread got a coloured name?

I've been playing Homefront: The Revolution, which is a pretty decent Ubisoft actually, especially for the £4 I paid for it. They call the North Korean invaders "Norks" though and it sounds racist enough to make me feel uncomfortable. Like they say it so hatefully too, in phrases such as "Kill those fucking Norks".

*insert "are we the baddies?" here*
Will believe Death Stranding is out when it's in my hands and even then I probably won't for several months after completion.

PS Plus games for next month are Borderlands: The Handsome Jack Collection and Sonic Mania.
Sundered is great and I'm sitting in work and I can't stop thinking about going home to complete the last few secret areas.

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that isnt too too far off from how hot zones are handled in left alive

just cave and play the goty already

I can promise that Left Alive is the game I'm most looking forward to playing (when it's less than a tenner).

I like that you and Ichi were in the first like 10 people to get the plat.
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Konami would just turn the idea into a pachinko machine.

Pachinko is horror in its purest form though.
I had a dream last night about a game that played like MGS5 but there was also the threat of Silent Hill esque shit that would eventually come and "infect" the location if you took too long to do the mission. So you could either be quick or you could use the horror as a distraction. Seemed neat.

HMU Konami, I will be your shill.
I've been playing Sundered and it's pretty great. Wish it had some more combat variation and that the level layouts didn't have that semi-randomisation so more intricate platforming could be a thing. It has a really nice feel to it though and hand drawn animation in a game is just lovely.
My hopes for E3 are that Prince of Persia and Legacy of Kain get some kind of acknowledgement and also DOOM: Eternal gets downloaded straight to my brain